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  1. Very true, I also did enjoy the episodes with Litton, and have actually gone and watched the 1973 footage of Balanchine's Symphony in C right after the episode discussing Bizet's piece and how Balanchine used it. I hope for more of these pieces about the music and the composers, it was fascinating. I did like the episode with the Principal Oboist, but it got a bit too technical for me at times in the explanations and they used words I had to look up as I have no knowledge of music theory - but also maybe because English is not my first language and I sometimes am missing the technical vocabulary of very specific fields.
  2. Any reports on the Furlan/Hod performance?
  3. I just wanted to say that I love the new feature of the podcast: The Rosin Box with Claire Kretzschmar and Aarón Sanz. It's been so nice to get to know the dancers individually, to hear them talk about their paths, their personal lives, their experiences. It's so fascinating, and makes them so human and "approachable" in a way. While I did find some episodes of the first season a bit dry at times, this new series is fantastic. I hope we get to hear from every dancer, and get more behind-the-scened tidbits like these.
  4. Joy has resurfaced on social media after facing what sounds like serious health issues per her Instagram post. I am glad to read she is on the road to recovery now, and slowly getting back to dancing.
  5. Thank you Vipa for the update on Tiler Peck. I am so happy to see you all rave about Jovani Furlan! He was always one of my favorites to watch down at Miami City Ballet, and I'm very happy to hear he's transitioned well into NYCB and is doing great already.
  6. Maybe I missed this, but how long will Tiler Peck be out? I gather she's injured since she's not cast anywhere.
  7. Oh goodness, that's always my biggest fear when I bike and I always try to stay clear of parked cars as much as possible... I wish him a speedy recovery, and I am very glad it doesn't sound like it's a major injury.
  8. sohalia

    Kathryn Morgan

    She just posted this little video of her dancing Dewdrop at MCB on her Instagram, and I just had to share. It's like she never left. Her arms and her musicality are fantastic. I wish I still lived in Miami so I could go and watch her dance.
  9. I believe it's Megan Fairchild. I am also pretty sure it's Peter Walker with the beard and long hair tied in a bun. It looks like he's dancing with Pollack? It took me a while to make sure it was him as well.
  10. I finished listening to all three episodes today, and I am very excited for this podcast and the content we will get out of it. Silas Farley has THE perfect voice for this role, he's so soothing yet captivating. I could have listened to him go on and on for hours. I could hear in his voice the passion and enthusiasm he has for ballet and its history, so it truly was delightful to listen to him. I can't wait for more of it, and to also hear from Whelan and Litton. What a fantastic initiative! I love the direction NYCB seems to be taking right now with outreach and social media, with these new podcasts and the live Instagram video of the DGV rehearsal... Now bring back Devin Alberda's backstage photographs, and I'm going to be the most happy camper and NYCB fan ever.
  11. Thanks for sharing. I love podcasts, so I can't wait to listen to this one. Hopefully it appears on Apple Podcasts soon so it's easier for me to download and listen. This is a great idea.
  12. I used to watch her vlogs a few years ago while she was in her early years with the Kremlin Ballet after leaving the Bolshoi... She crossed my mind today and I was wondering what she was up. Great news for her! I hope she can thrive there and find a home for the years to come.
  13. Exactly, that's why I decided on these seats in the end. I figured since it's a ballet with a prominent corps presence, it was probably better to view it from a bit further up. I was very happy with that decision in the end.
  14. I just returned from London, where I saw the Aug. 5th performance of Swan Lake with Stepanova/Ovcharenko/Lobukhin. I won't get as technical as many you as I simply don't have the knowledge and am just a little beginner in this ballet world, but I truly did have a memorable evening. Stepanova was stunning, what a treat to watch her dance. She made Odette and Odile, particularly Odile, truly come alive. I was sitting on the balcony so I didn't necessarily have a great view of her facial expressions, but I didn't need to as I could feel the very different emotions through her dance and movements. The contrast she was able to show between her Odette (softer, shy, in love, pained) and her Odile (sharper, playful and a tease yet devilish) was impressive. Her Black Swan was to die for. She did look like a swan throughout most of the ballet, and made it all look effortless again with her magnificent presence, technique and interpretation. Her port de bras is delighful, and her dancing and interpretations were detailed, nuanced and fluid. I did not count her fouettes, but I do remember being stunned by them. I could have watched her dance and pirouette and jump the entire night, and she really did look like a mystical creature, elegant, captivating, sentimental and insighftul. Ovcharenko was great as well but honestly I just could not keep my eyes off Stepanova most of the time. That said, he looked as captivated and smitten by Stepanova's characters as I was. The corps itself was also particularly stunning. I had never watched a full-length version of Swan Lake, only the shortened Balanchine one, so I truly was able to appreciate the corps here. The dancers were sharp and just sublime during the lake-side scenes. Each movement or pose held was so symmetrical and precise to the millimeter that I also found myself absorbed by it. They all truly did look like a group of swans as well. I did find Lobukhin a bit bland, heavy and quite wobbly at times. At one point it looked like he stumbled on his own feet, although he saved it nicely, but anyways I wasn't particularly blown away by his dancing. On the contrary, I found Georgy Gusev as the fool particularly astounding. Very light on his feet, explosive jumps and steady pirouettes, and truly in his character the entire time. I honestly thought he stole the show whenever he was on stage, from my perspective and the crowd's reaction. I also enjoyed Bruna Gaglianone Cantanhede as the Neapolitan Bride, and maybe because she reminded me more of the style of dancing I'm used to as she's Brazilian and I have been to a handful of Miami City Ballet productions, where a lot of the dancers are Brazilian. The production itself was indeed interesting, and some of you on here had warned me of the ending. I am not quite sure how to feel about it yet, again as I have no 'true' point of comparison with another full-length production. It did not bother me greatly at the time, but I don't think I like having the prince being alone on stage at the end too much. Other than that, I did find the imagery great and successfully and effortlessly linking the eerie, hazy lake scenes to the more festive and crowded palace ones. I am very glad I went to see this, and I wished I was in London longer to see the ballet with a different cast. All in all, Stepanova and the corps de ballet were the true big stars of this ballet for me.
  15. Omg no way ! That's the last thing I expected, but this is great news for her. I sometimes browse through her YouTube channel, and she had some very insightful videos in there about her experience. I'm so bummed I had to move out of Miami; I'd have loved to see her. What a great addition. I'm expecting some movement in the company and hopefully promotions with the departures/retirements of J. Delgado, J. Furlan and R. Penteado.
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