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  1. The gala can be fun, especially in the spring, because of the celebs. I don't attend the dinner but generally sit in the 2nd ring. Depending on my mood and the weather, I try to dress up a little. It's good if you can't wait the week to see the program at the normal prices.
  2. Are you talking about June 2017 or June /018?
  3. I saw Justin's Decalogue at its premiere. It is more classical than some of his other works and Stevens' score for piano also sounded classical. I didn't particularly like the piece, possibly because it didn't have the energy and contemporary feel that most of his pieces do. The costumes are extremely simple and were designed by Justin: varying shades of gray strappy leotards with white tights. There was some lovely partnering with Sara and Jared that was the highlight of the piece for me. I'd also like to add this evening was quite long, running close to 3 hours. Also all the pieces had a rather somber feel. Surprisingly, I liked Martins' Stabat Mater the best of all the pieces on the program.
  4. I can't find casting, even under "menu". Has anyone else seen it?
  5. NYCB announces casting only 2 weeks before the performance, generally on a Tuesday. If casting for SL is similar to Nutcracker, the steady principals will get the first week and then we may see some Auroras from the soloist or corps ranks. SL is probably the best of Peter Martins' adaptations of classic ballets. When I saw it a few years ago, I saw Ashley Bouder and liked her but this year I'd probably rather see someone sweeter like Tiler Peck. I assume Sterling Hyltin will get opening night, since she usually gets opening nights. This year, I'd also really like to see an up and comer like Lauren King or Unity Phelan (who is getting all sort of lead roles). Hope that helps.
  6. As you say, Olga the role was created for Kolb. I can't help wondering why an outfit seemingly as well off as Ardani didn't bring any covers for their dancers. Also, while I like Filip Stepin, I really didn't want to see him coming in exhausted, with no real rehearsal time (actually, I feared he was simply thrown into the ballet because he was in the U.S.) I complained to the box office and received a full refund, no problem.
  7. ARTE is still showing the program (it's July 17 here in NYC). If they are anything like Mariinsky.tv, they'll show the broadcast until they have a new one.
  8. I wonder what happened to Erica Periera, who was supposed thr dance the role. I didn't think Alston was that good but somehow Anthony made it work! In fact congratulations to all the NYCB dancers who performed both tonight and other nights. They were received with great enthusiasm. We here in NYC should make them feel as loved as the French.
  9. I thought she was even better in the Black Swan PDD. Her partner wasn't great but she was breathtaking.
  10. I wonder what happened to Erica Periers, who was supposed thr dance the role. I didn't think Alston was that good but somehow Anthiny made it work! In fact congratulations to all the NYCB dancers who performed both tonight and other nights. They were received with great enthusiasm. We here in NYC should make them feel as loved as the French.
  11. Cloak VPN is another option. My husband (an IT program manager) thought Hola could compromise the security of our data. Cloak is available through the App Store. We tested it (set it to France) and it seems to work.
  12. I'm in total agreement, too mimsyb.
  13. There was an obstacle (ahem, Canbelto) to my seeing the balcony scene but I thought Ferri did fine in the bedroom scene and unlike some other Juliets, didn't get hysterical or overact. And I have never seen Cornejo so totally possessed by a role. When he took the letter to the priest, he was frantic and, sitting in the fourth row of the orchestra, I could see him mouthing the words "Please, please". He was similarly distraught after killing Tybalt. I think he might have been crying. We all know that Herman is virtuosic dancer but I never realized he is a fantastic actor. It's possible that personal issues made those scenes more poignant. But I think, whatever the faults of their dancing, Ferri and Cornejo were by far the couple with the better acting skills (This season I have only seen Diana and Marcelo). They moved me to tears, something not even Ferri and Bocca did. So I say, if she can dance, bring her back once or twice a season.
  14. I completely agree with abatt and fondoffouettes. This is really a one act ballet stretched (barely) to 2 acts. I wonder how RDB put in another ballet, unless it came first. There is SO much scenery that is involved in the ballet. Even the curtains that separate the wings and the partitions at the top of the stage have either been painted or had fabric stretched over them. As for dance, there wasn't a lot of it. Gary Chryst mimes his role, as does Martine van Hamel. Veronika Part does a bit of dancing but nothing terribly difficult. My favorite part was when the Princes - Joey Gorak and Jeff Cirio danced. Joey did, I believe, an en dehors attitude turn (2 revolutions, I think) and then just stopped and held his balance in attitude for something like a minute. Very impressive. I also have to admit I'm in awe of Joey's feet. I've never seen such supple, beautifully pointed feet on a man. Jeff was very good, too, just not quite as impressive in terms of control. There was some corps dancing but not a lot. I was supposed to see this 2 more times but I will probably exchange 1 ticket for a Swan Lake.
  15. I think the problem with Andie has a few facets. One is that he's getting older and last year had that serious calf injury. Another is that Andie ALWAYS gets the bravura, technically demanding roles. And the third is that he doesn't really dance enough. Amar, for example, dances a lot more than Andie. This last factor may be the most important reason because Danny Ulbricht has a similar problem. He is only used in bravura roles and he is criminally underused by the company. Yet he always comes out and knocks your socks off. Perhaps Danny's projects (like Dance Against Cancer) leave him in good shape.
  16. Yes, congrats to Alec and to Taylor Stanley. I think there will be other promotions but this year is seems they will be announced later, after Paris or Saratoga. OTOH, the SAB workshop is this Saturday, Jume 4. We should know shortly afterwards who will be accepted into NYCB as apprentices. My one bet is on Kennard Henson, who was one of the SAB students coached in Tchai Pas for the demonstration event that occurs during the weekend of Balanchine's birth. I saw Kennard last year and was extremely impressed.
