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  1. I agree with you, but have seen them make last minute decisions about selling standing room.
  2. Usually standing room tickets are sold the day of the performance at the box office.
  3. One of the Washington Post background articles on Trump mentioned that early in his career much of his liesure time was spent at Studio 54. I don't recall any mention of performing arts. Do the Miss Universe affiliated pagents have a talent component?
  4. Or your local PBS station will decide to show it at 3:00 am in the middle of the week. ;--)
  5. There are a couple of new cellphone transgressions that are driving me nuts. People who use their phones to check the time, the lights go off and on throughout the performance, and those who use the light from the phones to read the program in the dark.
  6. Clifford also has a blog where he has posted several chapters of an autobiography manuscript. I haven't heard about it from any other source. This link goes to the chapter on Goldberg Variations and PAMTGG. http://johnclifford26.blogspot.com/2013/09/ch-28-goldberg-variations-reveries-and.html?m=0 Moderators, I wasn't sure where this would fit in the writings on ballet forums. Please post where it is appropriate. There are several chapters that are scattered among the blog entries. Thanks, Lisa
  7. The direction a dancer travels from the upstage left or right corner to the opposite downstage corner. Think back to geometry class, the diagonal is the longest line that can be drawn through a shape.
  8. The Kennedy Center is offering tickets at the special price of $49.00 for orchestra seating for the Wednesday November 23 7:30 PM performance of the Cincinnati Ballet’s The Nutcracker in the Opera House and on Sunday November 27 at 7:30 p.m. the same offer of orchestra seats but for $39. Tickets are regularly as high as $119. You can click the link below and your discount will appear automatically. If you call or stop by the Box Office for the discount, be sure to mention Offer Number "244222." See you at the Kennedy Center!Cincinnati Ballet The Nutcracker http://m.kennedy-center.org/home/event/brbsc?promotionno=244222
  9. Kirkland sisters Duell brothers Fugate sisters Fairchild sibs Angle brothers
  10. The Kennedy Center is offering tickets at the special price of $15, orchestra seats, for the Monday, October10th performance of DEMO:Heroes in the Eisenhower Theater at 8 p.m. You can click the link below and your discount will appear automatically. If you call or stop by the Box Office for the discount, be sure to mention Offer Number "240004." See you at the Kennedy Center! DEMO:Heroes Offer 10/10 About "For this DEMO we are celebrating our heroes, those who inspire us, the shoulders we all stand upon, and thinking about the idea of heroism in all our lives. DEMO: Heroes will be a roll call of gratitude, with extraordinary artists paying homage through their performances to their inspirations."--Damian WoetzelDubbed the "Matchmaker" by the New York Times, former New York City Ballet Principal Dancer turned director Damian Woetzel brings together a stellar cast of artists to celebrate their heroes and artistic inspirations in a one night only special DEMO performance.The cast of Heroes includes soprano Jacqueline Bolier, singer/songwriter Kate Davis, Broadway and NYCB star Robert Fairchild, tap dance powerhouseJared Grimes, acclaimed ballerina Carla Körbes, visual arts curator and historian Sarah Lewis, Memphis jookin' dance pioneer Lil Buck (one of the stars of last season's DEMO: Place), the MusiCorps Wounded Warrior Band, and jazz prodigy Matthew Whitaker. Accompanying several selections will be renowned pianist Glenn Sales and National Symphony Orchestra violinist Daniel Foster.Watch videos of Damian's guests at work:Jacqueline Bolier sings "Sure on This Shining Night"Kate Davis performs a cover of "All About That Bass"Robert Fairchild dances at Vail International Dance FestivalJared Grimes on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Carla Körbes dances at Vail International Dance FestivalSarah Lewis delivers a TED TalkLil Buck performs with Yo-Yo MaMusiCorps Wounded Warrior Band live at the Grand Ole OpryMatthew Whitaker performs "Body & Soul"Performance Timing: TBA TO RECEIVE YOUR DISCOUNT BY PHONE OR IN PERSON AT THE BOX OFFICE, MENTION OFFER NUMBER “240004” (202) 467-4600 | Toll-free (800) 444-1324 TTY (202) 416-8524 | Groups (202) 416-8400 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Offer subject to availability. Not valid in combination with any other offer. Offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice.
  11. Let's not forget the trolls from Bournonville's "A Folk Tale."
  12. The Uris became the Gershwin, so if you've seen "Wicked" in NYC you've been there relatively recently. I saw ABT do "Tales of Hoffman" there some time in the late '70s. I think the choreography was by Ronald Hand. I don't remember the time of year. It was pretty and I enjoyed it at the time, but having only seen it once I don't remember anything specific about it.
  13. Excerpts available here: https://muse.jhu.edu/book/45795 It looks like the first couple of pages of each chapter. I was left hungry for more.
