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  1. http://edition.cnn.com/video/?hpt=hp_c4#/video/world/2013/03/22/idesk-intv-bolshoi-ballerina.cnn
  2. the news on spanish newspaper El País http://cultura.elpais.com/cultura/2013/01/18/actualidad/1358517039_141032.html
  3. it is really terrible!!!!! poor sergei filin!! I hope doctors save his sight.who could do something so terrible to him??
  4. hi lesnaya skazka means "tale of woods". this is a kirov ballet film based on leonid yakobson´s ballet "shuraleh". the composin is yarullin "leonida yakobsona" is the genitive form , literally it means "of leonid yakobson" hope I have helped jose manuel
  5. I have this ballet in a version by czech choreographer Pavel Smok jose manuel
  6. thanks for your effort alexandra I think,like some hollywood stars,he just doesnt want to reveal his age
  7. thank you alexandra a hard role for a young man but not for a god of dance)))) I think he was born to dance jose manuel
  8. hi I have had the privilege of seeing on tape vladimir malakhov at the moscow international competition in 1989. he performed Narcisse (he obviously won the gold medal in this competition) seeing him,I though that three gods of dance have danced Narcisse: Nijinski c. fokin, and Vladimir Vasiliev and Vladimir Malakhov c. Goleizovsky. just curiosity,I have been searching on the net malakhov´s age and it doesnt appear,not even in his official website. is his age a secret?? jose manuel
  9. well, I didnt see a lot of moderation and serenity in the british pro-hunt demonstrators today :rolleyes: what I mean to say is that I dont believe about these clichés about national characters. maybe because I am the least nationalist person in the world. I am an internationalist. I think that through culture we can get over these nationalist cliches. I am lucky I like choreographers from all over the world, from balanchine and robbins to neumeier,eifman. from ashton to kylian and duato. to sday for example,as I am Spanish, I dont watch Balanchine, because my spanish temperament is different from the american temperament is very absurd to me. I try to see and enjoy all works from choreographers,well at least to give them two opportunities. of course sometimes you are horrified by what you see (Mats Ek),but I think it is wise not to close the door too soon, to give a second opportunity. this is only my opinion. there´s no intention to hurt anyone´s feelings finally, both bejart and neumeier have a monumental production. even if people dont like some specific production,this doesnt mean all their works are bad. on the contrary,there are many gems in their productions jose manuel
  10. yes, I remember Suzanne Farrell crying of emotion when she meets again Bejart many years later in the wonderful biographical documentary about her. ps I adore Suzanne Farrell jose manuel
  11. thank you very much RG for the detailed information. another question. when did she retire? jose manuel
  12. hi alexandra I like this civilised ballet discussion maybe I am wrong,but we are talking about two different bejart-mahler works here.as far as I know Songs of a Wayfarer is a male duo ,whereas I was referring to a man/woman pas de deux, well actually a kind of trio,because you can see in this ballet on the stage Jorge Donn (Bejart´s muse) dressed as Mahler in aq mime role. I am definitely very pro-Neumeier. a choreographic genius jose manuel ps you should see Bejart´s Le Presbytere or Life (his Mozart/queen) ballet. full of tricks but also full of beauty. jose manuel
  13. hi thank you very much for the info! jose manuel
  14. I have re-watched recently my tape of la fille mal gardee by the royal balletand I am very impresses by Lesley Collier. she is a dancer of such charm (apart from her brilliant technique). can anyone tell me sth about her,speciallly what is she doing now?? thanks in advance jose manuel
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