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  1. Ok, I have read most of your reviews. Seems as most of you liked the production which really astonish me. I have watched the DVD a couple of times and I have really really tried to like it and take it onto my heart. The only thing I find it is that the production is too dark so I actually have fallen asleep several times watching it . I find the same phenomenon with the other Sir Peter Wright production of Swan Lake with the Royal Swedish Ballet DVD. The settings and the dancers, costumes melt together into one big orangey background and you are constantly waiting for something for the fore
  2. I'm quite aware of that this might sound as gossip. But I came across an article on one of our tabloids today and the article says that Volochkova wasn't allowed to dance Swan Lake because she has put on some weight. So please delete this if inappropriate This article is unfortunately in Swedish, but here is the link: Link to article about Anastasia I was just wondering if it is something which is known world wide or just something this tabloid more or less has exaggerated? The article says: "There were no Swan Lake for prima ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, 27 years. The male dancers ref
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