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  1. It's actually Fah-ROOH (the last h is the same sound as in 'hello'). As for Maximova -- Ye-kah-te-REE-nah Mak-SEE-moh-vah
  2. The oriental dancer from Don Quixote that John-Michael mentioned is Annelina Kashirina.
  3. I'd like to add several. Not all of them are dancing currently, but anyways... (in no particular order) Lezhnina Makhalina Chenchikova and several others I'll add later.
  4. Memorable Lilacs? Lyubov Kunakova (definitely!). Yulia Makhalina was also interesting to look at. Her lines are absolutely gorgeous when she dances after Aurora pricks herself... However, I don't think she is as "warm" as Kunakova (at least in that particular performance -- video with Lezhnina). Also, in the scene where Aurora appears and dances a little with the Prince (for the 1st time) these two ballerinas do it a little differently. For example, when Aurora seems to escape from the Prince, and runs behind the corps de ballet, Kunakova seems to help the Prince capture her, whereas Makhalin
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