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  1. I also love Kammermusik. I wasn't crazy about Teresa Reichlen in this recording though. Her style of "attack" is different than Mearns' and she just looked overshadowed. Love her in other leggy modernist ballets though. I think the piece works particularly well when the two female dancers look and move alike, like the performance I saw at NYCB last fall with Unity Phelan and Emilie Gerrity. It was sometimes hard to tell them apart.
  2. Very cryptic post here... maybe I'm reading too much into it but I wonder if it's really about the dog...
  3. Royal will get his chances in full-length classics; if he doesn't prove himself technically, they can keep casting him in more neoclassical and contemporary works. He's great in Ratmansky ballets and his Apollo was well received. However it all goes, promoting him -- and choosing to give promotions at all right now -- does look good for the company from a publicity standpoint in 2020. A real shame about Lane, who's still in her prime. Echoing others, my gut feeling is that there are personal issues we'll likely never know about. Anyone who saw her dance in the 2019 Met Season can plainly
  4. Omg for real... the "debut deferred" series just sounds so depressing. Why would anybody other than maybe die-hard fans of those particular dancers want to watch that? I haven't watched, and I don't plan to watch, any of ABT's online offerings. Whatever the reason for ABT not streaming past performances, they're missing out on valuable opportunities to show the world what we're actually missing in their absence. I admire NYCB's fundraising strategy of showing videos that elicit joy and appreciation -- not pity -- from audiences and donors.
  5. I think that at worst, it's possible that companies will cut down their performance schedules once things are back up and running and the virus is no longer an obstacle to putting on or attending a show. NYCB may decide that it's not worth putting on seven shows a week for six weeks straight (and four weeks in the fall, plus all of the Nutcracker) if it loses too many audience members. NYCB used to perform less shows anyway before they added the fall season. This would be terribly sad, but we would still be getting more ballet in NYC than most cities do. ABT's Met season was already going to b
  6. I've only been regularly attending ABT since 2017 but have been closely observing the company's decisions since then. Agree with the previously mentioned anecdotes. Among other problems the company has shown an especially poor understanding of audience in recent years, which is puzzling given that it has an executive director who is supposed to understand the business of performing arts, plus a whole marketing team that sends out surveys after every show. While I like Ratmansky's Sleeping Beauty, even I, as a "ballet nerd," wish it had more mainstream-friendly elements. Desiré should hav
  7. In Kathryn Morgan's recent interview on Megan Fairchild's YouTube channel, she did explicitly say she was pulled out of Firebird because of her body
  8. I would feel safe because I'm young and healthy, but a lot -- if not most -- of ballet goers are in the older, at-risk cohort. So even if companies reopen soonish, they will be losing a lot of patrons who are afraid to go out until a vaccine is developed. Classical performing-arts companies are not going to be making much money for awhile.
  9. Very much enjoyed the POB Robbins program -- especially A Suite of Dances and Glass Pieces (particularly gorgeous dancing in the latter's pas de deux). A rare treat to see four staples of NYC rep on film. A couple of problematic things I noticed... Fancy Free was largely lacking in rhythmic, free-moving "jazz" style for the most part, although I agree that the first sailor was a standout. The 2nd woman, in the purple outfit, was way too delicate and balletic for this. In Afternoon of a Faun, shouldn't the ballerina have long, gorgeous hair?? This one danced well and had lovely extensions
  10. Plus, there are plenty of NYC dance fans still around in July. Every time I've been to the Joyce in the mid/late summer it's been full. Smaller theater, but still telling. In some ways it's good that ABT's season will no longer overlap with NYCB's.
  11. Would there even be space at the Koch (or anywhere) for an extended fall season? NYCB's season ends mid-October, then Paul Taylor has their season in November (following pattern from last year). It's so unfortunate that ABT doesn't have their own performance space, which would allow for more flexibility.
  12. To add to the best-case scenario, maybe NYCB could push their spring season into June or even July. According to the Koch website, there are no shows happening there between June 1 and June 19, or after June 28.
  13. Not ballet, but the performing-arts shutdowns have started in NYC... Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall are cancelling shows through March 31. We'll see what's next.
  14. I read Lane's post as simply giving shoutouts to people who are less likely to receive shoutouts than the choreographer and the lead dancers -- the corps dancers and the people behind the scenes with whom she works closely. And she did hashtag "#alexeiratmansky" in the post. As to her lack of casting, Ratmansky also has used Boylston numerous times and did not cast her in this.... same with Trenary and probably others. Given that there are only three casts, there are only so many slots to go around. (Of course, I think Lane is significantly under-casted in the spring season, but I'
  15. Trenary seems more favored by management than Brandt. She's been dancing Aurora for years and has two SB performances this summer, plus debuts as Juliet and Gamzatti. Brandt's only major role is her Aurora debut. I don't blame her for pushing for more opportunities, however she has to do it. We know that raw talent on its own does not get a dancer far at ABT. Based on the footage she posted, Brandt's Odette looks promising to me. I hope she gets to dance it soon enough. (I'm sure Trenary will eventually get her shot at Swan Lake as well.)
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