  14. The Kennedy Center is offering tickets at the special price of $19.00 on all remaining seats for the entire run of Paul Taylor Dance Company in the Eisenhower Theater. You can click the link below and your discount will appear automatically. If you call or stop by the Box Office for the discount, be sure to mention Offer Number "229009." See you at the Kennedy Center! Paul Taylor Dance Company AboutPAUL TAYLOR DANCE COMPANY Paul Taylor, Artistic Director New York, NY with the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wednesday, May 25* & Friday, May 27: (Timing: Approximately 2 hours, with two 15-min. intermissions) Mercuric Tidings / Polaris / Esplanade** Thursday, May 26 & Saturday, May 28: (Timing: 1 hour, 40 min., with two 15-min. intermissions) Arden Court** / Beloved Renegade / Promethean Fire** *Free Explore the Arts Post-Performance Discussion Wednesday, May 25 **These works performed to live music by the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ABOUT THE WORKS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mercuric Tidings (1982) Thirteen of the company's dancers take the stage for a joyous and tantalizing display. Set to the music of Franz Schubert, Mercuric Tidings is such a skillful blend of sound and motion that the New York Times proclaims, "music and dance are so closely entwined here that they are one… The choreography is a whirlpool of activity and the eye, enticed in all directions, cannot take it all in at once." Polaris (1976) This challenging work "entertains through superb craftsmanship and genuine wit" (The New York Herald Tribune) as dancers move within and around a large metallic cube. The two sections ofPolaris feature identical choreography, but set to different scores, lighting, and performed by different dancers. A rich exploration of perception unfolds across the stage as composer Donald York's music changes from pastoral to menacing, the lighting darkens, and the dance is performed with shifted emphasis. Esplanade (1975) In 1975, Paul Taylor, inspired by the sight of a girl running to catch a bus, created this masterwork based on pedestrian movement. Set to J.S. Bach violin concertos, the work features a team of eight dancers brimming with Taylor's signature youthful exuberance. Esplanade "confers a mythic dimension on ordinary aspects of our daily lives--it's unfaked folk art" (The New Yorker). Arden Court (1981) Set to a sumptuous baroque score by William Boyce, the work is a richly dynamic dance featuring striking duets, solos, and a men's sextet that showcase the dancers' skill and musicality. Both softly romantic and technically challenging, Arden Court "abounds in such contrasts, and amid the irresistible pleasure of its dancing, [the company] also make it brimful of meanings" (The New York Times). Beloved Renegade (2008) Set to Francis Poulenc's choral "Gloria," this dance tribute is inspired by the life and work of 19th-century American writer Walt Whitman, and depicts his reverence for the body and the soul as one. The New York Times calls Beloved Renegade "a work of philosophic as well as dramatic power… one of the great achievements of [Taylor's] long career and one of the most eloquently textured feats of his singular imagination." Promethean Fire (2002) Set to three keyboard works by J.S. Bach richly orchestrated by Stokowski, Promethean Fire examines a kaleidoscope of emotional colors in the human condition with "grandeur, majesty, and a spiritual dimension" (The New York Times). All 16 Taylor dancers, costumed in black, weave in and out of intricate patterns that mirror the way varied emotions weave themselves through life. Performance Timing: TBA TO RECEIVE YOUR DISCOUNT BY PHONE OR IN PERSON AT THE BOX OFFICE, MENTION OFFER NUMBER “229009” (202) 467-4600 | Toll-free (800) 444-1324 TTY (202) 416-8524 | Groups (202) 416-8400
  15. Glad to help, Tom. Lisa
  16. Pavlova had a solo called California Poppy.
  17. A warning about Goldstar, you will not be able to choose your seat and you will not find out your seat location until you pick up your tickets at will call. I've had good and less than ideal seats.
  18. The Washington Ballet performances are self produced. They rent the theater from the KC and make all decisions about ticket pricing.
  19. 1:00pm weekdays on cozitv: http://www.cozitv.com/shows/weekday/Charlies-Angels-182200261.html
  20. The Farrell company grew out of the summer intensives that she conducts for the Kennedy Center's Education Department. This links to a history of the program: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.kennedy-center.org/education/farrell/&ved=0ahUKEwjT1uXJrd_LAhVJFx4KHYfnDxYQFggbMAA&usg=AFQjCNGczeYqzp7u9ob3aclXJ1AfgNJO7w&sig2=QgoybagnHYjrTSCIlbKPjA After reading her autobiography, I was left with the impression that she tries to live in the moment and take things as they come. I think the company might have had the potential to grow, but the interviews I've read and the company's performance schedule lead me to speculate that she's not interested in overseeing the marketing, development and the publicity efforts of running a thriving full time company. She wants to spend her time spreading the gospel of Mr. B at every opportunity. She circles the world staging, coaching, and teaching, not appearing at all interested in establishing an institution. The opera company and the orchestra became constituents of the Kennedy Center long after they had been founded. The Farrell company is the first home grown classical performing arts company at the KenCen.
  21. If the problem continues, try using another browser. I may be stating the obvious, but it is offered with helpful intentions. :-)
  22. I think ballet is closest to those sports that value perfect execution such as figure skating and diving, then closest to sports where better execution leads to better results (i.e. pole vault and ski jumping) and finally the least in common with those spots where the most important goal is to manipulate an object past the opposing team's defenses and score (hockey, soccer, etc,)
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