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  1. I am not sure where to put this, but I also don't feel it deserves a new thread by itself. Plus, her thread in Dancers got locked. Anyways, Joy Womack posted on Instagram that she's back in Russia waiting to get paperwork sorted, and she wishes Boston Ballet good luck on the season's opener. Did she leave the company? I'm a bit sad we won't get to see her dance with Boston Ballet at all if that is the case, but she's always been tied to Russia in her heart hasn't she?
  2. What a shame, I too expected a long career for him at NYCB. My first thought seeing the topic's name was "I hope he will continue the podcasts!" So I am happy to hear he is, his voice is perfect for those. I wish him well in his next adventures, and hopefully he does return in the future in some sort of teaching capacity, I can picture him in the studio with his patience and presence.
  3. I do appreciate the proactivity and realistic assessment of the situation by the company. With the current state of the U.S. regarding COVID, and how cases are rising left and right, it is a sensible albeit heartbreaking decision. I hope the company will not have to make some cuts because of the budget losses. I am very sad, but also quite excited to get another digital season to discover many new ballets and dancers. Of course, I am sure it doesn't match the ticket sales (or does it?), but it is better than nothing I suppose.
  4. I kind of wish we had seen full, impactful ballet instead of a whole bunch of excerpts, but I suppose I'm being picky at this point. I also wish they had concluded the season with a "bang"... Maybe something less contemporary, and more iconic and memorable from Balanchine (Serenade, Agon, Mozartiana or even Emeralds from Jewels). But that's okay, again, I can't really complain and I am super thankful we even got to see anything at all. My favorite part of this whole assortment was definitely Taylor Stanley and his solo. Wow. I'm also happy we saw a little bit of Unity Phelan in Easy,
  5. Woohoo! This just popped up in my YouTube notifications! MCB has posted a video of Firebird which was recorded from the premiere season in February 2020, with Nathalia Arja in the role. It is available to watch online until June 28, 2020. I know what I'm doing later today 🤩
  6. Just watched Donizetti Variations and wow, wow, wow! What an exhilarating ballet! Balanchine was such a genius. I have no words. And Bouder! She was on fire. And Veyette! So light and sharp, those turns! The ensemble was stunning as well, and I really appreciated the attention to detail and all the little Balanchine notes. The bit at 23:15 with the the two pairs rotating beneath the arms of the other Corps members was delightful, I could watch it endlessly. What a brilliant mind. I loved this ballet. I had a smile on my face the entire time. See, this might not have been one I would
  7. Thank you for this link Kathleen, what a gorgeous movement, and gorgeous dancers. Peck was stellar as usual, and so incredibly light. She made the entire dance look so effortless. Stunning partnering from Angle as well, the way he smoothly catches her in those falls at 2:44 was... *chef's kiss* And that lift at 4:50, I cannot get enough. It's like she's just floating away in his arms. So effortless.
  8. *facepalm* I did watch After the Rain, which NYCB streamed a few weeks ago. Good job me. I did enjoy that, but I suppose it didn't really make a strong impression one, did it? I do think my favorite has been "This Bitter Earth." Well, at least from that little excerpt NYCB released with Mearns and ADW. It really gave me goosebumps.
  9. Liturgy was definitely... interesting. Although I now understand people's comments about Wheeldon now. But it was lovely to finally get to see Kowroski, although I would have loved loved to see her in Agon or Mozartiana instead. I did get a bit distracted by the heavy breathing we could hear at times, so that was unfortunate. Agreed with everybody's comments about Carousel, and I too wish we had seen more of Lovette. This was my first time seeing anything from Wheeldon and I have got to admit I wasn't blown away. Maybe his style is not for me either.
  10. Thanks for letting us know. I probably would have missed it as well, but YES to a pay digital season On Demand. I believe us overseas and non-NYC residents would love that - I know I do! I can't wait to watch Diamonds later today.
  11. After the delight that was Tuesday's broadcast, this one is a bit disappointing. I too was expecting more, but much like Rotunda, I wasn't blown away and had a hard time staying engaged throughout. The costumes are awfully distracting - although not as unflattering as in Rotunda. I get the whole "nod to Commedia dell’Arte" there and I wish it also showed in the ballet itself, with more humor and satire, but alas. It was all very "technical" dancing, and there weren't any movements or expression that really reminded of the Commedia dell'Arte and its characters themselves with all their specifi
  12. Interesting. As nanushka said, I'm surprise the company would say its his debut in the video description when it's technically not, but it's a small detail. I am in awe. I literally can't take my eyes off of him, and I had to consciously force myself to pay attention to Reichlen and the Corps. What a great presence. I can't wait to see more of him and yes, please promote the man!
  13. I finally finished watching, and wow I looooved Western Symphony, to my own surprise! To echo what everyone else has said: more of Roman Mejia, please! I can't believe this was his debut in the role, he looked so confident, at ease, and like he was having a blast. I'm going to go watch it again. I also very much enjoyed Gordon and Hyltin in Afternoon of a Faun. A very ethereal piece of dancing. I am happy I got to see it.
  14. I went back and watched it three more times. It just as flawless and unreal every single time. She really embodies the whole "see the music." I can't help but wonder the kinds of ballet Balanchine would have created on her.
  15. I have been watching each ballet separately as I slowly make my way through Tuesday's video. I just wanted to say WOW at Tiler Peck in Theme and Variations. I mean, I know she's fantastic but.... WOW. I could watch her on repeat here. It looks like it's on fast-forward, yet it's flawless. I hope Tchai Pas de Deux is on the program next because she's stellar there also. What a treat of a "season." I never thought I would get to see and discover so many different ballet from my home.
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