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  1. Actually, Jane and Joe Public (the 47%???) were ecstatic last Friday night at a performance of The Rite of Spring by Alan Gilbert and the NY Philharmonic.
  2. Looking around for light summer reading I came across "Ther Chaperone" by Laura Moriarty. The 15 year old Louise Brooks is a main character and it covers her early years with Denishawn. It has whet my appetite for more Brooks and I am re-reading "Lulu in Hollywood" and the excellent biography by Barry Paris.
  3. Was that opening Romney's revenge???
  4. I have fond memories of her (in probably her first starring role) as Ado Annie in the original production of Oklahoma...
  5. I could never understand the French love affair with the choreography of Lifar. Mimsyb can you imagine seeing 'Suite en Blanc' on the same itinerary as 'Symphony in C'? It happened to me during a POB tour of NYC in the late 40's--although then (Sym in C) it was called 'Palais de Crystal'. When I think of Lifar's choreography the word 'static' comes to mind. Pity the French for getting Lifar instead of Balanchine The frivolous pairing of Lifar, Petit and Bejart is a bit much, what with the price of tickets today.
  6. In the adagio section of 'Concerto Barocco'---the partnered slides into arabesque.....it has been often imitated but never with the same impact. It defines a ballet, if not a character.
  7. I saw it today, too---and I am wondering what happened to the Lady in White?? Loved seeing Alexandrova---and were the girlfriends really Nikulina and Shipulina? (the program cast was way off) The second one of this pair to dance was must impressive --was it Shipulina? That said, I did not like the production---especially the scenery--oh, that awful drapery......the Grigorovichj choreography was not far behind. David Hallberg, what have you gotten yourself into??
  8. Thanks so much Alexandra for sharing the article from Ballet Co. -- it is a great "read". It is a pleasure to read his candid comments---and I especially enjoyed reading his opinion of Kaye and Alonso in their early careers. As his contemporary (in age, if nothing else!) we were both doing the same thing on opposite sides of the Atlantic. RIP
  9. Ah. yes....Gore (we knew him as Gene) Vidal was a member of my ballet class with George Chaffee around that time...he wore white tennis shorts to class.....
  10. I think that is the production where the Wilis wore cellophane tutus........ It was noted that "they crackled in a most disconcerting manner"
  11. I guess that's me Christian---I saw her in my early years of ballet-going---the 1944-45 season of BT. Unlike the other "Indian ballerinas" she was a full fledged ballerina at the time---her name was ABOVE the title. She was my first Myrtha and I knew early on that this was a Ballerina role---not a soloists.....She had a beautiful classical line and was an impressive Odette and has been properly praised for her Nutcracker PDD. I was so sorry to see her emigrate to Europe........
  12. I cannot resist commenting on the first 'Graduation Ball' I saw by Ballet Theatre---Lichine and Riabouchinska were the leading couple with a delightful Rosella Hightower as the pig-tailed girl and John Kriza as a droll sexy Drummer Boy,Alonso in the classical PDD and Marjorie Tallchief and Margaret Banks in the fouette competition .....it must have made quite an impression as I have not forgotten it or the cast all these years....
  13. It would not surprise me to learn that ABT is using their influence to delay any announcements until their subscription period is over.
  14. Fallis was a prominent soloist with BT during the 40's---her signature role at the time was the solo waltz in Les Sylphides. I don't think she danced Myrtha at that time---when Hightower left the Company the role went to Marjorie Tallchief and Diana Adams.
  15. I saw Le Palais de Cristal for the first time when the POB was in NYC in the fall of 1947. Toumanova was not in that production. What has stayed with me all these years were two of the male dancers - Alexandre Kalioujny (1 mm) and Michel Renault (3mm). It was a letdown a few months later in 1948 seeing Ballet Society at the NYCity Center---for openers, the stage was too small and when the whole cast was on stage in the fourth movement, it was chaos. LeClercq was in the 2nd mm, but, for me, she did not have the quality of lushness that the part required----I saw some of that quality later with Allegra Kent. and even more so with Farrell, Part and Lopatkina. Helene mentions the developee ala seconde in the 2ndmm. and how it changed into an arabesque----could it be that the foot to ear developee would make it hard for the male dancer to walk around her and take her other hand???
  16. I prefer the tone-deaf aristocrat....it's probably one of the reasons why Albrecht was roaming....
  17. I am very wary.....I am now in the process of reading Colum McCAnn's book on Nureyev ("Dancer") and I frankly find it to be so much schlock---he took the man's life which he garnered from the many documentaries and biographies out there and gave it his own spin. It reminds me of the controversial bio of Reagan by Edmund Morris.
  18. I would guess that most on this Board have some reservations about Mats Ek---I have to admit that I have found his 'Giselle' to be very touching and I especially like Ana Laguna in the role......However I recently saw a clip from his ballet "Appartement" ( which he did for POB) --- 'The Kitchen' segment, which I found bizarre. In the scene are a man and a woman and a stove. The wife is preparing dinner in a smoking oven and she serves up a blackened smoking baby to her husband---talk about frustrated females from a man's point of view!! A disturbing comment I read on the ballet stated: "I predict a long shelf like for this work of art---for it is no doubt an incredible, honest testament of the human condition---created by a living genius." Are we expected to laugh after this? So much for what passes for 'genius'. comment from Critical dance.com - Michael Montgomery
  19. Perhaps I will succumb...the theater is only two blocks away.......
  20. I will probably get around to seeing it when Netflix finally has it.....I suspect that I will feel about this film the same way I felt about 'J Edgar'...halfway through that film I was bored and weary with the character (and I cannot understand why DiCaprio is up for an award...his performance was so 'johnny-one-note'.)
  21. I guess I prefer Regal - As in Alicia Markova, Alicia Alonso, Nathlie Krassovska. Rosella Hightower. Suzanne Farrell----just off the top of my head.
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