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  1. Here is the 2008 repertory season, from SFB's website. Program 1 Filling Station (Thomson/Christensen) Tomasson work TBA Diamonds (Tchaikovsky/Balanchine) Program 2 Divertimento #15 (Mozart/Balanchine) Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes (Thomson/Morris) Firebird (Stravinsky/Possokhov) Program 3 Giselle (Adam/Tomasson, Perrot, Coralli) Program 4 Fancy Free (Bernstein/Robbins) In the Night (Chopin/Robbins) West Side Story Suite--SFB Premiere (Bernstein/Robbins) Program 5 Carousel (A Dance) (Rodgers/Wheeldon) After the Rain PDD (Part/Wheeldon) Tomasson work TBA Eden/Eden (Reich/
  2. Many of these ballerinas are in the Ballerina Gallery, http://www.ballerinagallery.com.
  3. In no particular order: Julie Diana Sabina Allemann Julie Kent Susan Jaffe Jenifer Ringer Carla Korbes Pascale van Kipnis Rachel Rutherford Sofiane Sylve Alina Cojocaru Margot Fonteyn Zhanna Ayupova Altynai Asylmuratova Maria Alexandrova Anastasia Yatzenko Isabelle Guerin Deanna Seay I think that's all.
  4. Ah, yes...Lewitzke in Liebeslider...yummy. What a cast: Berman, Allemann, Diana, too. I like Korbes and Bouder too, even if they ARE about to get promoted [one hopes...]. ;)
  5. no need to apologize, I was just curious...Lewitzke certainly is a recognizable Bianca, though, isn't she...that hair!
  6. This is a really old thread, we're talking 3-4 years old. I think Durante guested with ABT in 99 or 00, but, alas, that is a thing of the past now. Which would explain why you can't find any info from ABT about it in 2003.;) Whatever became of her, anyway? By the way, I am probably one of the few people on the planet who actually really like Yuan Yuan Tan. I also like Katita Waldo, Sally Ann Isaaks, Lorena Feijoo, and both of the LeBlancs, to say nothing of the dancers I've only seen on video!
  7. That would be Ikolo Griffin. I agree about him, and Eaton. Just curious, why a for Lewitzke? Did you have problems with her?
  8. I absolutely agree about Chidozie Nzerem...when is Tomasson going to promote him? I was quite fond of Lindy Mandradjieff, and am glad she's getting some good roles at NYCB. Also Eliane Munier and Alice LuAn Lewitzke, neither of whom is with the company anymore. Also Blanca Como Rosella, Yolonda Jordan, Marisa Lopez, Justin McMillan and Alex Ketley. Can't forget Amanda Schull, of Center Stage fame, or Dalene Bramer, the cutest White Cat I ever saw.
  9. "Sandpaper Ballet" is the title of a Leroy Anderson song, which, oddly enough, is not included in the score of Morris' ballet.
  10. She is also on the compilation video Mariinsky Ballet Kirov Classics, dancing the Prelude in Chopiniana. I would nominate Wendy Whelan, based on the precious little of her that I have seen.
  11. Unfortunately, since the recording industry is so much more prominent and entrenched in American society than the ballet industry, you know who the teeming millions will be siding with. Most people [dancers notwithstanding], lacking a thorough knowledge of ballet or dance will more easily sympathise with Vanessa Carlton's negative experiences. Contrast that with the relatively positive ballet experiences of other SAB grads: Abi Stafford's rapid rise at NYCB is a good example. Most people can't tell an apprentice from a corps dancer from a soloist from a principal, or their respective roles fro
  12. quote: Originally posted by alexandra: Yes, dmd. I believe both Tina and Sherri LeBlanc dance with San Francisco Ballet. They might be a good pair to use for Calliope's original question -- do you compare them when you see them on stage? Mark Morris took advantage of their similarities and differences in Sandpaper Ballet, where he choreographed a section for the two of them.
  13. BalletNut

    Adrienne Canterna

    Perhaps she was featured in both publications, but I saw Ashley Canterna among Dance Magazine's 25 to watch.
  14. BalletNut

    Lucia Lacarra

    Unfortunately, I have seen enough of La Lacarra to agree wholeheartedly with everything Parish has written. I also agree with linsusanr; Yuan Yuan Tan is a far superior ballerina in all respects. [ January 31, 2002: Message edited by: BalletNut ]
  15. I've posted way too much already about my opinion of La Lacarra, but I am not a fan of hers, and that's putting it mildly. For me, being able to count a ballerina's vertebrae from the balcony without the aid of binoculars is definitely a turn-off. linsusanr, I saw her Aurora last spring, and it was interesting alright. I even posted a little review on "Recent Performances" under SF Ballet: Sleeping Beauty. So did a lot of other people.
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