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  1. Hi!! As far as I know, much of what we know today as "Don Quixote" has come to us through Gorsky's version for the Bolshoi Ballet of Moscow. As far as I know, gorsky was Petipa's pupil and Petipa was very much annoyed when Gorsky's version was staged in St Petersburg. I am curious to learn what happened to Petipa's original version - has it been preserved in notation or is it lost?
  2. To Grace, or whoever knows: What did Erik Bruhn die of? And John Cranko? thanks silvy
  3. Here are the names of the dancers who died in the accident I described in my last post (nine dancers): José Neglia, Norma Fontenla, Margarita Fernández, Carlos Schiaffino, Rubén Estanga, Martha Raspanti, Carlos Santamarina, Sara Bochkovsky and Antonio Zambrana. It was October 10, 1971 silvy
  4. There is a most tragic story in the history of the Colon Theatre (Buenos Aires - Argentina). I think it was around 1970-1971, when I think seven of the ballet's most important figures (including 2 principals that were known internationally: Norma Fontenla and Jose Neglia) died in an air accident. They were travelling south, to dance in one of the provinces, when the aircraft plunged into the River Plate. They all died drowned. After this was that Liliana Belfiore took the place of prima ballerina at the theatre, as this place was left vacant after Fontenla's death. There is a memorial of
  5. is there any video of Margot dancing the complete Sleeping Beauty? I only have her in the last act ("Aurora's Wedding"), but I am pretty curious to see her in Rose Adagio, and everything. silvy
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