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  1. I found this recording of Stella's Giselle premiere. I'll never forget that performance. If only ABT had a full recording of this performance that they could stream as a tribute.
  2. Maybe a Mcgregor or Forsythe next season? or Joffrey/Aprino? (Although not living). Wishful thinking?
  3. I’ll write more later, but I was proud of ABTs performance last night. The theater looked full and the energy level was great (very enthusiastic audience). I think deuce coupe was the most successful. Stella looked perfect. To me, she was the standout. In the Upper Room, while always a crowd pleaser, looked like it was danced at 95%. I think they looked tired and a little timid towards the end. Either way, the audience loved it.
  4. I was at the performance tonight. I’ll post more later, but I couldn’t get over how empty the theater was. I’ve never seen the Met so bare. It impacted the show, because there didn’t seem to be any energy. The dancers were “okay”, not great, but I partly blame the empty audience. I also forgot how little dancing this production has. I couldn’t help but think the empty audience was a metaphor for ABT’s declining product the past few years. Also depressing to think their season will be cut 3 weeks in 2021 (when the Met Opera extends theirs). How soon until they realize they need to
  5. I was hoping stella would get the Manon performances. I’ll take a hard pass on Copeland in Manon.
  6. I don't mean "throw acid in his face", but if his job is to develop world class talent, he isn't doing a good job. Those should be the standards the boards holds him too, in addition to other goals. Normally, when do you don't do your job or do it poorly, there are repercussions....
  7. Any guesses on whether they'll announce more retirements before the summer? Maybe Stella is planning on retiring this coming season? But, given how little Kevin is using her, what would she retire in? Its a bit insulting how little they're using here, especially with so many Sleeping Beauty performances- they couldn't give her a show... she also performed Aurora in Paris. I wish we could hold McKenize accountable for what he has done to Stella's career. I know she had a big injury, but she was sidelined during her prime years. We had to wait way too long to see her in principal roles. IM
  8. Disappointed that Stella isn't getting more "prime time" roles. Boylston with Hallberg in Manon... feel like that should've gone to Stella... (Bolyston doesn't have the maturity in her dancing to pull it off, but seems like Kevin is trying his best to force it to happen, like Seo).
  9. No new Ratmansky? Maybe in the mixed rep? What if they brought in some Joffrey rep (Aprino and/or Joffrey)? That would get a ton of buzz and sell. I’d imagine their Swan Lake is due for a refresh soon. I truly hope they don’t go with Ratmansky’s reconstruction he did in Zurich (one reconstruction is enough for me). A new Swan Lake production would be a good “anchor” for the season, because it could really sell and get lots of publicity. They could stagger it, so a half a week (split with the mixed rep) and then a full week later on in the season. I always wonder why they don’t try fo
  10. It is depressing to think about the upcoming Met Season, because the casting options are so unexciting. What a tragedy to potentially have Stella cast as Manon alongside Sterns or Whiteside (that is if she gets cast). Imagine the potential of a Stella/Marcelo Manon. One can dream... Seems like they're trying to make the Bolyston/Hallberg pairing a new thing, so I wouldn't be surprised if he dances Swan Lake with her. McKenize seems intent on shoving Bolyston, Seo and Copeland down our throats, but they're not international stars (on their abilities alone), not even close. Their trajector
  11. Report on Friday June 2nd Performance I don't think I'd say that Lane had the worst go of the variation ever, but she clearly got into her head too much as the variation progressed. She appeared to be thinking about nailing those triple pirouttes (there was a momentary pause before each turn/she was sitting in plie and not going right into it) and I think a double with the nice extension out would've served her better. She feel off pointe in the releves in arebesque coming down the diagonal. When she misses something up on stage, she seems to always have this "I completely give up/defeate
  12. I still think that Abrera will get a Juliet. I always thought of it as a more "senior" role that is less technically demanding. Vishneva danced it for a while and Julie Kent retired in the role. I think if anyone gets a debut in R&J, its Abrera. I have a feeling that she'll partner with Gomes a lot more this coming season, now that Vishneva is out of the picture. I think they'll certainly do Giselle together. Gomes has retired Solar from his rep, so I think Abrera might have a harder time finding a partner for Nikiya- but I think she could handle the role. A few parts in the S
  13. Fingers crossed that both Stella and Sarah Lane get a stab at Juliet. Seems like the bench of Juliet's has really cleared out (with retirements), so we should see a lot of debuts. Fingers crossed that they don't just give Misty an insane number of shows to try and sell tickets. I'm assuming that we'll see Christine Shevchenko tackle Odette/Odile- probably replacing Verionika's slot. I wonder who will debut as Nikiya, as I highly doubt we'll see Ferri back this coming season (no much "senior" ballerina rep in the season). Maybe Bolyston and Shevchenko, but I rather see Stella give
  14. The Isabella/Nina video just made me think of how incredible of a coach Nina would be at ABT. They don't seem to have replaced Georgina Parkinson (in terms of a really strong 2nd female principal coach). Irina is getting older. How much money do they need to pay to get Nina back to ABT? She seems to have a great understanding of ballet with an ability to communicate well. One can dream....
