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  1. I have it somewhere.....don't remember from where it came from. But I have it!
  2. I am very happy for her!she deserves it!she's been through many injuries in her career....I think she will be good. The ballet,if i am not wrong,is the one in which they wear grey and very tight lattex costumes and....it requires a very strong male principal dancer(for the complicated sequence of lifts and passages of partnership) and a female principal with gymnast gifts. On youtube you can watch Zakharova and Tsiskaridze performing the pdd. I am sure Cojocaru will be great too!I love her!she is definately my favourite dancer nowadays!:-)
  3. A very good one nowadays is for sure Marianela Nunez. She has expression,jump,turn,very strong technique.You can appreciate her in the dvd of Giselle with the Royal Ballet. Alina Cojocaru is a wonderful Giselle,too. The best Giselle ever now. My three favourite Giselle are actually: Fracci,Ferri and Cojocaru!:-)
  4. You should take a look at the descent of the shades in Bayadere. The POB version is stunning! you will soon appreciate the role of the corps! so many dancers moving as one and creating the effect of being a living kaleidoscope is something that would touch everyone's heart! the magic of romantic ballets is more in the corps,rather than in solos! What would Giselle be without all the Willis?what would Swan Lake be without all the swans?what would Donqui be without the whole corps dancing spanish-like or without the Dryads?Then you also have to realize that the corps does a very tough job of trying and moving as one,sometimes withoutgetting attention because they are just on the back of Pas de Deux and Solos. It means you have to trust the others,you have to listen and constantly look and follow the others,you have to adapt to the average of the corps when it comes to positions,arms and legs. You have to disappear in the name of the group. Believe me,it requires a harder job than dancing your variation alone,doing what you want and getting much applause because you stick out more!
  5. Hey everyone!I am back! Such a long time since I last posted on the site. I've been working as a professional ballet dancer in Vienna for a while and left my heart there!it is one of the most amazing cities in the World! loved every single minute there! Now I am back home. It is a very bad period for dancers....almost no contracts,struggling every day auditioning anywhere, training with lack of good classes to keep fit,almost no access to the few places in the corps, contracts of only a few months or maximum one season,no interest in promoting young dancers etc... In the meanwhile i keep on teaching to young ballet students,which I love,but which is not exactly what i have so hardly trained for. Anyway,I am happy to be here again and i hope to find brand-new brillant discussions like the ones we used to have once!:-) Though my experience as a dancer has improved a lot, I do not hear such smart conversations very often! If you want to ask me anything,you are welcome;just write!:-) Big hug to everyone!
  6. Thank you!I hope to get the chance to take some lessons during the year,somewhere and with a cuban maitre....but here they only teach russian and try to teach french method....Let's just hope!
  7. I know it's , but did you go to Havana to Mme.'s School...? How was it...?! I knew you would have asked me ! I studied with Ramona De Saa,the director of the school of the Ballet Nacional and her daughter.They come here in Italy every summer near Turin,so I stayed there for a while.They also gave me a sort of scholarship to study more with them. Well,I had never studied Cuban method,always Russian method, but I can say I really like it very much.The first week was very strange: I had pain anywhere (because of the tough lesson!) and it was quite hard to perfectly follow the lesson...I think you know they have different ports de bras,they don't have a plié excercise at the barre,they do hundreds of pliés-relevé also at the centre,they make you stop every jump,especially the jeté-en-attitude-croisé in plié with leg up and make you stay so for 24/8 ehehehhe .But then I have improved a lot!(and have already lost it,as my last lesson wa there three weeks ago....). I loved when they put revoltade at the end of the Grande-Valse excercise.In Italy nobody does,it would look weird! Anyway if I could study a whole year or just three months with those teachers I would be 100 times better,I'd have at least 5 pirouettes...Great method,really! I'm thinking about going to Cuba next summer and study there for 2/3 months....we'll see !
