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  1. Unfortunately, I think it's more than 'Aurora' for Hee Seo....I saw her debut in Giselle, and also followed up with her performance on the following year and found it lacking....a case of too much, too soon. I would love to be in McKenzie's head when he is making these decisions........
  2. just one---Spessivtseva.
  3. Unfortunately, everything you said was true---I was appalled. I would take it a step further and question what he has to offer as a member of the Company.
  4. Re: "Bits & Pieces of Balanchine" cite -- I cannot access clips---I can only access the clips on YouTube.......same with the other cites---YouTube OK but not the others.....
  5. Good grief--I seem to have started a ruckus about Ratmansky dealing with themes other than Russia. He is much too talented to put himself in a 'box'. No, it is not necessary to have program notes for a ballet---but, a slight hint may help. Tudor gave us that with the character's name--it surely helped in ballets like 'Undertow' and 'Lilac Garden'. As for 'Corsaire' I have avoided it for years---but I will be seeing it for the matinee tomorrow--I got some very cheap tickets and I am looking forward to seeing a cast without too many luminaries.
  6. Lots of talk here about individual performances--but what about the subject--is it too remote for an American audience? I was surprised at the lack of program notes. A few years ago I saw Tom Stoppard's trilogy about Russia -- 'The Coast of Utopia' and had no problem following the plot--lots of program notes. Where did Macauley find the reference to the Soviet poet Anna Akhmatova, and the poet Mandelstam? It was fortunate for me that I read the review for some insight. We have waited a long time for someone with the talent of Ratmansky, his energy brings Jerome Robbins to mind. I hope he manages to get away from the Soviet themes.
  7. After all these years I still have a vision of Jerome Robbins (Hermes??) sauntering across the stage at the Old Met munching an apple. Added to Balanchine's choreography was Robbins'. By the time I saw it Helen was Maria Karnilova.
  8. Thank you so much.....with this 6 minute clip and my 2 minute clip I have managed to see 8 minutes of this ballet......I will keep looking for more---the Dutch National Ballet must have put some of his works on DVD.....I have read that he was influenced by Martha Graham but this ballet brings back memories of the lyrical side of Antony Tudor. Again, many thanks.
  9. Go with Part......Ever since her first Swan in 2005 with ABT I have seen her every year---although there was one year when she did not perform it.....She is the best of the bunch.......
  10. Is there a tape or DVD of this ballet? I have a small clip on a Sylvie Guillem DVD ("At Work") but I would love to see all of this beautiful work.
  11. I saw the play a week ago and I can understand why it has not opened yet---to all appearances it looks like a work in progress.....Interestingly (? why?) the author sets the play around Sergei Sudeikin who died in 1946--and the play takes place in 1948.....It was fun to see all the SAB characters of the 40's cavorting on stage. There were discussions of whether or not Nikolai Nabokov had talent as a composer--this in the presence of Stravinsky. The critics answered that question a few years later with his score for Balanchine's Don Q. The 2nd Act was a muddle. To anyone who has read a few books on Balanchine -- the dialogue will be familiar.
  12. who will be Magallanes and Tallchief?---I am seeing it in two weeks and I'll let you know, Bart. I am curious about the inclusion of Koussevitzsky in all this.
  13. Good grief!! I pray that Hallberg will survive this "cesspool of a Company" (Ratmansky's description....)
  14. I don't know what year you saw Dolin's Giselle, but I saw it in the late 1940's and he was well passed his prime. He did a Giselle with the handsome and lithe George Skibine as Hilarion (a BIG mistake) and there were titters in the audience during Act 1 when Giselle chose Albrecht over Hilarion.
  15. I saw the first night Balanchine program and NYCB should beg, borrow or steal Carla Korbes. What a wonderfully mature artist--they are so few and far between here at NYCB. Seth Orza's Apollo has much to learn yet from Peter Boal. I read somewhere that Orza said he was studying the role by viewing tapes of Martins---he has the perfect mentor in Boal, who understands the role so well. (I am biased---Boal is my all-time favorite in the role) I, too, detected opening night jitters from the Company. It should all disappear when they learn their Balanchine can be topped by no-one......
  16. from the book I have been looking at (Soviet Ballet, Iris Morley,1945) from the descriptions it seems to be Golovkina "small with a demure Victorian face and rounded limbs.......the audience adore to see her perform 32 fouettes on a postage stamp". The only photo of Tikhomirnova shows her with decidedly dark hair and there is no mention of having danced Swan Lake (as of 1945)
  17. Thanks Helene---that's exactly what I have tickets to see........hopefully there will be no after effects of the coming blizzard ........
  18. If anything, Danilova's Odette had lots of 'soul'--which was sadly lacking in this performance.---but my sympathies to any b allerina who has to perform this PDD with Danilova watching---really liked Robert Lyon (why is he not familiar to me??)
  19. I remember that period so well--she left ballet in 1954 and I left in 1951---for the same reason--marriage. when I read the excerpts of the book on Amazon I couldn't wait to get my copy. She writes of people I knew at the time, particularly Brendan Fitzgerald (born O'Flanagan). She describes him so well--it is the Brendan I knew. I am only a quarter through the book and it keeps calling me to read on....I have recently been engrossed with the new biography of JPKennedy but I have put it aside.....I wishj I could contact her....
  20. I too saw a pair of Nutcrackers---Balanchine by Pennsylvania Ballet and the recent livecast of Peter Wright's Royal prouduction. loved the Clara in. this performance--Meghan Grace. Hinkis --of late a member of ABT. Of. the three female leading roles, this role has the most to offer.. and it was a pleasure to see the old Fedorova-Ballet Russe Grand PDD--(there ought to be a law that every Nutcracker include only this PDD---I can only imagine Veronica Part dancing it--surely made for each other). My. highest praise must go to Pennsylvania Ballet's admiral production of the Balanchine---my granddaughter was a Hoop.
  21. Thanks Lesley Stahl for your comments on Martins choreography.....thirty years to prove himself as a choreographer and still comes up lacking......
  22. I saw quite a lot of Kriza---for current audiences I would say he was a balletic Tom Hanks. He could be wonderfully droll or comic when called for and a most lyrical 'Sylphides' male mazurka.
  23. I have been pretty fortunate recently---although I live in Battery Park I have been away in Pennysylvania visiting family. My good fortune has known no end----I almost bought a waterfront condo on Staten Island that had considerable damage. Someone up there is watching over me---I am sure it is my beloved husband of 61 years who passed away 6 months ago. I hope I can get home in time to vote.....
  24. I saw the trilogy last Saturday night and my disappointment was with "Orpheus" The performance fell flat due in a large part to Marcovici's Orpheus. I saw no longing, desperation or resolve in uniting with Eurydice in his performance. It was a distant laid-back performance---was Eurydice truly the love of his life? The anticipated "Curtain" also literally fell flat...it looked like an ordinary scrim. I am sorry if I come across as too negative but my long memory goes back to the first performance by Ballet Society....Magallanes, while not a technical dancer was a devastated Orpheus, and Tallchief, who I have always thought of as an actress-dancer was spellbinding as Eurydice....and that Curtain!! It had a life of its own---and literally ate up the stage and the performers.
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