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  1. Hmmm----I wonder, will this be another upstairs/downstairs scenario??
  2. In the late 40's we knew quite a lot about Babilee on my side of the Atlantic from subscribing to Richard Buckle's marvelous magazine "Ballet"--- (for me, alas it has never been equaled) --I can still recall the wonderful photos of him and Leslie Caron in "Sphinx".
  3. I was fortunate to see Babilee In 1951 when he performed with Ballet Theatre in nyc. He danced 'Le Juene Homme' and the Bluebird PDD. I have seen both Nureyev and Baryshnikov in "Le Jeune Homme" but neither of them had his power in the role. His Bluebird was one for the ages----he barely touched the floor in those brise voles......and such an interesting face---who can forget it?
  4. If it is too long for you---don't go to see it!! Leave it untouched for the rest of us.
  5. I seldom agree with the Times' Macauley when it comes to individual dancers and I will add his thoughtless review of Scarlett's new ballet. Always the master of the put-down he reflects on Scarlett's "cherubic, curly haired, wide-eyed puckishness"---he also has reservations about "heterosexual partnering" (whatever he means by that, I won't guess) One of the most b eautifully lyrical parts of the ballet is a mid-section for for 6 couples---so poetic and I must say soulful. I was swept away. Fortunately I saw this at a dress rehearsal and the ballet was repeated.
  6. An exquisite site ...and that photo of Danilova with her lovely heart-shaped face. Thank you.
  7. Alexandra, Carley, Helene, Dirac, rg--------thanks for YOUR memories
  8. It seems to me that Macauley gave another of his left-handed compliments to Part and couldn't resist taking another swipe at her for her "broad shoulders"-----I wonder if the broad calves of his favorite Odette ever bother him........
  9. What sticks in my head is that Nureyev was a last minute replacement for Bruhn---and not being too familiar with Bournonville at that time---I didn't know what I was missing.....
  10. I went to the SunMat Oct 20 performance - 'From Foreign Lands; 'Symphonic Dances'; 'Suite en Blanc'---The absolute winner choreographically was Edwaard Liang. At the start of the performance, cast changes were announced---and since they are done in a garbled manner---I am not quite sure of who danced what. My kudos go Liang for his gorgeous work. The ensemble dances were inventive and inspired and were interspersed with three poetic PDDs----any one of them could stand alone---and here we had three. And now from the sublime to the.............'Suite en Blanc'-----such Kitsch! I saw this work for the first time in 1947 (yes, the year is not a typo) The POB had a NYC season and this was part of it (along with 'Palais de Crystal'). I cannot recall any part of the work---but I do remember my reaction to it at the time....negative all the way.---At the time I had been a ballet-goer for only 3 years..and had visions of Balanchine in my head---and imagine seeing 'Symphony in C' for the first time and then seeing 'Suite en Blanc'?? The combinations are so simplistic----classroom exercises---and the men walking about with one arm raised in a "Hail, Caesar salute"----much too often during the piece...and that exemplary corps de ballet---just standing in the background and posing. I wish there were more mixed programs to see-----It is a marvelous Company----maybe we could do a switch and have them in NYC for half a year while we send NYCB to SF.......
  11. I saw the 'stories' program Friday night...In La Sonnambula Hyltin's performance lacked the depth of character which is necessary for the part....lovely bourres, though There was not much mystery. Faye Arthur's coquette was quite good -- seductive and resentful. The ballet, on the whole, looked a bit thin---perhaps it has been around too long......a ballet of this type benefits from opulent sets and costumes---neither of which were in evidence. Prodigal Son had a great performance -- from Ulbricht and Kowroski (I don't think there has been a better Siren--) As to 'Slaughter'....I'll take Zorina.
  12. It has been years since I have been so enthusiastic about a new work. Last night at the Joyce Theatre in lower Manhattan I saw Arthur Pita's work. I was twice rewarded---also finally saw Edward Watson live (I have only seen him on DVD---he is superb in 'Mayerling') There are many interpretations of the plot---most are political---mine tend to be more human. Gia Kourlas had a cursory review in today's Times---better to read one of the UK reviews. Watson, aside from a clean technique is an excellent Actor and gives a heartbreaking performance. It will be at the Joyce until Sept. 29.
  13. Thanks for posting, atm711. What did you like about it? I had the best of two worlds -- Tenn Williams and Woody Allen---and Cate Blanchett's sensitive performance---I can't get that final scene out of my head (I won't be a spoiler and go further) He also kept to the subject matter by not idealizing San Francisco in photographing the city. He stayed away from the tourist parts and showed us the underbelly.
  14. I saw it twice, already---and am restraining myself not to go a third time
  15. There is a fine article on this production from a NZ newspaper -- The Dominion Post....my skills do not allow me to forward it----(some day I will learn to) the address appears to be www.stuff.co.nz There are some interesting tidbits on the filming---the outdoor scenes were filmed in the Catskill Mts.---how about that?
  16. The aforementioned quote is by Tamara Rojo--in her role as director of the English National Ballet--she says "male dominated choreography shapes the way you look at things" www.dailymail.co.uk -----(-with my limited internet expertise I cannot forward the article).....should make an interesting discussion......
  17. Miriam Golden went on to dance with Ballet Theatre---she is fondly remembered for her portrayal of the Italian ballerina in "Gala Performance"---Joan McCracken was in the original production of "Oklahoma" and was well known as "the girl who fell down" in the deMille ballet and also as one of Jud Fry's naughty postcards.....
  18. Aw..shucks....thank you Ken
  19. ...and to think it happened on my birthday.....
  20. Unfortunately, for those who did not see her ---surely the first American ballerina would be Rosella Hightower---she was a full fledged ballerina when she left her native shores for France. Actually, Nora Kaye danced Swan Lake (Act 2), Black Swan PDD and Giselle----apparently the word 'emploi' was not in her vocabulary.
  21. I am adding my kudos to both Sarah Lane and Daniil Simkin for their beautiful SB...she reminded me so much of Cojocaru...and he of the young Baryshnikov. For the life of me I cannot understand why a dancer of Misty Copeland's prominence is cast in this production as a Cat (and one who does not dance, at that!!)---surely it would have been a prize spot for a corps dancer.......there she sat, all during Act 3----just watching...I wonder what was going on in her head.....
  22. Ah,yes -- shades of John Martin....It took him 10 years to write a review saying that Alonso was a great 'Giselle"--I still have the fading review tucked in a book -- April 15, 1955.
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