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  1. Zakharova,Saidakova,Semionova,Abbagnato(only her face!!!),Osipova,Cojocaru,Aurelie Dupont....
  2. Is there a contractual reason that this can't be the case? I thought that Ferri had been a Principal at both ABT and La Scala. Vishneva and Malakhov are/have been Principal Dancers at more than one major company. They tell me she's coming for some ballets and does others in Russia or anywhere.Until next Swan Lake in april with Matvienko,i think she's in Russia.
  3. Svetlana has been coming many many times as guest dancer at La Scala.It was supposed to happen.In the last two years she went for Swan Lake,Sleeping Beauty,Don Chisciotte,Giselle and every gala.We saw her many many times.Something had to happen.The real question is whether she will stay and accept the contract or gets back to Russia and refuse the opportunity.She can't be at the same time principal dancer at Bolshoj and at Scala....
  4. After the great success of these days' Swan Lake,Svetlana Zakharova seems to have been nominated new étoile of La Scala Theatre,after Alessandra Ferri's farewell.I don't know if it's good news.For sure I heard many bad comments on this.Thinking about what Ferri gave us from the emotional point of you I feel she will not be up to her level.We'll see....
  5. If You mean Aestethically talking,not talking about the beauty on stage,which is very different,you can't omit Roberto Bolle,our Italian étoile.I've never met a male dancer as beautiful as he is,also out of the stage.Anyway i've always seen many ugly male dancers.The majority of the great ones is so.Then on stage you'd say they're wonderful,but out of the stage...no way!Let's talk also about the girls;i'm more concerned about;-)....Ferri is as beautiful on stage as ugly off the stage.Guillem the same.Zakharova is a nice girl also in the common life...the same for Ansanelliand Lacarra....oh Lac
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