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  1. When I was in Army basic training, smokers were allowed take extra smoke breaks. Those of us who didn't smoke, had to remain standing in formation. Many "trainees" took up smoking just to get those extra breaks. The worst part was that even if you didn't smoke, you still had to pick up the butts if you saw them anywhere. I spent much of my basic training with butts in my pockets because trash cans were not always around when you needed one - ugh!
  2. Gelsey danced last night, didn't she? I'm surprised there aren't any comments about her Carabosse...
  3. Nope-Martine is in the long black next to a very interesting gold corsette number. Yes, that's her, but it is a very weird pantsuit that she is wearing. You can definately see the pants. Not a dress.
  4. The only one I recognize is Martine Van Hamel, wearing what has to be the most interesting pantsuit of her generation...
  5. In order: Gelsey Kirkland Alessandra Ferri Julie Kent Allegra Kent Amanda McKerrow Boy, do I feel old...!!
  6. All this "will she or won't she" talk is most depressing......it seems she cannot be forgiven for her Gala slip up.....There is no ABT ballerina I would rather see tomorrow night as Aurora....(I saw Vishneva in the Kirov restoration ) What slip up was that? Just curious...
  7. Yvonne

    New yet old...

    Gosh, I haven't posted here in such a long time! I logged on last week and was happy to find that I'm still a member here. I joined way back in November 2000. Anyway...I live near the Salt Lake City area. Ballet West is very near by. Lots of Balanchine in their rep...yes!!
  8. I think it would be great if she would come out with some instructional coaching DVD's. I bet they would fly off of the shelf! I've always wished that there were more performance videos of her available.
  9. Hmmm.... Face: Allegra Kent Feet: Gelsey Kirkland Arms: Julie Kent Legs: Cynthia Gregory Profile....yes, Suzanne Farrell has a fantastic profile!
  10. Hi Dale, I didn't get to see much ballet this season ( One of my daughters was recently married and that just about broke my budget!) I am planning on attending a mixed bill this Fall because I really want to see Theme and Variations. They are also doing Giselle and The Sleeping Beauty, in addition to another mixed bill and the Nutcracker. I like story ballets, but due to my budget, I have to pick and choose, and I usually choose Balanchine... As far as interesting dancers, I very much like Principals Tong Wang and Jessica Harston. Soloist Kristin Hakala is a pleasure to watch (she has a very light and airy quality to her dancing - I'd love to see her in The Leaves are Fading.)
  11. Hi Drew, I've only seen a snippet of Kistler dancing Swan Lake (I think it was a workshop performance that was shown on the video "Dancing for Mr. B".) I was mainly curious because of Beverly Sill's interview with Kistler, where they talk about Martin's new Swan Lake and her role in it. This was shown on PBS during the intermission of Swan Lake. I just watched it and thought, "why are they airing this when she's not even in the production........") Of course, I had forgotten that she had to withdraw at the last minute and the show must go on........I would have hated to be Weese on that evening - talk about pressure! Does anyone remember how Weese's performance went over?? Was it considered a success?
  12. Oh yes, the recent film adaptation of Mansfield Park is dreadful! Now, if you had NEVER read the book, didn't know the story or the characters, the movie would be entertaining enough.......... The producer of this film even admits that she never liked the character of Fanny Price - yet she's producing this movie. It's almost as if she was trying to turn Fanny Price into Elizabeth Bennett! And Fanny never, never would have said yes to Mr. Crawford's proposal, much less allow him to kiss her! Tell your husband to rent the BBC production of Mansfield Park. It was made in the 1980's, low production standards, and looks as if it was videotaped, but it is very true to the story Oh..............and that whole thing about Tom and his father and Antigua and the picture book of the slaves.............totally NOT accurate. A dreadful, dreadful adaptaion - poor Jane Austen would be rolling over in her grave!!
  13. Forgot to mention that I used to post "reviews" here from time to time about what I would see at Ballet West, but I'm not much of a writer and there usually little to no interest or response, so I stopped............
  14. Dancingostrich, I just wanted to let you know that I saw Ballet West's Rosalinda too. It was really amusing and even my 11 year old daughter laughed at all the right moments! Which cast did you see??
  15. Victims and Survivors (Bob Moore), I Capture the Castle (Dodie Smith).........also planning a re-read of The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (Giorgio Bassani) and Mansfield Park (Jane Austen). I was pleased to recently learn that the delightful English period novel, I Capture the Castle, has finally been made into a film. It's being released (limited) this summer - I doubt that it will ever make it to Utah.....I'll have to wait until it comes out on video. It's currently being shown in NYC and LA - has anyone seen it?? The book is classic and a delight to read!
  16. I't been so long since I've posted here, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question..... I've been going through all my videos and happened to come across the vhs I taped of Peter Martin's Swan Lake. Of course, Miranda Weese danced Odette/Odile, but during the intermission, we are treated to an interview with Beverly Sill and including Darci Kistler. Why didn't Kistler dance? Was Weese a last-minute replacement? As I watched the video for the first time in years, all I could think about was how much I would have liked to have seen Kistler in that role. If this is posted in the wrong forum, please move it accordingly - I've been out of the Ballet Alert "loop" for quite some time now...!
  17. This is not a casting question...........If this is being taped for PBS, any hope of it ending up on video?? I can tape it myself if need be. Does anyone know when it will air?
  18. Porter also has, I believe, 2 workout videos on the market. Now that you mention it, I can see the visual comparison to Fonteyn. Funny I'd never noticed it in all the times I've viewed her video!
  19. In an "Affair to Remember", Deborah Carr's character attends a performance of the ballet in her wheelchair. I think it was suppoed to be her first social outing since her accident - and of course who does she see there but her "lost love" Carry Grant. As for the ballet she was watching, I have no idea what it was, but it looked awful - I'd much rather look at Carry Grant!
  20. Liljules5, this documentary was originally aired on PBS in the summer of 1995. I was lucky enough to tape it, (although it's not not a great copy, it's better than nothing!) It was quite LONG and took two vhs tapes to get it all. Hopefully PBS might air it from time to time.........:confused:
  21. On behalf of all the Kirkland fans, thank you, jorgen! The Gelsey photos are really lovely.
  22. I've seen it too.....yes, some great pictures. I was quite dissapointed and suprised that there were no pictures of him dancing with Gelsey Kirkland (many of his other partners were shown, but no Kirkland.)
  23. I like the site, some great photos.............but there were NO pictures of Gelsey Kirkland or Pat McBride!:eek:
  24. Have you tried looking at www.ebay.com? I've seen that book up for auction many, many times. Also, give www.abebooks.com a try - they are the best! (IMHO)
  25. Thanks Alexandra - it's been a LONG winter! I love the way the site looks now - it's great!! (Oops.........here I am, off topic already!!)
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