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  1. Jayne

    2017-18 Season

    Second the McIntyre recommendation.
  2. Goodness the thread has strayed from the original discussion topic. But I must correct the error: Shaun King is bi-racial, his mother is white and his biological father was mixed black and white. https://www.snopes.com/news/2015/08/19/shaun-king/ Also, if you did not grow up with American minstral shows or segregated Hollywood, the offensive “clown show” is harder to wrap your brain around. To put it in better context, think of the Andy Rooney “chinaman” in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.
  3. The Joe Weight version has a wonderful cast, and it is desperately flawed.
  4. Jayne

    RIP Denis Tan

    Shocking, just 25 years of age, and for car mirrors!
  5. Jayne

    "Dancing Through It"

    It will be interesting to watch the AD job evolve over time in the US.
  6. Jayne

    RB promotions

    And 10 years after her last promotion, Yuhui Choe remains a First Soloist.
  7. Jayne

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    GeXer here, I remember the mid 90’s trying to teach you a few grey haired folks how to fax. In Japan, even today faxes are still used for confirmation documents because the courts recognize them as legally binding, judges distrust e-signatures, etc as too easy to manipulate. Fax away! Now, if a Millenial will please help me figure things out my smart phone....
  8. Don Quixote: ABT version with Mikhail Baryshnikov, and the Bolshoi version with Natalia Osipova.
  9. Jayne

    Odile Variation Hops on Pointe

    I am definitely going to watch that documentary. I didn’t think circus for the fouettes or hops. For me, tricks refer to over extensions, rather than excellence at specific ballet steps. (would Gillian Murphy’s fan emphasis in DQ be tricks too?)
  10. Jayne

    Odile Variation Hops on Pointe

    Wow, Suarez is spectacular! I can’t believe she wasn’t a principal until nearly 40. She deserved *all* of the audience adultation. What were her specific criticisms of Alonso?
  11. Jayne

    Nacho Duato taking helm in 2014

    Berlin’s carousel of ADs continues to spin, as does Bavaria’s carousel of dancers.
  12. If you specifically want to see Zakharova, choose Giselle. She is much better at pathos roles (Swan Lake, La Bayadere, etc) and is considered “too cold” in fairy tales (Sleeping Beauty, etc.).
  13. Jayne

    Marcelo Gomes

    There is a larger question: what of the level of resposibility for any company or organization to investigate accusations against employees for off-hours behavior? Obviously behavior away from work can reflect badly on your employer, and criminal behavior should set off alarm bells. But at what point does the employer get to limit the reaction to advising the accuser to seek remedies through a police complaint or civil suit?
  14. Jayne

    Hi from a ballet lover!

    Benvenuto! We look forward to your contributions!
  15. Jayne

    Marcelo Gomes

    This is a fraught topic, but I do feel it is a shame that this was all left unfinished and will follow him.
  16. Jayne

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    ABT has a *lot* of male soloists ( 7 total) and 4 part time principals (Bolle, Halllberg, Simkin, and Lendorf on IR), and just 3 full time principals (Cornejo, Sterns, and Whiteside). This seems like a very good time to expand an equal exchange program with other major companies to have adequate male principals. If foreign visas are too high of an obstacle, ABT should look at regional companies *and* NYCB for exchanges.
  17. I haven’t had time to post reviews much this season. At the encore I thought: “Wow, PNB has an embarassment of riches, promotions will be tough choices.” But I think it will be Miles Pertl and Dylan Wald to soloists. PNB needs more tall partners and they have been given some good parts this season.
  18. PNB has listed its schedule for the tour. Heavy Robbins, a few moderns, and zero Balanchine. https://www.pnb.org/season/touring/paris-tour/
  19. I loved the Lenk performance - she made me cry!
  20. Tom Hanks hassaid the weight he lost for “Philadelphia” and “Cast Away” has been damaging to his health. I’m just worried about Chase.
  21. I honestly hope the weight loss does not damage his metabolism.
  22. Jayne

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    I stand corrected: it is possible to enjoy two post-impressionists, one need not pick sides. Hair splitting aside, I also enjoy many styles of ballet dancing.
  23. Jayne

    Petipa Gala

    I don’t speak Russian, but I do very much enjoy reading Kuznetsova’s reviews in translation, thank you for posting!
  24. Jayne

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    To put it another way: would you have a reality tv competition for “Best Impressionist Painter”? Pit Van Gogh against Cezanne? It would be an insult to the artform.