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Gillian Murphy is Pregnant

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From the company:



American Ballet Theatre Principal Dancer Gillian Murphy has announced her maternity leave. She and her husband, former ABT Principal Dancer Ethan Stiefel, are expecting their first child in June 2019.

Ms. Murphy, who joined American Ballet Theatre in 1996, will not perform on the Company’s National Tour or during the 2019 Metropolitan Opera House season, but plans to return to the Company in the Fall.

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29 minutes ago, mille-feuille said:

1. Congratulations to Gillian and Ethan! What happy news! 😍

2. NO!!! I was planning on seeing her O/O for the first time this spring! 😩

I feel exactly the same, as I was also planning to see her in Swan Lake for the first time! Though I suppose I should know better by now than to expect casting not to change. But I am happy to lose the chance to see her dance O/O for a reason like this, instead of (for example) an injury.

She was scheduled to dance O/O with Hallberg... and so I kind of expect either Boylston or Seo to take her place, since those are the two principals Hallberg seems to be paired with most often. Shevchenko would be my preference though—fingers crossed!

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Congrats to Gillian and Ethan. Sad that I won't be able to watch Murphy perform next year, but I'm very glad that it's for that reason.

I was concerned when she was replaced in Nutcracker and worried that injury was the issue. I'm so happy it's not the case.

Also, so glad I made it to her Don Q performance this past MET season.

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Pointe has a great story about many of the new or expecting parents at ABT, including interviews with Lauren Post, Alexandra Basmagy, Thomas Forster, and Luciana Paris:



What has it been like going through your pregnancies all together?

Lauren Post: I feel like it's been so helpful to have Gemma and Luciana to show that yes, you can continue your career and have a child. Because for a while, there weren't many moms at ABT. Going through the pregnancy with Alex and Gillian has been hugely helpful. We compare notes like, "Is this normal?" It's very reassuring.


There are also some great photos of the dancers with their baby bumps — check out that first picture with Post, Basmagy, and Murphy on the stairs! 

I also loved this quote from Forster:


Though it might seem like Forster's energy would be spread thin, becoming a dad has actually given him more focus in all areas of his life. "Before I had a kid I was very much a sleepy-head and daydreamer, but once you're called to action you just snap out of it," he explains. "If anything, I'm on less sleep now but I'm way more energetic. It just changes you. You can't be lazy anymore because there's a whole life that needs your support. So you get out there and you do it."


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