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  1. I sadly missed Prodigal Son, and I made it a priority to take time to watch T&V. I've reached the conclusion that Tiler Peck can never retire. Her musicality, her speed, yet her ability to make it seem like she's taking her time... She's truly one of the best. I appreciated the close-up shots during the partnering of the PDD. I was fascinated to watch how sometimes Peck literally just hangs on to Veyette by one finger. That was lovely. I miss live performances.
  2. Silas Farley comes to mind. He wasn’t a principal but certainly had the potential to be. I loved his dancing. Anyways, I think all of us who watched Fairchild’s interview with Lovette could see this coming from a mile away. I am not surprised at all she’s leaving now/so soon. Of course, it’s sad to see so many retirements and departures, but I am so excited for promotions (finally!) and some shakeups in future casting.
  3. I am quite excited to see what Silas Farley can bring as a choreographer. Loved him as a dancer, and he's wonderful to listen to as the podcast host. Agreed with the above comments on some of the programming and the website redesign. Although now that they've changed the website, can we please update some of the dancers headshots? Bouder's and Gerrity's in particular are killing me and have been there for years. They deserve better.
  4. I have to agree on your point. I've listened to a handful of these interviews and it's probably my only pet peeve. She has done that to every one I've listened to. She cuts them off and inserts herself in the conversation, or asks something else while the guest is clearly not finished with his/her story. So sure, it's "free rein" as she calls it and these are very informal interviews, which I appreciate, but it would be nice to let them finish. As a journalist, I know how hard it can be to let silence "be" in interviews. It's easy to want to fill the silence and to always talk or ask another question straight away, but usually leaving some silence or pauses always leads to the interviewee continuing on his/her thought process (because they too want to fill that silence!). And in my experience, that's when you get the best out of your interviewees, and it's always led to some fantastic quotes and content. Anyways, back on topic, I was actually listening to Lauren's interview last night as well. I am about halfway through, but found her comments and questioning very interesting. It does sound she is not sure she'll return to ballet quite yet. Whatever she does decide, it sounds like this break was what she needed to not tank.
  5. Live now (18h30 CET) on this page, free: https://staatstheater-hannover.de/ World Premiere of "Moonlight" by Juliano Nunes. He said it should be available to watch after streaming, in case you missed it. I look forward to it. First of all, a live stream of a ballet? Yes, please. This is the future. I also very much like Nunes' style, at least from short videos I've seen and what he posts on social media. New COVID-oriented choreography, too, probably no partnering or much contact between dancers.
  6. I agree. New Song has been my favorite of the new works so far. I was pulled in right away by the historical music and cinematography, and of course I'm a big fan of Unity Phelan and Indiana Woodward. The one-take was amazing and really immersive and transcending. The segment in the water at the end was beautiful, and the entire atmosphere was so dreamy. I've watched it multiple times already.
  7. I look forward to seeing more of him as well. From his Instagram account, he definitely looks to be on the taller side. Also very sharp dancer. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGm_7RNBgc3/ It's definitely time for more promotions to principal. I think the last woman was Lauren Lovette in 2015, no? I'd love to see Phelan, Woodward and Gerrity move up. As for the men, certainly Furlan.
  8. Making my way through the "21st Century Voices". Indiana Woodward and Taylor Stanley were splendid in Year of the Rabbit. When I first saw this pas de deux live at Miami City Ballet, I remember crying. I wish we had this ballet in full. Did not really enjoy Pictures at an Exhibition, except for of course the brilliant Tiler Peck. She can do no wrong. So, when is the all-female new choreographers broadcast next? 😏 Edited: I just finished the full broadcast. It definitely confirms I am not a big Ratmansky fan. Peck and Angle were stunning in Wheeldon's Mercurial. Great excerpt from Everywhere We Go to finish it off, that's another one I wish we had in full (yes, I am a broken record).
  9. Hm, is it really? I am French and definitely do not pronounce it "dyoo". 😅 Edited to add: this is how I say it:
  10. Thank you! I look forward to watching this. I was talking about seeing with a more recent cast I'm familiar with, but I'll surely take it
  11. Just finished with the family friendly programming. What a joy Western Symphony is! Pleased to see Silas Farley in there (and still so bummed about his retirement). This is one of those ballets I wish we had in full, but excerpts after excerpts we might get there 😅 We had the rondo last digital season, now we saw the first movement... Balanchine's genius never ceases to amaze me.
