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  1. Many very interesting recommendations already, but just one I'd like to add - Krzysztof Kieślowski's trilogy, the Three Colours (White, Red, Blue - the colours of the French flag) films, which I enjoyed very much. The original language was French. He also did a series of short films based on the Ten Commandments - in Polish -which were televised in the UK - I only saw a couple, but they were excellent too IMHO. That has reminded me to try and trace a copy to watch all 10 !
  2. Mashinka - I think you're probably right - Now where is my Danish phrase-book ?! Oh but they all speak better English than I, don't they ! But really I should visit there anyway to see the company as I've never seen them perform live. Thanks also to Bart - I've tried unsuccessfully to reply to your recent post , sorry, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong - but anyhow, I agree with your thoughts on seemingly beautiful, but in reality rather vacuous looks. Many factors, not least personality and radiance, contribute to the impact of a good-looking person.
  3. This has been so interesting to read and I now must a) look at some photos of those dancers I'm not familiar with and b) get me to Copenhagen methinks ! But seriously, I agree with many of the names mentioned , and with the fact that on/off stage impact can be very different - and rightly so - the 'magic' of a performer on stage can illuminate and heighten his or her looks. However, Nureyev IMHO had a charismatic personality and was very attractive both on and off stage . I hope this isn't veering off topic, but someone mentioned manners and I've seen Thoma Edur (he's rather handsome too, I think) behave very charmingly to a fellow member of the audience 'out front' at the Albert Hall on one occasion. Lovely to witness.
  4. I was at the first night and it was also the first time I had seen Jewels which I enjoyed immensely. It’s hard to comment on performances when unfamiliar with the work, but I do find Cojacuru - a wonderful dancer IMO - amazingly expansive considering her tiny size. After Delibes’ comments about Nunez and Soares , I’m looking forward to my second viewing next week even more ! A wonderful addition to the Royal Ballet’s repertory.
  5. Yes, thank you so much for those, Marc & BT - it brings back wonderful memories of seeing these fantastic dancers (& so many others from the Bolshoi of course) last month in London.
  6. Helen thank and apologies. I'll do as you suggest then Kind regards JoannaA
  7. Does anyone know of a dance centre in central Paris where I could do a class of advanced/professional level, please ? Ideally one where I can pay-as I go rather than pay a membership, as I'm usually based in the UK ! Thanks and kind regards JoannaA
  8. Hello and - though a newbie myself - welcome, Klavier. It's good to have a musician who likes dance ! It's true that choices and uses of music by choreographers can sometimes be less than sensitive (ducks here as fellow dancers and choregraphers throw things at me ! I disay can be). But... when it works, the fusion of music and dance can be sublime ! Looking forward to hearing more of your reactions and experiences. Kind regards JoannaA
  9. joannaA

    Hello all !

    Thank you, Giannina Kind regards Joanna
  10. joannaA

    Hello all !

    Hello - as a 'newie' to the site, I thought I should briefly introduce myself. my name is Joanna and I'm an ex-dancer, now teaching a little, based in London, UK. I still try to get to some performances and even occasionally brave attending a class ! I look forward to reading other's contributions to this site and hopefully may be able to contribute myself occasionally too. J
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