  15. I'm so excited for Stella's Giselle!! Her and Marcelo are going to give quite a show!!
  16. I wonder what is going on with Ana Sophia Scheller. She used to dance a lot, but lately seems to rarely be cast. Wasn't she an Aurora in previous runs? There seems to be a lot of dancers that make principal and suddenly start performing way less often.
  17. Fingers crossed for Abrera's O/O debut! I wouldn't be surprised if Copeland or Murphy get a second O/O show. They're big box office hits. I just hope Copeland spent this year practicing those fouettes! I think Sarah Lane would be such a beautiful Giselle, but she doesn't seem to be on McKenize's radar . I also hope that Abrera gets Onegin too! I'd line up for tickets to anything with her in a principal role! Equally important to who dances what, is who their partners are! Nothing worse than when the male isn't on the same level as the woman!
  18. I'd be interested in seeing who we all think will dance Onegin, Giselle, Manon/R&J (if it comes back), maybe Don Q, etc.. With all the retirements two years ago, there seems to be lots of room for debuts. Lets just hope its not all Seo and Bolyston! They seem to rotate R&J and Manon each year. If either of those ballets return, prior to Onegin, it'll give Vishneva more chances to dance. I wouldn't take the wording in the press release as evidence that Vishneva will only dance Onegin. Think of all the ballets they brought back for Kent and Ferri's final season. Maybe Murphy
  19. With the Fall Season rapidly approaching, the company is likely to announce their 2017 Met Season with casting soon. Shall we make a wish list with casting? I am hoping for Abrera to debut in Odette/Odile (might be wishful thinking, but its now or never), Onegin, Juliet (if it returns), Manon (if its on the calendar, which it might be to give Vishneva something else to dance before she retires), and of course a return of her Giselle. I am crossing my fingers that she gets as good of a partner as Shklyarov last time around. She needs a partner that can match her maturity. With Vishn
  20. Found a quote from Balanchine that I think could revitalize the 2017 Met Season.... LOL
  21. Didn't Gorak and Boylston do Sleeping Beauty together? Think they're cast again in next week's run too.
  22. I think if/when ABT redoes their current production of Swan Lake, which I don't think is that far off, they should run it for a week and a half. The 2nd half of the later week could be filled with a mixed-rep bill. I'd be interested to see if the placement of Swan Lake in their larger season (sooner rather than later or later over sooner) affects ticket sales for other productions. Maybe they could collect e-mails/etc and then maybe offer SL ticket buyers a discount on other productions. They could offer anyone that buys a ticket for SL 25% off tickets for productions with less ticket sale mom
  23. I think the real problem might be more "does ABT have the resources to turn talent into world-class superstars"? I don't think that the current crop of talent is at the caliber many of us, and others, believe ABT dancers should be at. The right coaches should ideally be able to get them there. The lack of coaching might be responsible for the lackluster progress in many of the newest principals. I think Georgina Parkinson was a huge loss to the company. When we talk about Gillian and Stella, its important to note that Parkinson had a huge role in their development. Selling out the Met (3,300is
  24. I agree that ABT might need to import one female principal. Maybe, a hispanic one and probably someone to replace Gillian/Abrera/Part type roles. However, I believe their female talent pipeline is more promising than their male counterparts. Swan Lake last night made it clear that there is a generational gap. Gillian was on an entirely different level from the rest of the cast. I think the best thing ABT can do is dump Kevin McKenize and bring in new leadership.
  25. I second that! At the ABT Kids performances, Stella danced the White Swan Pas with Thomas Forster. At the later performance, Forster danced it with Shevchenko. Makes me wonder if they're being groomed for the real thing. Shevchenko has at times reminded me of Irina Dvorovenko. I don't know how many open Odette/Odile slots there will be next season. If Seminova doesn't return, maybe that'll leave more openings. They should at least give Stella a go, before its too late.
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