  12. Same for me. I really want to see more. I also very much enjoyed Glass Pieces. Red Angels pleasantly surprised me. Also loved seeing Unity Phelan in Opus 19.
  13. I have seen current MCB dancers comment (positively) on the posts shared above from the dancers speaking up. Mostly just showing support and love. Brianna Abruzzo also posted her story with MCB on her Instagram:
  14. Thanks for sharing all of this Syzygy. Wow. I am so happy all of these dancers are speaking their truths about body dysmorphia and how they were treated in their company. Some of the alleged comments are disgusting, "you will do better as a wife," barf. This has been ongoing for the last few months in the sports world, mostly in aesthetic sports like artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, and more recently artistic (synchronized) swimming, where athletes are speaking up about mentally abusive coaching methods. I am glad to see this movement transpire to the ballet world. The cultures and mentalities need to change.
  15. I am glad she was able to speak her truth, and I am sure her story will resonate with many dancers. I'm sad to hear of her experience at MCB. It all sounded so petty and unprofessional from the company's side. I am glad she was mature enough to recognize this was an unhealthy environment. It's scary to think how this could impact younger dancers, eager to make the big break and who will do anything, even if it means spiraling down. Edited to add: she mentions 8 people left the company this year. Do we know who?
  16. Slowly making my way to this new video. Like many, I am not a fan of the excerpts, but I suppose it's better than nothing. I have absolutely no words for Tiler Peck and Joaquin De Luz in Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux. Out of this world. What a partnership, what dancers, what a performance. I wish this would stay online for ever so I could watch it over, and over, and over.
  17. I am not sure where to put this, but I also don't feel it deserves a new thread by itself. Plus, her thread in Dancers got locked. Anyways, Joy Womack posted on Instagram that she's back in Russia waiting to get paperwork sorted, and she wishes Boston Ballet good luck on the season's opener. Did she leave the company? I'm a bit sad we won't get to see her dance with Boston Ballet at all if that is the case, but she's always been tied to Russia in her heart hasn't she?
  18. What a shame, I too expected a long career for him at NYCB. My first thought seeing the topic's name was "I hope he will continue the podcasts!" So I am happy to hear he is, his voice is perfect for those. I wish him well in his next adventures, and hopefully he does return in the future in some sort of teaching capacity, I can picture him in the studio with his patience and presence.
  19. I do appreciate the proactivity and realistic assessment of the situation by the company. With the current state of the U.S. regarding COVID, and how cases are rising left and right, it is a sensible albeit heartbreaking decision. I hope the company will not have to make some cuts because of the budget losses. I am very sad, but also quite excited to get another digital season to discover many new ballets and dancers. Of course, I am sure it doesn't match the ticket sales (or does it?), but it is better than nothing I suppose.
  20. Woohoo! This just popped up in my YouTube notifications! MCB has posted a video of Firebird which was recorded from the premiere season in February 2020, with Nathalia Arja in the role. It is available to watch online until June 28, 2020. I know what I'm doing later today 🤩
  21. Very true, I also did enjoy the episodes with Litton, and have actually gone and watched the 1973 footage of Balanchine's Symphony in C right after the episode discussing Bizet's piece and how Balanchine used it. I hope for more of these pieces about the music and the composers, it was fascinating. I did like the episode with the Principal Oboist, but it got a bit too technical for me at times in the explanations and they used words I had to look up as I have no knowledge of music theory - but also maybe because English is not my first language and I sometimes am missing the technical vocabulary of very specific fields.
  22. I just wanted to say that I love the new feature of the podcast: The Rosin Box with Claire Kretzschmar and Aarón Sanz. It's been so nice to get to know the dancers individually, to hear them talk about their paths, their personal lives, their experiences. It's so fascinating, and makes them so human and "approachable" in a way. While I did find some episodes of the first season a bit dry at times, this new series is fantastic. I hope we get to hear from every dancer, and get more behind-the-scened tidbits like these.
  23. Joy has resurfaced on social media after facing what sounds like serious health issues per her Instagram post. I am glad to read she is on the road to recovery now, and slowly getting back to dancing.
  24. Thank you Vipa for the update on Tiler Peck. I am so happy to see you all rave about Jovani Furlan! He was always one of my favorites to watch down at Miami City Ballet, and I'm very happy to hear he's transitioned well into NYCB and is doing great already.
  25. Maybe I missed this, but how long will Tiler Peck be out? I gather she's injured since she's not cast anywhere.
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