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I’m so saddened but am sure that he is a new angel in Ballet Heaven. Mel and another ballet angel, Gleb, were my indispensable BalletAlert experts on All-Things-Joffrey...and beyond. Rest In Peace. 👼 

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Damn -- he'd been a part of online dance life for years and years, going way back here on BA and elsewhere.  I'm grateful to have known him, in that curious way we know others online.  Another dance enthusiast, waving from his corner and sharing our obsession for the art form.

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Ir am so saddened to read about his passing. Mel was one of the first enthusiastic souls from this site that I truly enjoyed debating and sharing opinions with. He had so much knowledge about mid century American ballet and always had a first hand experience under his sleeve to ilustrate his topics. As Atm711 rightfully said, he will certainly be missed along with Carbro. RIP Mr. Johnson.

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Of course I remember Mel - I do miss him so much. It is so sad to hear these kinds of news -I think it is inevitable - I have now reached an age  when  it is  almost normal to learn of a friend passing. Well, that is what you can call life - but still one feels the pain. RIP my dear Mel.

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On 5/4/2018 at 5:26 AM, Amy Reusch said:

I see nothing here, but it seems our treasure from a while back, Mel Johnson, has passed on.  I do not know if an obituary has been pulblished yet, my last search turned up nothing, but his facebook page carried the sad tidings.  https://www.facebook.com/mel.johnson.946?fref=ts

I have not found anything resembling an obituary there - or anywhere, actually. Perhaps it was removed? Or is now somewhere else?  (or maybe only visible to his Facebook friends)

Just curious; it wont change anything, obviously. Sometimes people do not want an obit written, and make that clear to those around them. Perhaps that is the case here? 

At any rate, he was quite a "force of nature" here; and SO very knowledgeable in so many fields! 



Edited to add that I found this short obit: http://www.tributes.com/obituary/show/Melvin-B.-Johnson-106072960 

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