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  1. While watching Fairchild's SPF I could not help but think that she is no better than the myriad of SPFs now dancing with lesser companies across America. A so-called first tier Company deserves better. ---and 'adorable'; should never be used to describe the SPF. By contrast, Bouder shone. Overall I found the production dated.
  2. Rest in peace, Glebb---I will miss you.
  3. I have a large collection of DVDs which I have transferred from the original tape to DVD. Lately, many of these have been issued commercially. I have bought a few and I am usually disappointed in the quality---they are rarely better than what I have, apparently nothing is done to improve the quality. The latest one I purchased is the Dance Horizons Antony Tudor---no better than the one I own, in fact, mine is better. I was about to purchase the commercially issued 'Baryshnikov dances Sinatra' but a review on Amazon (after all the Kudos) said that the quality "was lousy" and it could have passed as a pirated copy.. I also had the same experience with the Dance Theatre of Harlem's Giselle---my copy is fading, but instead of purchasing the commercial product, I got a copy from the Library and it was also pretty bad. At least, I was not duped this time.
  4. A real circus act -- good grief. What a waste of fine talent. ---and that opening PDD
  5. How does one go about getting tickets for the performance this April at the Koch Theater in NYC. Koch website does not list anything.....nor do I get any results from visiting YAGP. Is there more than one performance---? Is it too soon for tickets?
  6. I would very much like to see the Cuban Classical Ballet's production of Nutcracker---just to see how close it is to the BRdMC version. Their PDD is as I remember it from the BRdMC. and also from Ballet Theatre. 'Pas De Deux: The Art of Partnering; by Anton Dolin' details the choreography for the PDD. Interestingly, Dolin does not cite Sergeyev or Fedorova---he says Choreo. by Ivanov, reconstructed by Anton Dolin
  7. Thanks for your reply--the most recent version (2010) has Yoshida as the Sugar Plum and Iohna Loots (?) as Clara---Cojocaru and Yoshida are from the 2001 version. I am assuming that the Royal Ballet performs the most recent version. A young dancer I know will be performing Clara with the Royal Ballet in December and since I cannot see the performance (from the other side of the Atlantic) I want to purchase the version she will be dancing. The dancer in question is Meghan Hinkis formerly of ABT.
  8. There are two versions of Peter Wright's production---one with Cojocaru and the other with Yoshida---are both productions the same? If not, which production is the Royal Ballet currently dancing?
  9. A real treasure---but---the photos on the metmuseum are are mislabeled---the ballet is Danses Concertantes (with the Berman costumes) as performed by the Ballet Russe. The 1945 date is correct---that's the way it was! Lindgren, Boris, Tallchief and Franklin are easily spotted.
  10. Having seen M-J when she danced with the Ballet Russe in the mid 40's I can say they are really her feet - untouched. The length of her feet distinguished her from the other dancers. They were quick, sharp and to the point. (no pun intended.)
  11. Complete agreement from me. I recently showed a large group of friends excerpts from Balanchine ballets, including the Legris clip and afterwards most of the questions were about him. That said, I do believe Cerdeiro is on the right track and time will deepen his performance.
  12. I take it that the two clips are from 'Raymonda Variations' and not from the full length Balanchine did in 1946 for BRdMC.
  13. Yes, I know the one you are talking about. For me, it is the best recorded Fonteyn SB I have seen. She has been criticized over the years for having 'no feet'--- a look at this will put that observation to rest. I believe this was done for American TV---hence the brevity of it..
  14. Re: Delgado's grin The grin really works if there is a Caller.
  15. It was a pleasure to see women who looked like women. Too bad so much time was devoted to Tharp. I, too, felt that the music in Western Symphony "was somehow off".
  16. The date of he photo is Jun 26, 1949---well before their October arrival at the Met.
  17. I was at the Sat Mat performance of Oct 22---aside from my comments about 'too much energy'--I also felt Ogden was too attentive to her partner---it was as though SHE was wooing HIM---if ever Balanchine put a woman on a pedestal---this PDD fulfills that or should.--and she smiled far too much and constantly made eye contact with him. To me, the message to her partner was--love me, like me. I hope I am not being too harsh but if Balanchine felt Ballet is Woman, in this PDD she is also Goddess. Natalia, I was Center Row J Orch---and yes, I noticed the facial emoting, too--unfavorably I might add.
  18. It would be nice to join in all the accolades for Heather Ogden's 'Diamonds'- but I find I cannot. She was much too energetic--if anything, the ballerina should be calm and regal. The program stated that she would be replacing Angelova in all the performances. Since I am not familiar with either dancer. I am assuming I saw Ogden. Perhaps seeing Maria Korowski two weeks ago, and with images of Lopatkina in the recent Mariinsky release in my head---nothing short of seeing Farrell again would please me. The Haieff Divertimento is a gem and was beautifully performed by the corps of dancers.
  19. It is truly a crime it has not been cleaned up and released commercially. There is so much more on that tape----Sylphides with D'Antuono and Nagy, Don Q with Makarova and Bujones and Firebird with Cynthia Gregory, plus interviews with Bruhn, Makarova, Bujones and Kirkland. At the very least ABT could revive T&V in place of a "new" ballet---they certainly have the dancers for it.
  20. Perhaps if Mr. Macaulay had to plunk down his own money for tickets he would have noticed it sooner.
  21. It's good to read of the Foundation doing these things--but it is too bad they did not 'tap' Mary Ellen Moylan for her input. She was an impressive interpreter of the role.
  22. Such a great treat. I'm looking forward to seeing them in a couple of weeks here in NYC
  23. Is that an inflated price for the 'ocean thing'? I paid $55.00 for a ticket in row E 13 of the second ring for Jewels---plus fees which raised the price to $64. Frankly, I am only going this season because I will be meeting some friends at this particular performance.....unless TDF comes up with discounts.
  24. So the hype is finally over---thank you Mr. Macaulay.
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