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Ballerina's Best Features

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I thought this would be a fun topic to explore. Which ballerina has or had the most beautiful of the following features:

1) Legs

2) Feet

3) Arms

4) Hands

Feel free to add other features if you like.

My favorites are:

Legs: Maximova/Bessmertnova

Feet: Maximova/Ferri

Arms: Makarova/Besmertnova/Plisetskaya

Hands: Makarova/Fonteyn

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Feet: Gelsey Kirkland

Hands: Martine van Hamel, no runner up

Legs: Alexandra Danilova, who even in old film clips makes you watch them

Arms: Maya Plisetskaya

You think genetic engineering has progressed to the point . . . ? :innocent:

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Legs:Kent/Yuan Yuan Tan

Feet: Guillem/Barker/Ferri

Arms: Julie Kent

Hands: The above or Mckerrow

Those are just ones off he top of my head an from the bigger companies. I know many dancers in smaller companies that have some of the ost beautiful legs and feet and arms.

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Legs: Alexandra Danilova (the Marlene Dietrich of ballerinas), Kyra Nichols, Darcey Bussell, Svetlana Zakharova

Feet: Alessandra Ferri, Suzanne Farrell

Arms Natalia Makarova, Maya Plisetskaya, Judith Jamison (I know isn't a ballerina, but her arms was great)

Hands: Nina Ananiashvili, Darci Kistler

Profile: Suzanne Farrell

Face: Alexandra Danilova

Eyes: Julie Kent, Alessandra Ferri, Viviana Durante

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Here I go:

Legs: Alla Sizova / Altynai Asylmulatova / Nadezhda Pavlova / Suzanne Farrell / Merrill Ashley / Yelena Yevteyeva

Feet: Alessandra Ferri / Paloma Herrera

Arms: Ulyana Lopatkina / Alla Sizova / Margot Fonteyn / Carla Fracci / Alessandra Ferri / Natalia Makarova / Yelena Pankova

Hands: Larissa Lezhnina / Viviana Durante / Margot Fonteyn

Face: Nadezda Gracheva / Gabriella Komleva / Yulia Makhalina

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Guest ABTwannabe

legs :ashley bowder

feet :angel corella

arms/hands:i dunno

profile: suzzane farrell


eyes:kent :rolleyes:

smile:ashley bowder :D

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I assume from your other choices (and from your screenname!) that you are of the younger generation and are referring to Julie Kent.

I submit that Allegra Kent could easily fulfill those two categories of "Ballerina's Best Feature" as well! :D

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Legs: Maria Kowroski

Hair: Janie Taylor or Darci Kistler

Eyes: Kyra Nichols or Wendy Whelan

Hands: Martine van Hamel (the all-time champ in this category)

Face: Jenifer Ringer/Pauline Golbin/Carla Korbes and several dozen honorable mentions

Smile: Patty McBride

Ashley Bouder (not Bowder!) has rather short legs. But they look long in her stretched-out jump.

On the other side of the coin, Best Butt in Ballet = Nilas Martins.

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Smile: Altynai Asylmuratova (not even close, she could brighten up a nuclear proliferation summit with her smile)

Legs: Svetlana Zakharova, Tananquiel LeClercq, Suzanne Farrell, Darcey Bussell, Sylvie Guillem, Irina Dvorovenko, Yulia Makhalina (the mile-long leg ladies),

Arms: Natalia Makarova, Alessandra Ferri, Alina Cojacaru

Eyes: Margot Fonteyn, Gelsey Kirkland, Maya Plisetskaya

Face: Irina Dvorovenko, Veronika Part, Jenifer Ringer, Altynai Asylmuratova, Svetlana Zakharova, Darcey Bussell, Alina Cojacaru, Suzanne Farrell, Tanaquiel LeClercq

Back: here the Russians win hands down. Maya Plisetskaya was maybe the first, but then it's been seemingly de rigeur for Russian-trained ballerinas to be able to arch their backs to an almost unbelievable extent. Natalia Makarova and Altynai Asylmuratova maybe take modern-day honors for the ability to make their backs look like jelly. It almost makes you wonder if they had ribs removed.

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Legs: Yulia Makhalina, Maria Kowroski, Sylvie Guillem

Arms: Natalia Makarova, Darci Kistler, Gillian Murphy

Face: Julie Kent, Altynai Asylmuratova, Antoinette Sibley, Jenifer Ringer, Alina Cojocaru

Feet: Paloma Herrera, Patricia Barker, Isabel Guerin, Alexandra Ansanelli, Darcey Bussell

Hands: Zhanna Ayupova, Martine van Hamel, Miranda Weese

Hair: Carla Korbes, Janie Taylor, Julie Diana

Eyes: Viviana Durante, Ludmila Semenyaka, Nina Ananiashvili, Maria Alexandrova

Smile: Kristin Long, Tina LeBlanc, Altynai Asylmuratova, Lorena Feijoo

I think that about covers it! :)

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