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  1. Aww congrats to Fang! Some happy news for a change. About that Lane post, it's not the first time she posts to try and help find a pup a home. She's done that quite a few times in fact, so I wouldn't look into that for clues or anything like that.
  2. So is Arron Scott's profile page https://www.abt.org/people/arron-scott/ but we know he's gone.
  3. Well, obviously ABT is doing quite well in the $$$$$ department. How else would they promote so many people at once? I doubt Sarah Lane made so much money that just getting rid of her allows them to promote so many others. I guess they don't need any more donor cash, then. Side note, I'm glad Aran Bell got promoted. It's only fair considering he's had a heavier principal load than the other male principals. Okay, now onto how I really feel. This stinks. I'm not surprised because ABT is as unscrupulous as they come. I know some here and on IG are saying that might be an error but it's neve
  4. Oh I'm sure some people agree with it. I wished no one did, but life has taught me otherwise. I was looking at the schedule for the next few weeks, and it looks like Forster is getting a "debut deferred" feature on July 1st. It doesn't say what it's for. Swan Lake perhaps? I think that was supposed to be Swan Lake week, but I can't remember 100%.
  5. If Copeland deleted her account, it only lasted a few minutes because it's definitely up and running. So are all the comments under Lane's post. I just read every comment in that very long thread. I'm sorry, but I agree with those saying that Copeland took it just a bit too far. At one point, Misty implies that insensitive mistakes shouldn't be made, as in ever. I was going to agree with that until I read the response to that comment. Mistakes will be made and that's how one learns. Has she never made mistakes that may have hurt others? I'm sure she has. It's one thing to be openly racist or e
  6. Met season will be cut to 5 weeks starting in 2021 because the Opera season will be extended. This was supposed to be the last 8 week season, unless future seasons run into mid-late July.
  7. I was fully expecting to see Bell promoted (and maybe Forster if he had delivered). But, I suppose promotions will depend heavily on the budget. How disappointing and how disheartening for the dancers. I feel for everyone but especially for those without any additional sources of income and who are struggling financially. I know it's easy to think, oh they should get a job, but it's incredibly difficult to find any job right now. I hope they're able to get help.
  8. Some of the ABT dancers shared this link on IG a few days ago (Alexandra Basmagy has it linked in her bio) https://pages.donately.com/dancersemergencyfund/campaign/dancers-emergency-fund I wonder if the crisis relief is managed by ABT and the emergency fund is managed by the dancers themselves? I'd like to donate, but I think I trust it more if it's managed by the dancers. Not that I don't trust ABT but, well, I don't trust ABT.
  9. Shows cancelled for now https://www.dpacnc.com/events/detail/american-ballet-theatre Swan Lake in Detroit is still on. With so many things getting cancelled in the last few days, I do wonder whether these performance will happen. I hope the theater and ABT do what's best for everyone, dancers, staff, and audiences.
  10. The Giselle shows in NC are cancelled/postponed too https://www.dpacnc.com/events/detail/american-ballet-theatre
  11. I haven't seen the ballet but I'd give Hurlin a break for now. It's her first time being the lead and doing a role like this, not to mention that she had the responsibility of premiering this ballet, while Bell has had experience in roles that require emoting and has been the lead many times before. We'll see how she does in the Spring. The nerves should go down a little bit by then, so then we can really judge her expression and emotion in this role.
  12. Are any petite dancers cast in leading roles? Maybe this is a "tall" ballet. Boylston, Copeland, Lane, Trenary, and Brandt are all missing. It's nice that the corps ladies who are not doing a leading role get a shoutout outside of the occasional story taken from the wings. Often times, corps dancers get a lot of encouraging posts when they debut a principal role, but many of them will never get that chance so it's nice to be recognized. Also, that's a very lovely picture.
  13. Trenary doesn't have the Brandts' cash flow. Actually, I believe no one at ABT does. Except management maybe. I thought about Trenary being favored. I, myself, said that in the past. I just realized that all those opportunities were Ratmansky ballets. SB, Whipped Cream, Harlequinade. Trenary got cast right off the bat for the last two while Brandt replaced Copeland. In everything not Ratmansky, they've had an even split up until now. Trenary got Juliet but Brandt got Medora a while ago. Juliet fits Trenary. Medora fits Brandt. Regarding Gamzatti, they both had a shot at it two years ago b
  14. Lots of $$$. I'd rather see Brandt than Copeland, but then again I'd rather see Lane than Brandt. Then again, there's the Cornejo problem so we know it's not going to happen (the latter).
  15. "For fun", sure sure. We'll pretend we bought that line. Is Misty going to do another "pass the baton" post this spring?
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