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  1. Jovani Furlan was promoted to Principal last night after MCB's 'Jewels' performance. So thrilled for him!
  2. sohalia

    2017 Fall Season

    I came here as a result of the FB video NYCB just posted of Tiler's fouettes, and was dying to see if anybody had posted a review of her performance yet. She is incredible. I can't wait to read some of your thoughts!
  3. MCB announced it yesterday on its Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/p/BRoCnBkA5dM/?taken-by=miamicityballet "After a 16-year career with Miami City Ballet, Patricia Delgado will take her final bows with the company at the end of the 2016-2017 season during Program Four. She will perform “Divertimento No. 15”and “Who Cares?”, before she moves to New York City to pursue other creative and artistic opportunities" So sad, but I wish her all the best. She was such a treat to watch, and will be dearly missed.
  4. sohalia

    NYCB winter 2017 promotions

    Yaaayyy I just clapped and my roommate was all surprised and wondered what the hell happened! I am thrilled for all, but mostly for Unity, Indiana, Joseph and Harrison. These are not surprising and they were a long time coming. I am thrilled to see them finally happen!
  5. sohalia

    Nutcracker 2016

    Did anybody see Unity Phelan's Dewdrop? Would love to hear some thoughts.
  6. sohalia

    MCB Program I: Giselle.

    The Miami Herald review of the premiere: http://www.miamiherald.com/entertainment/article109940677.html It's a harsh one, but some of the points match some of yours, cubanmiamiboy.
  7. sohalia

    MCB Program I: Giselle.

    Patricia Delgado had surgery a few weeks ago: I am not sure where Jeannette is.
  8. sohalia

    Roster changes

    That's great, and I am pretty excited about Alston. I've never had the chance to see her dance but have heard great things about her. It is no surprise she was hired in the Corps.
  9. Thanks, I'm catching up now. I'm watching Megan prepping before the evening ballets. I did start watching the D class yesterday and got to hear a bit about from Suki but then had to run. It doesn't sound like I missed a lot, but I did love hearing so much from Suki.
  10. The quality of the Facebook live feed is great. I wasn't expecting this. This is fun so far. I will miss some of the ballet sadly, but I am hoping I will be able to replay it later on! Great initiative.
  11. sohalia

    City Ballet 2016-2017 Season

    How were Bouder's first shows back after her maternity leave?
  12. sohalia

    City Ballet 2016-2017 Season

    Ashley Bouder has announced her return to the stage on her Instagram account. First two performances: Vienna Waltzes (2nd waltz) on Friday September 23 at 8pm and Sunday September 25 at 3pm
  13. A nice article in the NYT on some of the dancers in Paris: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/14/arts/dance/new-york-city-ballet-savors-the-city-of-light-paris-theatre-du-chatelet.html?smid=tw-nytimesarts&smtyp=cur Congrats to Silas on his engagement!
  14. sohalia

    NYCB Spring 2016 Spring Season

    Oh yay! I remember him from the Teen Vogue series! Congratulations to him!
  15. sohalia

    NYCB Spring 2016 Spring Season

    Kind of unrelated, but Ashley Bouder's baby girl is so long! Look at those legs!