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  1. The Cojocaru/Muntagirov cast has been filmed for a video release :-)
  2. As wrote and pictured in his first tweet "Il mio primo coccodrillo", the mad thing he wanted to try for 3 years was eating crocodile and he had it in his last day in SF.
  3. Do you know Polunin so closely? have you ever spoken to him? Regarding Jayne following comment is well known from the very beginning that Zelensky left with Polunin, without saying word, and so leaving HIS dancer armless in at the (inexistent) mercy of Schaufuss and some reporters. Not surprisingly, a large part of the press forgot to write this small detail.
  4. Well, BA is on the Internet. I wonder as well why these particular comments earned Kobborg's ire - surely there's harsher criticism out there - but it's nice to know he's reading BA. It was a big night for Cojocaru, of course. I was excited to see her, even if I didn't think she was shown to best effect. My fault, I'm afraid: I was caught by him when laughing at your comments with a friend in another social network. The cambrè at min 1:48 I think justify all the laughing and also his unability to resist to comment... http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bzqX-iNinMI#!
  5. True enough on the other hand Allegra Kent did it years ago for NYCB, on the other hand the AD at ABT seems to limit himself to when it comes to casting. Being a lyrical dancer, Cojocaru dances the 2nd movement with Royal Ballet. She has also danced the 1st movement in the past.
  6. U2? maybe with Sunday Bloody Sunday? they are from Ireland! I agree that it looked quite confused on TV: when they were creating the symbol of peace, they looked of the same color og the "stage", almost invisible... maybe the used big screens. Some great ideas (young athlets to light the torch...but are they lighting it off to move it in anothre place? it cannot stay in the middle of athletics stadium!) and some others I didn't like at all (all the part with "text love story")...
  7. And Paolo Uccello is Paul Bird yes, but Joe Green is Beppe Verde, not Giuseppe Verdi (Joseph Greens).
  8. I have a strong feeling that Putrov was fired by a long list of female colleagues more than from Mason. Anyway, as you said, thank God she is going (not competely), even if several years too late. Anyway many are already missing her: "she served the Company" they say.
  9. I suppose I had the same translation as you , let's hope it is just Google fault and not in the original text!
  10. There is a long list of outsiders on Mason book (to make just an example, the past year she denied Aurora to Cojocaru because, in her opinion, she didn't suite her Sleeping Beauty production...). One of her most famous outsider forced to leave, Sylvie Guillem, is giving here an answer and an advice to Polunin (at 23'10"). The interview is extremely interesting and also entertaining, but she is speaking (excellently) in Italian...
  11. Roland Petit died one year ago (July 10, 2011) and I don't remember that Sergei has ever worked with him, has anybody a different information? Maybe there is something wrong with the translation.
  12. Are we sure that they were taken at the same performance? :-) I don't know about ABT habits, but companies usually have photoshoots at dress rehearsals. Honestly I didn't: I think some are quite bad ballet photos, n1 and 5 especially.
  13. I'd say yes. I don't undestand if the critic is to the reviewer or the performer.
  14. New York Times published pictures from J&R, here is the one of opening of the balcony scene. Natialia Osipova is "feeling the moon" on her face. She is in the light, clearly visible. (And this is exactly how I remember seeing it.) http://www.nytimes.c...2_ABT_SS-5.html Thank you for pointing this out. That's exactly how I remember it as well. But after reading some of the messages on this thread I was beginning to wonder if I was imagining things. It's nice to have a piece of physical evidence to confirm that I can still trust my senses. But I'm afraid that, to my taste, picture 4 confirms some other critics, and my fear. Maybe just a bad editor choice, though. I cannot imagine, how she will be with Vasilev in Tokyo: they are dancig R&J next year with La Scala. She is often very over the top when dancing with him (I LOVE it in some ballet, much less in others). Anyway she is always one of the very few dancers worthing a trip: I'm looking forward her Swan Lake, Manon and Esmeralda in Milan next season (being grateful also for a trip of just 15 min by bike). MacCauly reviews are always illuminating, for what he says about his casts (FIVE!!! some were truly unmissable for baletomans, anyway congratulations for the dedication of the professional critic!) and for what he skips (a review by itself).
  15. (I really hope Alina Cojocaru saw him as a sylph, and I would love to know what she thought of it!) I suspect she saw it... when I asked for a pair of signed pointe shoes, I was told somebody arrived earlier Although she must have enjoyed it as we did, I'm happy to say that she didn't take anything from that for her wonderful Sylph on Tuesday (partnering Kobborg's superb James: what a show!!!)
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