  8. ehehe!I'm just one and I think very different from how dancers and teachers usually think.Here teachers are only keen on extensions and good bodies,without taking care of interpretation and of understanding a role or a ballet deeply....dancers are even worse unfortunately! For sure I'll keep you posted and yes,I always give them hard challenges,so that they can grow faster .I hope the director of the school will give me enough power to make my projects on them come true,and enough approval and support,too!This is hard to find and I'm a new teacher in the school,even if i collaborated with them last year!Let's just hope !
  9. You are welcome!Who can help directing a scene better than the public who normally sees it?;-)That is why I ask in here when I have doubts on something concerning ballet.
  10. I like your Idea of the breath IN and OUT very much....it really makes sense now!also the idea of trance/sleep serenity and separateness is very good.However I think I'll have to do a big job on my pupils to teach them how to express such feeling of "serene and enlightened separateness",which is not easy to express for young dancers....but I will make it;-)!Thank You so much!
  11. Yes I agree with you: steps and music first.My only aim is to form artists not just dancers.I see many beautiful dancers around the world and always less artists.My pupils are not professional dancers(I am too young to teach professional dancers:-)),so I want them to be different not for the technique,as they are not professionists,they are very young and anyone can do a variation technically better in this world;but for the art and for the soul,that are very personal and don't require high-level professionists.It just requires a heart.That is why i am quite fussy about interpretation;-).But yes:steps,music and style first. Thank you for all of your answers.
  12. Yes.It is correct: It takes place in Solor's drug-soaked mind,but he has a vision of the Kingdom of Shades....it depends on what vision of this Kingdom,Solor has.If the story takes place in India,this Kingdom is supposed to be the "Nirvana",the illumination and the total absence...so the shades should look absent and extemely calm maybe.But if it is just Solor's dream,it should reflect his subconscious;then it is supposed to be very sad and melancholic,and somehow not clear but confused.This is why I am quite confused. I think so: Directing the whole thing I should decide myself how to see this.If I were Solor,I would see the ensemble as "ephimeral"....it is not a feeling actually,it is an idea to give back to the public.I'd not concentate on a particular feeling as his drug-soaked mind cannot make a clear distinction among the shades....I suppose drugs don't make you see clearly nor make distinctions.The idea of a shade itself,is not a person,with personal feelings,precise characterization and traits.Then no feeling for the ensemble,just the idea of confusion and of something ephimeral. The three shades are a second moment of drug effects.If before he had only confusion,after that,he starts distinguishing some precise characters.I could see them as a reflection of Nikiya but in different moments:I'd put the happier music first(the variation starting with double-frappé,pas-de-bourré-suivi),so that it is the remind of the full happiness with Nikiya,then the second one which should be in the middle(the one with cabrioles),where he starts realizing that his happiness is over,in the end the third one which is the sadder,when he realizes he has lost her and start feeling bad(the one with sissonne-ouverte à la seconde with extension,assemblé-battu...)....then he sees the real Nikiya and start the pdd.Can be an idea,can't it?;-).
  13. would that perhaps be cantilena? "Cantilena" in italian is something very repetitive and even boring.About a sound is also something very easy to listen to and without highs and lows,a bit flat....a lullaby can be considered this way too.And referring to the queue of shades doing the same movements with the same music it works.
  14. It's that i am personally fed up with dancers performing roles without knowing anything about the story within,their background and who do not worry about being correct and sticking to the real meaning of the story or of their own role.So I want my pupils to be conscios of what they are dancing. For the corps it isn't a big deal,they just have to look ephimeral(is it correct?)to me.But for the single variations it is important to give them the right track and let them find a way to be an artist,not just an athlete;-).
  15. You are right.The only fact is: are these shades to be seen as unhappy ghosts visiting earth because maybe they died in similar circumstances as Nikiya,so they should look unhappy and haunting,or are they to be seen as souls in their kingdom,so one can be happy and one unhappy?and also,is this heaven supposed to be Paradise or Hell,or in the middle?because if it is supposed to be the Nirvana it should somehow give an effect of serenity and absence of feelings....I think Petipa didn't think about all those things:-(....:-).I think the only way of getting out of this is listening to the music and giving back what you feel.Thank You.
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