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I generally don't have much trouble finding ballet DVD's, especially on Amazon, and they're at a reasonable price. However, I saw a clip of Alessandra Ferri's first act variation from Giselle and I loved it, so I decided to see if the DVD was available. Imagine my dismay when I discover that the cheapest one was on Amazon at $525. This is from the marketplace because the DVD is no longer in production. However, I still find that the price is impossibly high. They can't reasonably expect someone to spend five hundred dollars or more on a DVD? Has anyone had a similar experience with any other DVDs and other stores? It's just that I'm upset because I really wanted to see this particular production of Giselle and it frustrates me that people would charge a price that is simply not worth it, even if one had the money at hand.

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and aren't the individual prices for used and supposedly rare items set by the seller?

amazon is only a clearing house, if that's the word for it, not the price-setter.

Yes, that's true; the individual seller sets the price.

Wow, I thought the price for this DVD @ $150 was a lot when I was looking for it about 5 years ago!

But $525. Yikes.

This has been out of circulation for years now.

A little advice, keep checking back, I've noticed this DVD for as low as about $50 on amazon marketplace during the last few years.

Also check Ebay from time to time, copies turn up

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This video is available at www.berkshirerecordoutlet.com for about 7.99.

However, be warned that it's a pirate with somewhat inferior video quality.

The DVD is still in print in Europe, courtesy of Arthaus Musik. If you've got a region-free player, you can get it for a good deal less than $525 on German, French or British Amazon.


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...cheapest one was on Amazon at $525....

Holy cow :wink: Am I ever glad I bought it when is was in circulation! Haven't watched this in a while, but remember loving Ferri (of course) and being pleasantly surprised by Murro and the corps de ballet. Unfortunately, Isabel Seabra's Myrtha was seriously earthbound, a performance that would deter me from spending too much. On the other hand, this appears to be the only Ferri Giselle on dvd, so....

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Also this DVD (Giselle by Ferri and Murru) is available in Japan


although region code is 2, NTSC format.

I saw it on display at the gift shop of the Opera Garnier in Paris but it isn't listed on the website. Perhaps if you telephoned and asked them? HTH.

Looks like it's available in the UK.


PAL R2, natch. 24GBP is about 40 USD. Kinda pricey, but far better than $150.


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Thanks for all the replies, I've wanted this one too, but held off because of exhorbitant prices. In the meantime, I have a VHS copy of "Dancers" and if I fast-forward halfway through the film, I get most of Giselle with Ferri and Baryshnikov in what eventually became ABT's version. This film is also out of print, but probably available on ebay or elsewhere for a lot cheaper than that Amazon/La Scala dvd. (Other ABT dancers who appear: Leslie Browne (Myrta), Lynn Seymour (mom), Amanda McKerrow (Moyna/Zulma?), Julie Kent (corps).

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I paid $100 for Suzanne Farrell "Elusive Muse", which was the cheapest copy available on Amazon at the time. I am so glad I did- some things are worth paying for I think!

I noticed that the cheapest copy of George Zoritch's "Ballet Mystique" book was $250 on Amazon last week. Ouch!

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For contrast, here's another thread where a new-on-the-market inexpensive ballet DVD is discussed:


I grant you, it's only got short excerpts (apparently -- mine hasn't arrived yet) and runs about an hour, but for about $15 delivered, it looks like value for money. Check out the Youtube links in the thread and see how good and simple the camera-work is!

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Searching amazon.fr (France), or amazon.de (Germany) can give you a different range of DVDs. Many are multi-regional DVDs but if not a multiregional player is not very expensive. Some vendors don't sell internationally, but most do. Google will translate the website into English and all your registered data (credit cards etc) is carried forward from amazon.com or amazon.co.uk. One can buy with a couple of clicks. I recently went to Belairclassiques to buy modern ballet from the POB and was transferred to amazon.fr, and bought them all painlessly, other than the usual steep cost.

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