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  1. She moved from my studio. The time I spent with her was amazing. I had private lessons from her in the summer and I will dearly miss them and her. I will take what she taught me and apply them to my dancing the rest of my dance career. I hope she reads this post and knows how much her teaching meant to me.
  2. I voted for Swan Lake, because it takes a good dancer to be able to dance "good" and "evil" parts. In one, she has to be graceful swan like, the other she need to be more "bam" with the 32 fouttes. I was torn between Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake...
  3. I am a new member so I can't send Pm, but if you send me one, I will reply with my email . If you like, I will give the email to Ms. Sundstrom.
  4. I forgot to say that she is currently my teacher. She is an excellent teacher. I just love to watch her doing the moves full out during class.
  5. If you have danced with Ms. Sundstrom, I will love to hear from you.
  6. l321385

    Lisa Sundstrom

    I was wondering if anyone had heard of Lisa Sundstrom. I am currently studying with her. I read a post by Amy Reusch about Ms. Sundstrom, but I am new on this site so I couldn't Pm her. It will be great help, if someone could help me around until I get used to this site.
  7. Although now retired, Lisa Sundstrom is still one of my favorites <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Lisa Sundstrom is now my teacher. She will be pleased to hear that there is a "fan" out there.
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