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  1. Here's the list as I can figure: Abi Stafford, Unity Phelan, Tiler Peck, Megan Fairchild, Teresa Reichlen, Sterling Hyltin (in costume), Sara Mearns, Anthony Huxley, Jared Angle, Andrew Veyette, Daniel Ulbricht, Joseph Gordon, Adrian Danchig-Waring, Russell Janzen, Taylor Stanley, Ask la Cour (in costume), Tyler Angle (in costume), Gonzalo Garcia, Amar Ramasar, Justin Peck, Jonathan Stafford, Wendy Whelan, Jock Soto, Christopher Wheeldon, Robbie Fairchild, Jenifer Ringer, Charles Askegard, Rebecca Krohn, Glenn Keenan, Craig Hall, Damian Woetzel, ???, ???, ???, Jean-Pierre Frolich, Stella Abrera, ???, Philip Neal, Edwaard Liang, Jason Fowler, her son, and her husband, Martin Harvey. Hmmm. No Ashley Bouder, Indiana Woodward, or Lauren Lovette.
  2. I thought the orchestra should have played Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September”. After all, it was a memorable 21st night of September. 😘 Do you remember, 21st night of September?Love was changing the mind of pretendersWhile chasing the clouds awayOur hearts were ringingIn the key that our souls were singingAs we danced in the nightRememberHow the stars stole the night away, oh yeah
  3. I feel so sorry for ticket buyers who come to this production expecting a full-on Swan Lake with beautiful sets, gorgeous costumes, and good storytelling. I imagine they are so disappointed and certainly are not likely to return to NYC Ballet for another show of any program.
  4. Mine (one full and one half subscription) arrived in Brooklyn this past Saturday.
  5. Tonight Herman Cornejo debuts "Suite of Dances" by Jerome Robbins (and coached by Damian Woetzel). Anyone going to be there?
  6. Third movement Symphony in C was Bailey Jones, not Indiana Woodward, with Sebastian Villarini-Velez.
  7. In an Instagram post on May 26, Alastair Macaulay explained the initials on each bell. I can't copy his text so check it out on IG.
  8. Did you notice the casting for the last day (June 3) of the season? Cameron Dieck gets to retire making his debut (!) in Agon and reprising his role in The Four Temperaments. Savannah Lowery retires dancing Concerto Barocco and Agon. Should be a lovely day at the ballet.
  9. Who will walk through the doors next? Suzanne Farrell? 🤞
  10. In case you haven't heard the report filed by Jeff Lunden on NPR's All Things Considered today in which he speaks with Wilhelmina Frankfurt, Wendy Whelan, and Kelly Cass Boal, here's the link.
  11. Has this music ever been used for ballet, either the entire suite (40 mins) or selected movements? The Gadfly story may not be the best for a ballet but the music -- even I could choreograph to it.
  12. I saw the program last night. I recommend sitting as far back as possible for the last ballet. The recorded music will knock you out of your seat. And no, it's not worth $185.
  13. Which explains the cartwheels and the music in the last class Craig Salstein taught at ABT (see Instagram video posted in this thread on Aug. 5) ;)
  14. Comparing the roster in tonight's program to one from June 12, it appears that four of the five apprentices got corps contracts since the 12th. Congrats to Carlos Gonzalez, Annabel Katsnelson, Xuekan Lu, and Gabrielle Perkins. Kiely Groenewegen is still listed as an apprentice.
  15. In her review of the workshop gala performance, Marina Harss names the new apprentices: "After the show, eight new apprentices were named: Gabriella Domini, Nieve Corrigan, Mary Thomas MacKinnon, India Bradley, Andres Zuniga, Gilbert Bolden, Darius Black and Roman Mejia. Congratulations to all." http://dancetabs.com/2017/06/school-of-american-ballet-workshop-performance-new-york/
  16. Here's an update on his comeback: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/dance/david-hallberg-coppelia-comeback-after-agonising-layoff-20161207-gt63ot.html?mc_cid=73f7555480&mc_eid=78e9fc27f6
  17. @cobweb - what is Society NYCB? Is that the old 4th Ring Society?
  18. New York Times article about Maria Kowroski's return to dancing: http://nyti.ms/27IkIar
  19. Tuesday night he replaced Gonzalo Garcia in Hallelujah Junction and then danced the Allegro (first) movement of Western Symphony. Bravo, Taylor!
  20. The andante (second) movement of Shostakovich's Piano Concerto No. 2 always makes me a bit weepy but tonight, watching Sara Mearns and Tyler Angle dance Ratmansky's choreography to it for Concerto DSCH, was a two hankie performance. Sara looked as though she could float away on some of those lifts. Thank heavens there was one more movement after the andante to regain my composure before the lights came up.
  21. Allen Peiffer is listed as a guest artist? And he is no longer on the roster on City Ballet's web site? Did he retire from the company?
  22. Just tweeted by NYCBallet: SPAC season dedicated to Albert Evans. https://twitter.com/nycballet/status/618572630203977730
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