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    Ballet researcher, Co- curator of Pavlova Museum (John and Roberta Lazzarini archive and Pavlova's Furniture collection) London with Geoffrey Whitlock, Event Producer, contributor to several Ballet History studies,with Geoffrey Whitlock entertained Bolshoi and Kirov Ballets and variously Galina Ulanova and Alla Osipenko also a good number of Pavlova's dancers. , event producer
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  1. In a much different context. Much to the horror of Rudi fans (who had exited through the back door and was returning to enter the stage door after a performance of the “Shades scene” in Mr Nureyev's edition, I approached him as he strutted up the middle of the street and asked him why he had changed the variation for Merle Park. He ignored me. I asked him a second time. He ignored me. I asked him a third time. He stopped and with hand on hip he said. “ Eeets therr my dear just except it.” Thereafter if he saw me he would with a wicked smile mockingly wag his finger at me. Much later when
  2. I understand and appreciate your requirement that Facebook pages are not to be used as a source of information on your website and will refrain from such citations in the future. Could you point me to serious opinions, supported by fact, stating that Stepanova does not have the potential of becoming a great dancer? I honestly am not aware of any, hence my statement that there is a general consensus on that point. There have been some discussions comparing her at this stage of her development to the mature Ulanova or Lopatkina or the other greats of the past but that doesn't seem fair, does
  3. As perhaps should be clarified: that's a fan page...(and notes only that she is still on the roster). That is, whatever it says is not an announcement from the artist. (Even if she was/is leaving the company, it would be gracious for the Mariinsky to list her prize and not exactly inappropriate, and I'm glad they did. She did win as a Mariinsky artist.) It seems to me that there is a good number of "fanzine" style responses to videos of Yulia Stepanova of late. Having only seen videos of her dancing and in matching her performances with live performances those of the 60's,70's, 80's and ev
  4. During her final year at the Imperial Ballet School, Pavlova performed many small roles with the Mariinsky Ballet. The mention of 1899, is I suggest merely a notated reference to Pavlova's official graduation debut in “The Imaginary Dryad's” as one would find in an official record. Whilst Alexander Gorsky had perfected the Stepanov notation and moved to Moscow, Nicholas Grigorovich Sergeyev was appointed regisseur of the Imperial Ballet in 1903 he assigned Alexander Chekrygin and the following year Victor Rakhmanov and later Nikolai Kremnev and S.Ponomaryev who undertook the majority of the
  5. Petipa's definitive revival of Giselle of 1884 followed versions by Coralli and Perrot and was established by Maria Gorzhenkova in the title role. Petipa having seemingly arranged his definitive revival of Giselle in 1884 for the Ballerina Maria Gorzhenkova, however, he made ​​his final touches to the work, to debut Anna Pavlova in 1903 having the confidence in her following her triumphant performance as Nikiya in 1902. It is clear that Petipa amended in parts the choreography for Pavlova's Giselle which is confirmed in the Stepanov notation held in the Sergeyev collection. The notation can
  6. Dear Richard I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. You capture the flavour of your period extremely well. Thank you.
  7. leonid17


    I am a great fan of the Mariinsky Ballet performing Balanchine. Of course its quite different to how NYCB perform his works today which in turn is quite different to how the NYCB danced Balanchine in the 1960s. The most important thing to be considered is that NYCB had some kind of Neo-Classical (a ghastly, cheap and vulgar coarse expression) Style and the Kirov/Mariinsky has a more complete Academic Classical Ballet Style arriving from a higher form of both teaching, coaching and of course a higher aesthetic. The fact is the Trust allows the current Mariinsky Company to perform Balanchine'
  8. leonid17


    Are people saying that this dancer is Exskorikable?
  9. leonid17


    Perhaps her promotion has something to do with the five pregancies among the senior members of the company.
  10. I have seen the following Anthony Tudor ballets and have been an admirer of the best of his creations over the last forty years and have particularly been moved by performances of the following works:- Dark Elegies, Echoing of Trumpets Knight Errant Lilac Garden Pillar of Fire Shadow Play The Leaves are Falling Tudor's dance works, seem to undoubtedly find more more appeal with the introspective members of an audience especially when it is a dance audience brought up on academic classical ballet. Anthony Tudor (born William Cook)in his ballets often reflects the emptiness that the “Ec
  11. leonid17

    Olga Smirnova

    FROM BOLSHOI THEATRE WEBSITE Cast for tonight is:- (Plus BIOGRAPHY) 14 july 2012 Aspicia, the Pharaoh's daughter - Olga Smirnova Lord Wilson, an Englishman, who turns into an Egyptian called Taor - Semyon Chudin John Bull, his servant, who turns into an Egyptian called Passiphonte - Denis Medvedev Ramze, Aspicia's Nubian slave = Anna Tikhomirova A Fisherman = Vladislav Lantratov The Fisherman's Wife - Anastasia Stashkevich Pas d'action Yan Godovsky Alesya Gradova (Boyko) Xenia Kern Svetlana Pavlova Maria Pror
  12. I have always found the calendar invaluable as it has helped me keep a number of friends and colleagues informed of performances of works that are of interest to them. Thank you Helene.
  13. It is a pity that this thread which started as an enthusiastic celebration of the Royal Wedding has been hijacked(in part) by ill informed political ranting which is certainly out of keeping with the usual tone of Ballet Alert. I hope never to see such a degeneration of a thread allowed on Ballet Alert again.
  14. To Go Coyote's last post I'm not sure it is technically possible for any of us to judge the level of support for the wedding (or the royal family itself) given that (1) the mainstream media was 'heroically' biased in favour of the event and (2) many dissenters or even 'questioners' and 'free thought provokers' were silenced in pre crime (thought crime) arrests the day before. (quote) There was no media bias towards the event it was in terms of the UK an absolutely major event embracing people from all classes, many different racial background and numerous religions. Children and adults acros
  15. Living with the experience of terrorism and its possiblities with crowds getting together, UK authorities imposed regulations regarding organised celebrations. This robbed the kind of spontaneity of a 'peoples event' and celebrations took place at home, in clubs and pubs rather than having to be subjected to what was in effect legal restrictions. The North/South divide in respect of the celebrations is a myth. Check my earlier post which concentrated on our most economically challenged cities of the Midlands,the North, Scotland and Northern Ireland celebrating the wedding, which Mashinka like
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