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  1. It's lovely! I knew it was a matter of rehearsal and getting their timing right.
  2. Morgan has a mild calf injury and is not scheduled to dance in Nutcracker. She posted this on IG a while ago. I hope she recovers quickly.
  3. Video is up now Torch lift was a struggle and almost didn't happen, but he managed to get her up. I'm sure it will be fine with a bit more rehearsal and once they get their timing right.
  4. This is why I won't be in NY this summer. Next summer as well perhaps. My plans could change at anytime since I now work remotely and have a ton of flexibility, but I doubt they'll change. I'm not giving ABT any more money. Giselle in DC and that's it. You guys will have to tell me about the new Ratmansky because I doubt I'll ever get to witness that piece. This isn't about Lane (I do like her a lot, not gonna lie). However, this is the cherry on top. Too many great artists have been shut out and for no good reason.
  5. ^Same, to be honest. But, of course, he deserves a chance. I'll have to wait for reports. Hopefully someone from here can catch their performance and report back.
  6. Great news for Brandt and Ahn! Shame I can't stay until Sunday. I wonder if the artistic staff is a bit apprehensive about Murphy's comeback. Perhaps they want someone already tested in the role just in case she's not ready to perform all the roles she's due to dance at the MET. I'm sure she'll be ready, but you never know. But I must say, I'm surprised Shevchenko is not getting a performance before her NY debut.
  7. True, if she had a coach with her teaching her the lead part then that'd be a serious auditions. Nonetheless, so many back to back posts aren't for nothing. Well, I'm sure we'll get to watch her dance the ballerina role eventually. Maybe sooner than we think if they keep giving the cold shoulder. Also, with her skills, her T&V is one I'd want to witness some day.
  8. Good for Forster. If he nails those roles, he has to get promoted. I wouldn't be surprised if Bell gets promoted again. We're down to two full time male principals (sorry but Cornejo seems to be starting to retire roles and he's very injury prone; has always been and now that he's flirting with 40 it won't get easier). Finger crossed that all goes well. In other news, did anyone else see Brandt's Instagram audition for T&V? It may not have worked out for Giselle, but maybe this one will work out. We shall see.
  9. I'm sure she likes dancing with Gorak because they're close friends and I'm sure she's happy he's getting an opportunity, but unless he can get those lifts under control I'm not sure he should be dancing Romeo...
  10. Yeah, his little tribute to her when she subbed in on Giselle is gone too. I guess there really is some beef going on. If he's refusing to dance with her then that's childish. Actually, I said this before, but I don't recall Lane posting any pics with Cornejo last spring except for reposted instastories. Maybe whatever happened started before last spring? Oh as for yesterday's post, it's not unusual for her to post sentimental self reflecting stuff, but yeah, the timing is interesting. Then again, as much as I like Cornejo, the over the top posting and publicity schedule he's been on the last few days/weeks is a bit much (how many pics of his feet do we really need) so I'm all for a little shade when it's warranted. Oh well, RIP Lane/Cornejo magic. I wish Simkin danced more with the company.
  11. Lane wasn't at Bolle's farewell, but I don't think anyone took that as there being bad air between them. They were never partners (except maybe during Onegin, but that's not the main partnership) but she did tour with him a few years ago. As I said elsewhere, Lane, Cornejo, and Ribagorda since he too was brought up, are not Gen Z'ers for whom social media is everything (and where unfollowing a person means losing that friend for life). Now, IF there were bad air and that's the reason for their lack of shows together, then they're both being incredibly childish. Anyway, I'm glad to hear the show went well and Cornejo enjoyed himself at his anniversary show. May there be a 25th anniversary, hopefully.
  12. Okay all, settle down. I, too, remember all those pics with Cornejo. They were Insta STORIES. I remember them very well because I screenshot them. I went through Lane's IG and I don't see any missing pictures. Also, I don't think Lane and Cornejo ever followed each other. I remember finding that out a few years ago and thinking hmm weird but ok. She at least seems to be the type of person to follow those she regularly interacts with on social media on a regular basis. Just a reminder that these two are "old millennials." Younger millennials and Gen Z'ers take social media way more seriously than the pre-1988 crowd. So, I wouldn't put much thought into it if I were you guys.
  13. On the bright side, I'm saving myself a lot of money by not traveling to NYC and buying a bunch of tickets. Romeo is a whole lot of lifting and they pair up Lane with the worst lifter? No Lane/Cornejo, no interestng Bayadere show, two O/O's for a ballerina who can't do the steps, oh and jane Eyre again??? It's clear that ABT is beginning to "phase out" Lane the way they did with Part. Re promotions: it's obvious that Trenary is being promoted. I've always felt that ABT management preferred Trenary over Brandt and casting is showing that. In the not too far future, I see Hurlin being promoted before Brandt as well. I think they see her as the new Murphy, red hair and all. As for the guys, perhaps Forster will get principal now? What about Bell? It's unusual to go from corps to principal in such a short time, but it could happen. Last but not least, and speaking of Murphy, I'm surprised she has so much considering the MET season starts less than a year after a c-section. I hope she doesn't push herself too much to be back in MET shape on time. That's risking injury on someone who's already been injury prone the last few years. Yup, nothing. Nothing at all.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving all the videos. I just meant that it seems a bit too much if she's just vying for a cast spot at this point. I hope she gets cast, and I'm sure she will (eventually). If she's the right Giselle then she should get cast. If another dancer is a better Giselle, then said dancer should be the one getting a debut. It's just that if I were her, I'd take it down to about a 4. But that's just me. Also, there's absolutely nothing wrong with publicly saying you want to dance a certain role. It's no different than dancers answering the oh so common question "what is your dream role?" For instance, we all know Sarah Lane really wants to be Juliet, and there's nothing wrong with that. Lots of dancers want to be Juliet. I'm sure she wants to be Juliet sooner rather than later. Saying that in an interview is no different than Brandt posting on IG that she hopes to dance Giselle this season. We don't even know if ABT even has plans to train another Giselle for this next season. We'll find out soon, I guess.
  15. I've seen a lot of self promotion and "quasi auditions" on Instagram for the longest time. I like seeing dancers work on roles they've already been cast for, whether in the company or in a guesting performance. Even if they haven't been cast, it's fun to watch dancers at work. Having said that, and as much as I adore Brandt, her Giselle campaign is getting a bit much. Overkill, really. If she is cast this season, I hope it's because the artistic staff believes she's the best choice and not because of (social) media pressure.
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