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  1. Mashinka - I think you're probably right - Now where is my Danish phrase-book ?! Oh but they all speak better English than I, don't they ! But really I should visit there anyway to see the company as I've never seen them perform live. Thanks also to Bart - I've tried unsuccessfully to reply to your recent post , sorry, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong - but anyhow, I agree with your thoughts on seemingly beautiful, but in reality rather vacuous looks. Many factors, not least personality and radiance, contribute to the impact of a good-looking person.
  2. This has been so interesting to read and I now must a) look at some photos of those dancers I'm not familiar with and b) get me to Copenhagen methinks ! But seriously, I agree with many of the names mentioned , and with the fact that on/off stage impact can be very different - and rightly so - the 'magic' of a performer on stage can illuminate and heighten his or her looks. However, Nureyev IMHO had a charismatic personality and was very attractive both on and off stage . I hope this isn't veering off topic, but someone mentioned manners and I've seen Thoma Edur (he's rather handsome
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