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  1. On the positive side, Stepanova was excellent leading the Swan Lake Hungarian Pas during her early Mariinsky years. A good solid character dancer with her hourglass physique. Very Marie Petipa.
  2. Stepanova is a fine poser but, in general, she is a robotic and self conscious mover. The bend of her upper body is extreme warping, with chest jutting out...as Makhalina used to do in the 1990s. Hands too big. The one Bolshoi prima who I avoid at all costs. I’ll hand her one thing: since her Mariinsky choryphee days, into her Kremlin Ballet time, her social media claque has not let up. Knowledgeable ballet aficionados see through the smoke. I don’t care for pushy social-media-dependent ballerinas (Copeland, Stepanova & Kochetkova the worst).
  3. Amar Ramasar is the “cover guy” of the 2018/19 Kennedy Center Dance Subscription season. He and Tiler Peck are on the posters in the theater, on the cover of the booklet, the mailers, etc.
  4. I’m disappointed that this article includes quotes from negative reviews by Macaulay on two of the guys in question. Was that really necessary?
  5. When I mentioned Weiner, I was thinking only about the emailing of inappropriate photos.
  6. Marcelo will be guesting with Washington Ballet at the end of September, as will be Stella Abrera, Katherine Barkman (Ballet Manila) and Connor Walsh (Houston Ballet). https://www.washingtonballet.org/performance/2018-2019-season/twb-welcomes
  7. “Inappropriate communications” can also be the emailing or texting of photos (a la Anthony Weiner). Not just about words.
  8. Well, Volochkova came out of a limo on stage during her “Stairway to the Sky” show in 2003! Resurrecting this thread, as Russian friends inform me that Volochkova is preparing a 25th Anniversary show, as 2019 will mark 25 years since graduating from Dudinskaya’s class of 1994 at the АРБ. I remember when Anastasia Volochkova was a natural brunette and lovely budding ballerina, debuting O/O in Swan Lake one year before her graduation. One would never have guessed that she’d morph into the diva gangster-mol persona with grotesque tattooed eyebrows. She’s a regular on Russian TV talk shows and is probably Russia’s most recognized (former) ballerina but I can’t help but lament what might have been had her original promise been fulfilled. Now she’s known for her extension poses, even now in her 40s. Ouch! A few examples here. https://www.cosmo.ru/stars/news/07-04-2017/anastasiya-volochkova-pokazala-effektivnye-uprazhneniya-dlya-stalnogo-pressa/ Really?
  9. According to his FB Page (August 8), Ratmansky has begun work on the Berlin Bayadere. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10212214418740485&id=1377723438&set=a.1133754148868&source=48
  10. So did I. Sometimes it’s the choice of the member to remove his/her contributions when leaving the group. Just guessing.
  11. Gnossie is listed as “inactive member.” L’Ordre du Roi remains one of a handful of ballets among the Sergeev notes (Harvard) that have yet to be used for a staging. Above, Laurent mentioned a part of that ballet (Pas des Etoiles) that was recently staged by Danil’ Salimbaev, the ballet master of Russia’s Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theatre in Cheboksary. Even that appears to be a new creation as part of a Petipa Tribute mixed bill, not using the Harvard notes. At least Salimbaev used the correct musical score by Vizentini, unlike Samodurov in Ekaterinburg. A link to the Chuvash Theatre’s Page on the Petipa Tribute evening that included the Pas des Etoiles. http://opera21.ru/page.php?id=3788 Since it’s just in Russian, I’ve translated the list of ballets shown: ”Dream of Aurora” by Salimbaev to Tchaikovsky music...apparently a new ballet based on Sleeping Beauty (!) ”Pas des Etoiles from L’Ordre du Roi” to Vizentini music, by Salimbaev “Shades from Bayadere” by Petipa, to Minkus ”Act II from Paquita” (Grand Pas) by Petipa, to Minkus The accompanying page of photos for this program: http://opera21.ru/page.php?id=3786 The few pics of a couple in blue must be from the Pas des Etoiles...just before the pics of the Shades.
  12. Good observation. After getting egg on my face about “the Macks,” I don’t dare say a thing about Mr. and Mrs. Sarabia! adding: In reading the Hong Kong roster, I see that long-time WB dancer and coach/teacher Luis Torres has also moved there. Thanks, @its the momand @Imspear! Sorry about that. I still have a secret wish that Brooklyn Mack might make his way to a certain big NYC-based company. A company with a current need for tall male principals with a WOW factor?
  13. Didn’t his wife (Alicia Graf Mack) resettle in NYC? I’m assuming that they’re still together; one never knows nowadays! 😏 Whatever the reason, I’ll definitely miss him. I suppose that Gian Carlo Perez will now have to carry the heavy work load among the top guys. I didn’t see much of Ndlovu or Sarabia last season...Sarabia mostly out for the past two years.
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