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  1. I can tell you that Dracula and Cinderella in the same season would have never happened under Whitener. Story ballets are not really his thing.
  2. Just a quick note before I head to dream land... WOW was Ethan AMAZING! I think he looked better than I've seen him look in years! He literally made me gasp! So happy to have been there to see one of my favorite dancers, one last time! (Everyone else was really good too.. but Ethan was......)
  3. Just a general comment about a dancers career choice. Yes perhaps you like a certain dancer a lot and would love to see them dance in your favorite big company, doing the ballets you love. People enjoy freedom. Maybe one doesn't like how the company is run, or how they are being coached, or the ballets they are doing. Not being in a company(big or small) gives you the freedom to make choices in what, when, where and how. And also the freedom to do other non-dance related things.
  4. I'll have to look, but I know there are some reviews. They are doing really well, as far as I can tell. I'm not sure about ticket sells and the such, but the company is becoming a strong group and they are working on a lot of new works. Their website needs some help and I don't believe the 10-11 season has been announced yet. You can look them up on facebook and will probably be able to find some more info regarding reviews and next season! Also on their Facebook page, there are some wonderful photos of the rehearsals going on for "Brave New World" !
  5. The other thing too, is there are wonderful dancers he could have hired on a full time basis. Just because they would perhaps not be from NYCB, ABT or The Royal Ballet, that doesn't mean he couldn't have created wonderful works and been successful. Working with dancers you aren't used to working with could also have pushed him as a choreographer. I hope both the company and he continue on a path of creative success!
  6. Wilcox is not that tall, she's about 5'6 and she's fabulous!
  7. I too attended last night's performance and I very much enjoyed it. I always love David and he was his gorgeous self last night! Daniil was very good, he has some amazing tricks up his sleeve and he turns amazingly. My only problem with him is he looks so small next to everyone else and he was a little weak in the partnering of Gulnare. Riccetto was delightful, such a gorgeous dancer. It made me really want to see her as Medora. Gillian was also very nice, she's not my favorite dancer, but she was very clear and clean and was very lively last night. The odelesque's were very good, I was very impressed with Lane's crispness. Misty and Yuriko held there own, couldn't tell who's fault the messing up of the weave was but both Misty and Yuriko smiled when it happened! A very good performance last night!
  8. Anyone attend ABT's Gala? Crazy security because of Michelle Obama?
  9. Bart, the company used to reside in both cities. That dissolved quite a while ago.
  10. Great that the last performance went so well! I would like to point out that A LOT of people don't do the penchee after the arabesuqe in the variation any more! A lot of people just balance, but what I like that Julie does is she changes her upper body and it adds an extra dimension!
  11. Julie Kent and Ethan Stiefel in Giselle July 8th. Breathe taking, Genuine and Memorable are just a few words to describe this performance! I've seen Julie Kent and Ethan Stiefel in many performances, but tonight was the best I've ever seen from both. The emotion behind every movement was unbelievable! Each little movement told the story! Julie has the most supple upper body. Her port de bras IS Giselle! It's so hard for me to put into words what I saw! Julie may be getting older and at times it shows, but over all she takes your breathe away! Ethan, he just holds the stage! From his legs and feet, to his smile! Their chemistry, was electric! Michelle Wiles as Myrta was also very good. I felt she could have been a little bit more evil, but of course perhaps she wasn't playing it that way! She was a little too stiff for me, because then it went almost contemporary at times when her arm was too straight. But over all she was very good! The corps was also very well put together! They had great energy and good precision! I have one pet peeve, which is a large one. From where I was sitting, right orchestra towards the front, you could see someone holding the string to pull the veil off the Wilis!! WHAT?!?! EXCUSE ME?!?! ABT can't get a piece of string long enough to handle that?! Way to ruin the moment! I know there is a lot I'm not talking about, but mainly because I'm just still in awe of Julie and Ethan! Bravo!
  12. can't seem to find it!
  13. It did not say. She didn't look injured, so maybe an illness or something. It was still a nice performance. Just seeing her Black Swan Pas was worth it! The corps was spot on too!
  14. So, last night was supposed to be Julie Kent. I open the program and it's Odette Irina D. and Odile Julie Kent.... that was my reaction! I was not happy and while Irina wasn't bad, she wasn't Julie Kent! Julie Kent seemed a little weak in her variation, though she pulled it off, but the Black Swan Pas was breathtaking! Just gorgeous! More Later!
  15. Was the 2nd Basilo Russell Clarke or Ross Clarke?
  16. If you're talking about them being Soloist with SFB. It was in a news article posted in Links a few days ago! :-)
  17. Does anyone know why Joseph is not on the MCB website anymore?
  18. I just wanted to say, I agree with most of what you said drb! I have some different opions on a few things, but I will share those at a later date! I need to sleep! I will say, I very much enjoyed the whole evening and was VERY glad to see Darcey perform! She was on my list of Ballerinas I wanted to see before they stopped performing!!!
  19. Yeah, I had no trouble getting through later at night, but I got center rear gallery...Far away, but better than nothing! Wanted to see the Kirov!
  20. KCB Did it with the caller and with the male solo.
  21. Dansuer85

    Sarah Lane

    umm, can I say JEALOUS!!!!! I love Herman, though I don't see him as a true prince, but I bet he will still be very good. But I LOVE Sarah and when I saw her Princess Florine I thoght what a beautiful Aurora she would make!! Lucky SoCal!!!
  22. So all of this will probably be sold out way before the performances, if not sold out already?.. I really want to see them, but I don't know what my schedule will be like at that time. Why did they put them on sale so far in advance?
  23. Plus they get a years lease in NYC, which last year Nick opted out of that and instead stayed in LA but got the money from the lease...so even more money!
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