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  1. Saturday matinee. No trouble getting in and out of the Music Center...Carmageddon turned out to be a non factor. Sat in Row A of the Founders Circle...stage left was cut off..but not only could I see the dancing..I could see the music making also! Orchestra VASTLY supeior to the Pathetic....um...Pacific Symphony for ABT's Giselle at OCCPA. One may have to purchase or youtube Lacotte's "La Sylfide" to appreciate alot of what went on in Act 2. I always liked Marcelo Gomez.. I admit I am a B I G Gillian Murphy fan..and as such very biased. I am not familiar with " The Bright Stream" Ballet so I don't know the ins and outs..but I thought Gillian was wonderful as the ballerina. Her jete's had great height and were e f f o r t l e s s. No fouette's however..BUMMER!!! As to any in-depth analysis...I must defer to ksk04. ******possible perv comment******* Love Gillian's abs!
  2. At Classicaltv.com you can watch the Zurich 2009 production of Swan Lake for free. I like ABT's act 4 because I'm VERY partial to Gillian Murphy and I like the ending overall..but the whole act itself is a little short. I must say that Heinz Spoerli's act 4 was for me very enjoyable to watch. Maybe it has to do with how it was shot and also the Choreography...but I really have to give this act4 a plug. What other act 4's does everyone else like?
  3. I went to the ABT website an on her biography page there are no future performances listed. Anyone have any news?
  4. Please forgive my REALLY somewhat huffy-nose in the air observation...but I can't seem to shake this impression...Orange County is not known as a prominent ballet center. And dancers along with their companies..know this. To risk injury in a obscure venue...... The Bolshois were in So. Cal. earlier this year and I was going to go..but two of the dancers I would consider seeing....cancelled. And another Company is staging yet again one more DonQ. Someone needs to take me by the shoulders..give me a good shak'in..and prove me wrong. If we were San Francisco..... Humm..would I compalin is another company were staging another Giselle?
  5. I live in So. Cal.......not exactly a ballet center in the US. I am wondering if dancers are....conservative regarding choreography......when it comes to performing in 2nd or maybe 3rd tier venues....So. Cal is not San Fransisco. I have noticed this...conservatisim.... in one production I've been..and was in a way dissapointed. I can..however...acknowledge that to risk injury in a venue that is not top tier is not wise. Any input?
  6. ...see what changed were made in the choreography. I see different productions of Swan Lake for instance and I say to myself..."oh...there's supposed to be a developee there"...but how do I know what was originally intended?
  7. Cubanmiamiboy... Don't forget Lorna Frijoo doing the attitude turns on point..this clip shows it a little closer to the action! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P35VmCUuQN0...eos=u3xfL9kfh78
  8. It has been long established that the "Mad Scene" in Giselle is THE ACID test of a ballerina's dramatic skills. I propose...as equally important...Basilio's "Death" scene is DQ as an acid test for a ballerina's comedic skills. I think both genre's are legitimate and should be treated equally. The video is not that great..but here is a DQ clip featuring Aurelie Dupont and Manuel Legris... What do you all think?
  9. I went to the sunday matinee. Even though there was no live music...I liked how close the audience was to the dancers. I had pretty good seats for $35.00! I really liked Marcello Gomez...he had a sense of humor plus some innocent nautiness. (You had to be there to know what I mean :blush: ) I liked the dancers in the bright orange dresses..they were quite good and one of the dryads caught my attention. The dancer who played Cupid I liked also. I also liked Sergei Domrachev as Gamache, he did more dancing than others who played that part that I've seen on Youtube. This is the second time I've seen Gillian, the first time was as Myrtha at the OCCPA. The question I have is...who teaches her the part of Kitri? The reason I ask is that I've seen others do the Grand PPD on Youtube and several things were different...some more technically demanding. I don't doubt Giliian's technique.. but I guess I was expecting different choreography. Maybe someone could enlighten a newbie? Gillian's leaps were nice and effortless and she is the fastest and cleanest turner I've seen. I would have liked a little more Sass is her acting however...like an annoyed swat at the right time...when Marcello was naughty I would like to see her Odette/Odile and her Myrtha while sitting closer...
  10. Maria has just gone up one notch in my book.....she has her priorities straight!
  11. I hereby nominate Maria Alexandrova for the Iron Ballerina Award for dancing DonQ three nights in a row. My buddy and I are going friday night. Is it bad form to take binoculars to a ballet performance?
  12. The solo parts I get..but I need pointers as to how to better appreciate what the Corps De Ballet does...what to look for...how to better enjoy..etc! Thanks!
  13. Great dancers that are not too thin. Mine are..... Gillian Murphy. In her Swan Lake DVD her tutu looks to be quite loose around the waist , I"M NOT SAY'IN THAT'S A BAD THING!!!! Either it was on purpose so she can breathe or her legs were too awesome for the size smaller. I hope she was not disturbed by that!! Sohiane Sylve. I wonder where I can get a DVD of the Nutcracker that she was in with the HET....
  14. Thanks for your prompt reply and your advice! I'm a newbie...so I need all the help I can get!
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