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  1. London Royal ballet is using Jürgen Rose sets and costumes, so more or less the original ones; the darker version, absolutely too dark!, in my opinion is the Pierluigi Samaritani and Roberta Guidi di Bagno one, used by La Scala and Rome Opera: especially the last scene in Gremin's home is quite dark and funereal. The Royal Ballet of Flanders is using the lighter (both because of the luminosity and because the stage is quite empty) version I've seen, by Maren Fisher and Thomas Mika (as far as I know this version was initially produced especially for Far East companies).
  2. I totally agree. This pdd was filmed when Alina Cojocaru was just 23 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcbABeadE_A&list=FLIAEv-PgvhSwOne2vElOMtw&index=1&feature=plpp_video to my taste it has been surpassed only by Cojocaru and Kobborg in later shows. Onegin is also in my pesonal list of favourites ballet. It needs great dance actors and unfortunately can seem a poor thing when the dancers are not able to shows all the interpretative details. It seems also more suited to some companies than to others: I'm always disappointed watching clips coming from a certain European major comp
  3. Maria Alexandrova: she IS Myrtha. She has a commanding stage presence and impose herself in such a noble and authoritative way that it leaves no doubts on who is the Queen and why. Her powerful dancing, supported by her clean but eloquent technique, gives to the role a dimension of grandiosity that is beautifully matched by her acting. The first time I saw her entering on stage launched in imperious grand jetes and with the music going up, I was almost scared and willing to escape from my seat! She can just stand in a corner and you can "feel" her: she is motionless and when she just clo
  4. Wow! Anyway, I didn’t say that Nunez is unmusical: I said that for me she doesn’t “use” the music as great artists do. As I said, I consider her a top dancer, but nothing more and that’s not enough for me. In my opinion, she seems to do everything (steps, acting) she could be taught to do and that’s just not enough. You like her “facial expressions” and those are the things I like the less of her, so probably our tastes are just antithetic: I’m sure we will survive perfectly to that. If you think that her acting in Gamzatti was excellent (I’m not saying it was “wrong” or really “bad”)
  5. I agree. I’ve not seen the filmed performance of Swan Lake, but I’ve seen them in October (and I saw Nunez dancing also with Acosta). She had great critics, but at that time I thought that it was just something used to mask the fact that the company was performing without people like Cojocaru, Lamb, Rojo and Yanowsky (alphabetical order). Nunez is a top level dancer and gives high professional performances, but I’ looking for a deeper artistic dimension. To me she seems to remain only on the surface of characters (her Gamzatti, for example is no more than a stereotype) and I just cannot “se
  6. And there is Giselle pdd too (not sure if I can add the link, but I think that the clips are not yet available through youtube search engine...).Unfortunately I've never seen her dancing live, but she was the first Sylph I've ever seen and she is till now my favourite. May she rest in peace.
  7. There is also the the Aragon-Cué "Blancanieves" (Snow White in Spanish), danced a few times by Tamara Rojo and available as DVD. I don't know if they are plannig to propose again the full ballet, but Tamara is still dancing the pdd in some galas.
  8. Alice in Wonderland has a balett sounds great to bad i can´t see it but when it will be put up in Sweden or Denmark i would love to see it Not Sweden or Denmark, anyway English National Ballet has in its repertoire Derek Deane's Alice in Wonderland. The music is a mix of Tchaikovsky's works.
  9. annamicro

    Natalia Osipova

    Many people had difficoulties, I could just listen to the music... I tried a home made solution uploading the clips on NeroVisionExpress and it worked. But I'll try your advices to resolve radically the problem. Thanks a lot!
  10. annamicro

    Natalia Osipova

    Hello everybody, I couldn't agree more: I saw her Giselle live in Turin (December 23rd) and it was a stunning performance. After that I saw the Moscow one and, even if also her debut was very interesting and promising, the improvement in just one month and two shows was really impressive. I was looking forward her debut as Sylph in the Bournonville/Kobborg Sylphide and now Bolshoi web-site is announcing her name for the first night on Feb 20th! The Russian version of the site is confirming the announced partnership with Lopatin, not sure which one is more up-to-date…in any case: Good lu
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