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Taylor Stanley promoted to principal

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Bravo! He was great last night in Hallelulia Junc (ugh!!) and WS. I have been drawn to his talent early on because he eerily looks like Hugh Laing...I think of him as Hugh Laing with technique. I would love to see him in a Tudor repertoire---really ANY of Hugh Laing roles.

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I think that there will be more promotions at the end of the season. There is definitely some room in the soloist and principal level. Predictions: Joseph Gordon and Unity Phelan or Indiana Woodward to soloist.

I agree with your predictions. I wouldn't mind if all 3 get promoted ;) Don't they usually do a bunch of promotions after Saratoga too?

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Wouldn't Martins have needed approval from the board (for any promotion) beforehand?

I'd be very surprised if the NYCB Board had to approve promotions on a dancer-by-dancer basis. More likely the Board has to approve the Company's overall budget and how it is allocated amongst dancers, musicians, technical staff, administrative staff, production costs, etc etc etc. I would expect it to be Martins' job to figure out how many dancers he can afford to promote and when.

I'm glad to see that Stanley was promoted in any event -- it's well deserved and maybe even a bit overdue.

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Great news! I've been wondering when they are going to promote him. Congrats!!

I thought Taylor was going to be promoted last year but I suspect he lost out to Anthony Huxley. I also believe they will promote Joe Gordon, who has been dancing numerous solo/principal roles. My vote for female promotion to principal goes to Lauren King, who is not only a great technician but whose big smile radiates to the back of the house. Ashley Laracey is wonderful but gets very little to dance so I don't think promotion to principal (at least this year) is in the cards for her. Sohalia, the promotions usually are announced right after the Spring Season. In fact, last year they were announced after the last performance of the season, which was a Sunday. I don't believe they announce any further promotions after Saratoga. But some promotions, like Taylor's or Russell Janzen's about 2 years ago, are spontaneous and come at odd times. Still bravo and big congrats to Taylor!! He really deserves this promotion. For anyone interested, he also dances with Troy Schumacher's group, BalletCollective, which I think is performing in late June at NYU's Skirball Center.

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