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  1. The gala can be fun, especially in the spring, because of the celebs. I don't attend the dinner but generally sit in the 2nd ring. Depending on my mood and the weather, I try to dress up a little. It's good if you can't wait the week to see the program at the normal prices.
  2. I saw Justin's Decalogue at its premiere. It is more classical than some of his other works and Stevens' score for piano also sounded classical. I didn't particularly like the piece, possibly because it didn't have the energy and contemporary feel that most of his pieces do. The costumes are extremely simple and were designed by Justin: varying shades of gray strappy leotards with white tights. There was some lovely partnering with Sara and Jared that was the highlight of the piece for me. I'd also like to add this evening was quite long, running close to 3 hours. Also all the pieces had a r
  3. NYCB announces casting only 2 weeks before the performance, generally on a Tuesday. If casting for SL is similar to Nutcracker, the steady principals will get the first week and then we may see some Auroras from the soloist or corps ranks. SL is probably the best of Peter Martins' adaptations of classic ballets. When I saw it a few years ago, I saw Ashley Bouder and liked her but this year I'd probably rather see someone sweeter like Tiler Peck. I assume Sterling Hyltin will get opening night, since she usually gets opening nights. This year, I'd also really like to see an up and comer like La
  4. I think the problem with Andie has a few facets. One is that he's getting older and last year had that serious calf injury. Another is that Andie ALWAYS gets the bravura, technically demanding roles. And the third is that he doesn't really dance enough. Amar, for example, dances a lot more than Andie. This last factor may be the most important reason because Danny Ulbricht has a similar problem. He is only used in bravura roles and he is criminally underused by the company. Yet he always comes out and knocks your socks off. Perhaps Danny's projects (like Dance Against Cancer) leave him in go
  5. Yes, congrats to Alec and to Taylor Stanley. I think there will be other promotions but this year is seems they will be announced later, after Paris or Saratoga. OTOH, the SAB workshop is this Saturday, Jume 4. We should know shortly afterwards who will be accepted into NYCB as apprentices. My one bet is on Kennard Henson, who was one of the SAB students coached in Tchai Pas for the demonstration event that occurs during the weekend of Balanchine's birth. I saw Kennard last year and was extremely impressed.
  6. I saw Andie Veyette both Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday was an off night. His performance on Friday was technically much stronger (no sloppiness at all) and his acting was, as always, excellent.
  7. I am praying that Anthony gets to do T&V, preferably with Tiler but otherwise with Megan Fairchild. I think Anthony's superb performance in Ballo showed he is ready for his "white tights" moment. He is quick, has superb footwork, is rather lyrical and now an accomplished technician.
  8. Yes, there are a few small lifts in Ballo.
  9. I agree with abatt. Though it was great to see Maria, her range of and (for me) the very apparent stiffness in her back really detracted from her performance. Sara was much more fluid, with deep back bends, and of course she was very glamorous. But she got a huge amount of applause at the end (more than any other dancer in the performance).As for Ballo, I am a huge Anthony fan. He is very clean, very fast and has quick footwork. I far prefer to see him paired with Megan than Lauren Lovette. Megan has this role down cold. But maybe that's the problem. She doesn't project any charm or charisma.
  10. Well said, balinchinette. I thought Sara was totally miscast, she looked leaden and Tyler really had trouble hoisting her around (yes, like a ton of bricks). But I thought the demis - Huxley, Garcia and Brittany Pollack made up for the leads. They had the right energy and virtuosity.
  11. I have to disagree with you jkr a bit about Symph in 3. I saw Symph in 3 twice this spring before tonight; once with the first cast (essentially the same as tonight except for Erica) and a second cast where Tiler Prck did the lead woman. The first night i saw it I felt bad for Ana Sophia. I feel even worse now because I fear she may have reinjued herself after only a few days back (after being off at least 1 year due to injury). However,I thought Erica (who I'd seen in the second cast) was actually better than Ana. Ana looked very thin, tired and had virtually no jump the night I saw her. Eric
  12. I thought American Rhapsody was extremely dull and unimaginative. Robbie looks kind out of shape and maybe that's all he could do but the dance vocabulary seemed very limited. I actually liked Nicolas Blanc's Mothership better (though neither was anything to write home about). I especially liked that of its 8 dancers, 3 are apprentices and the others are young, not very senior corps members. Of course Ratmansky's Concerto DSCH was the best piece on the program. Unfortunately, I think Sara is miscast as the lead woman. The choreography requires the man to swing his partner around from his neck
  13. One of the students coached - Kennard Henson - is someone I first saw at the 2015 Workshop performance. He was VERY impressive then and has just gotten better. His partner (I don't recall her name) was also very good. I hope they get into NYCB.
  14. On a different topic, I just saw Justin Peck's The Most Incredible Thing. IMO, it should have been called The Most Dreadful Thing. I thought it was awful; gimmicky (oh those terrible costumes), and for the most part had very pedestrian choreography. The piece is a series of vignettes, each one titled thing like "one o' clock, the cuckoo bird; two o' clock Adam and Eve, three o' clock The Three Kings" etc. These vignettes seem to have nothing much to do with each other so, as a narrative piece, it doesn't hang together very well. I did like the Adam and Eve section, performed tonight by Adrian
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