  17. Although I've been going to the ballet for decades, I'll never forget the first time I saw Corsaire in 1999 with Jose Manuel Carreno as Ali. That was a WOW moment for me. And like abatt, Malakhov is imprinted on my memory as Lankedem. These 2 casts just haven't cut it. And tonight, June 2 (a reprise of opening night cast) had many, many vacant seats.
  18. I was at both opening night and tonight. Though I liked both performances, in totality, I have to say I think Tuesday night was a stronger performance. Although Herman is maybe not what he was a few years ago, I think his Conrad was still virtuosic. Also, as others have noted, his partnering has improved dramatically. I thought Cirio was good but, like sz, I was also remembering the years when Vasiliev did the role. Even Vasiliev's curtain calls had pyrotechnics. While Daniil was good as Lankendem, I was remembering the years when Malakhov danced it. Still, I thought Maria was a strong Medora, Sarah a great Gulnare and Christine Shevchenko a great turning odalesqe. Tonight we had Mathia Heymann from POB as Conrad, Gillian as Medora and Daniil as Ali, and Stella as Gulare. Out of the entire cast, Daniil blew them all out of the water. Of course, Ali's solos are full of tricks and that's Daniil's speciality. The 540's, triple air tours, etc. were all there in abundance. Gillian also was in good shape, clean footwork and in Act 2 when she starts her fouettés while one the guys is still dancing, she pulled off at least 3 triples and several doubles before finishing with singles. Stella's technique is pristine and she is really a great actress so her Gulnare came across more strongly than Sarah Lane's. Heymann was the surprise. He is a rather small man, about the same height as Daniil (though he looks taller because of his proportions and long legs). His solos were quite nice but I thought his partnering was weak (not something all my friends agreed with). I was sitting quite close, orchestra row E in the center and I could see him visibly struggling with Gillian, grabbing her in the wrong place for a good overhead lift (too high on her rib cage). I held my breath every time she jumped into his arms. And Gillian is not that big. She's not like Sara Mearns at NYCB. So in that respect I felt a bit disappointed. I mean I'd also just seen Cory Stearns and especially James Whiteside get through some very difficult partnering in La Fille Mal Gardée. Luckily, Daniil's solos left me feeling happy leaving theatre. Also a small note of interest. Maria must have brought her own child size tutu for act 2, because it was a completely different color than Gillian's. Maria's was a very pretty pale blue with beading all over the bodice part. Gillian's was deep purple (think aubergine) with a velvet bodice. I didn't like Gillians's velvet because it's a heavy color and this is the celebration portion of the ballet. I would be remiss if I didn't point out that Gabe Stone Shayer was an excellent Lankendem. I really think Kevin should promote Gabe and Calvin stat. These corps dancers have been dancing principal roles and excelling at them, for awhile now. Anyway, returning tomorrow to get another look at the A team.
  19. I saw Andie Veyette both Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday was an off night. His performance on Friday was technically much stronger (no sloppiness at all) and his acting was, as always, excellent.
  20. I think Pollack is pretty good but frankly, being married to Jonathan Stafford (who in now second in command to Kay Mazzo at SAB) doesn't hurt.
  21. I am praying that Anthony gets to do T&V, preferably with Tiler but otherwise with Megan Fairchild. I think Anthony's superb performance in Ballo showed he is ready for his "white tights" moment. He is quick, has superb footwork, is rather lyrical and now an accomplished technician.
  22. I thought Taylor was going to be promoted last year but I suspect he lost out to Anthony Huxley. I also believe they will promote Joe Gordon, who has been dancing numerous solo/principal roles. My vote for female promotion to principal goes to Lauren King, who is not only a great technician but whose big smile radiates to the back of the house. Ashley Laracey is wonderful but gets very little to dance so I don't think promotion to principal (at least this year) is in the cards for her. Sohalia, the promotions usually are announced right after the Spring Season. In fact, last year they were announced after the last performance of the season, which was a Sunday. I don't believe they announce any further promotions after Saratoga. But some promotions, like Taylor's or Russell Janzen's about 2 years ago, are spontaneous and come at odd times. Still bravo and big congrats to Taylor!! He really deserves this promotion. For anyone interested, he also dances with Troy Schumacher's group, BalletCollective, which I think is performing in late June at NYU's Skirball Center.
  23. Cornejo danced Seven Sonatas Thursday night, so whatever ailed him Tuesday could not have been that serious. I have to agree with abatt about Ratmansky's Symposium. I found it tedious and without structure. I also agree that the music is not really amenable to dance. Tonight Jeffrey Cirio took Herman's role (the rest of the cast was the same as for the gala) and he really faded into the woodwork. OTOH,Seven Sonatas was beautifully performed. I have always been a fan of Sarah Lane, Herman, Veronika and Joey Gorak. But Hee Seo (whom I usually find incredibly dull) seems to have really improved. She looks far more assured in technique and lyricism. Blaine Hoven's performances have also been excellent. About 6 years ago I pegged him for big things but he was sidelined by injury for several years. This season, with leads in 2 Ratmansky ballets, I hope that maybe he will be promoted to soloist. As for Ratmansky's Firebird, I detest it. I have never seen a ballet that runs so counter to the music (both Fokine's version and Balanchine's are SO much better). Since I had just suffered through it on Monday, I decided to leave at the second intermission, at a high point.
  24. How about Uliana Lopatkina? She's tall but fantastic in the right roles (she very selective about them and for instance never danced Aurora because she thought she was too tall. But she still my favorite O/O.
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