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  1. Ashton Fan, thank you for the very complete answer to my question. 🇬🇧
  2. Have there been any reasons or theories about why Ashton left out the stepmother character? I think the omission weakens the plot.
  3. There's one way I can think of to legitimately have "too many subscribers." The subscription services staff may be overwhelmed by subscribers trying to exchange their tickets for ones to the "special event" date. Subscribers in this situation may have very limited choices as the seat they usually sit in on Tuesday won't necessarily be available on any other night. 😢
  4. Birdsall, Your mind appears to bend in the same direction as mine.🍰 Maybe the boy's further adventures could be set at Halloween for an alternative to the Dracula ballets. I haven't seen any of them and don't recall anyone here commenting on them with any enthusiasm.
  5. I missed or forgot about that last bowl of whipped cream.
  6. After I saw a couple of performances in DC, I was left with the following questions: 1. Where were the parents, or was this a group of orphans? 2. If the boy goes to live in this land of sweets and he indulges his appetites, wouldn't he be forced to take a few bites our of his new friends basically becoming a cannibal or vampire of sorts? By staying in Candyland the boy either starves or causes harm to those he now lives amongst.
  7. Look at the eyeliner and lashes on these two.
  8. I've thought of starting a thread on stage makeup asking about changing styles of makeup over the years. My observations are based on seeing dancers faces from photos and from a distance in the audience. Over the years I noticed that the faces in the dance photos I saw were more and more natural looking and imagined that this was done for the photoshooots. However, personal experience and opinions expressed here about faces not being readable from the audience and lack of acting skills in dancers leads me to wonder if the blank faces are really due to lack of eyeliner and contouring.
  9. I haven't been there recently enough to have a specific recommendation, but if you wander slightly north on Columbus Ave. there is a more of a residential neighborhood feeling to the area and lots of restaurants.
  10. Sophie's suicide was years later in the US.
  11. The beige pump theory: shoes that match your hosiery--or flesh tone if going bare legged--elongate the leg. It's the application of the matching tights and pointe shoes practice applied to real life.
  12. I imagine hearing this with a Marlon Brando reading of the line: Stellaaaaaaaa!!!!
  13. The Washington National Opera"s contribution to the Bernstein centennial celebration (including Denyce Graves as the "easily assimilated" old woman). The Kennedy Center is offering tickets for $45 for orchestra seats for the performance of WNO: Candide in the Opera House on Wednesday, May 9 at 7:30 and Saturday, May 12 at 7 pm. Tickets are regularly as high as $179 in these areas. You can click the link below and your discount will appear automatically. If you call (202-467-4600) or stop by the Box Office for the discount, be sure to mention Offer Number "296958" See you at the Kennedy Center! WNO: Candide Happily ever after has finally met its match. Music by Leonard Bernstein / Book Adapted from Voltaire by Hugh Wheeler in a New Version by John Caird / Lyrics by Richard Wilbur with Additional Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, John Latouche, Lillian Hellman, Dorothy Parker, and Leonard Bernstein In English with Projected English Titles Production from The Glimmerglass Festival Part of the Kennedy Center Leonard Bernstein at 100 celebration Embrace a sunny outlook and everything will be OK, right? Not so in Leonard Bernstein's funny, philosophical, and fast-paced take on Voltaire's biting satire, which annihilates any notions of hope with its dizzying display of human depravity and catastrophic disasters. When young Candide's marriage proposal to a baron's daughter doesn't quite go as planned, this naïve student of optimism is thrust into an eye-opening odyssey across lands near and far, discovering the horrors of existence at every turn. War! Earthquakes! Slavery! Disease! Very bad things happen to very good people (and plenty of bad ones too) as a terrific ensemble cast quick-change their way through dozens of colorful characters, performing a witty and effervescent score that includes such classic tunes as "The Best of All Possible Worlds," "Make Our Garden Grow," and "Glitter and Be Gay." Through all its hysterical scouring of 18th-century wickedness and woe, WNO's first-ever production of Candide still finds a way to move and inspire with life-affirming lessons that, surprisingly, ring just as true today. Performance Timing: Act I - 76 min.; Intermission - 25 min.; Act II - 63 min. Candide: Alek Shrader Cunegonde: Emily Pogorelc The Old Lady: Denyce Graves Pangloss/Voltaire: Wynn Harmon Conditions: Offer subject to availability. Not valid in combination with any other offer. Not valid on previously purchased tickets. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Service fees may apply. Restrictions: Offer valid on all remaining orchestra seats for the performances of Washington National Opera: Candide on 5/9 & 5/12 only
  14. We can never thank you enough for shepherding this process along, Helene.
  15. Thank you, Volcano Hunter. I don't remember reading or seeing anything about his plans regarding a return the Bolshoi after his rehab in Australia.
  16. Is Halberg going spend any time at his first second home in Moscow?
  17. The local DC news reported a line of real live KenCen members who skipped work, bypassed the internet and went to the physical box office. The line stretched from the box office to outside and around the building. KenCen will also have the daily lottery. Nobody knows how many tickets were held back for sale to the general public in late March. After that still unannounced date, your only way to get tickets from the official vendor (aka the Kennedy Center) is to randomly check with the box office for newly available tickets. These tickets would be those donated back to the box office because the original buyer can't use them and doesn't care to resell them individually or tickets that were withheld from sale by the production for whatever reason. You will need mega karma credits for this option.😰
  18. Since Coffee, Tea, and Cocao are featured so strongly in Whipped Cream, I'd like to see Ratmansky do a 3 act follow-up called Caffeine, set in a specialty shops, say a 1950's Greenwich Village coffee house, an imaginary Russian Tea Room with dancing samovars, and a chocolate act set in a gourmet shop or the Hershey's factory. It could be an abstract work. A Jewels for foodies.
  19. I look forward to reading the posts from anyone who gets a chance to see them in DC week.
  20. They've got a picture of the ABT corps in Swan Lake posted with the article now.
  21. Galina Ulanova or Allegra Kent in anything.
  22. Per the SAB website there were no dormitories until the Rose building opened in 1991. https://sab.org/school/history/the_1990s.php There was zero formal supervision when Watts and Kistler were 16. Often, dancers who were underage became emancipated minors so that they could sign leases and contracts. They could also board with local families or mom could move cross-country to set up housekeeping with the dancing teen. I have vague memories of reading a few articles that looked at how child labor laws affected ballet companies and theater in general. Ballet seemed to receive some kind of pass due to tradition and mystique, avoiding criticism or changes that would prevent underage dancers from being treated any differently than their legally adult colleagues.
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