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  1. OMG, I'm sooo excited to see Kondaurova in Diamonds! And I love Batoeva and am curious to see Bulanova again, so I'm thrilled they're all in the same cast!
  2. Single tickets go on sale on August 5, in case anyone is interested. No casting has been posted yet. I've never been to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion--do any LA natives have advice on where to sit? I usually like to sit fairly close to the stage in the orchestra, but if there isn't much of an incline, or if the seats are not staggered, I probably will sit elsewhere... Thanks in advance!
  3. Interesting... No Kondaurova in "Paquita" at the Kennedy Center (how disappointing!), but she will be dancing in Bayadere. I'm glad to see Tereshkina will be dancing since we missed her at the Kennedy Center in April.
  4. If I peer into my crystal ball, I see Christine Shevchenko "on standby" for tonight...
  5. Fascinating! I had the complete opposite reaction--but perhaps because I didn't see last night's show. I thought Shevchenko's White Swan was amazing--just mesmerizing and beautiful! She took her time, she filled every beat of the music...I was extremely impressed. The Black Swan was excellent, but I feel like last year's was even more exciting--or perhaps it's because I now expect that level of mind-blowing technical excellence from Shevchenko. I expect her to hold that arabesque balance forever (as she did) and whip out those double pirouettes ala seconde and nail the fouettes.
  6. I saw four Corsaire performances this past week: Brandt/Mack/Simkin/Lane (Tues), Shevchenko/Mack/Ahn/Trenary (Thurs), Teuscher/Stearns/Whiteside/Williams (Fri), and Shevchenko et al again on Sat. Here are some quick thoughts from me, though I think many other posters have already expressed my sentiments: Obviously Simkin is a world-class talent, and his Ali would be a highlight at any company. It's too bad he was injured in the middle of the run. On Mack versus Stearns: I agree with the comments about Mack lacking some polish and finesse, but he was a fantastic partner for both
  7. Another technically-astounding performance from Shevchenko today! Both my friend and I thought she and Whiteside looked a bit tired, but she can still deliver all the technical goodies even when she's not 100%. She had one very extended balance in retire in the Act II variation, and in the Act III fouette section she did alternating singles and doubles with the fan over her head for 16 counts and then perfectly-centered singles for the remainder. I thought Shevchenko and Whiteside had more chemistry than in Swan Lake, but it definitely was not as spicy as I've seen in past performance
  8. I 1000% agree with all of the praise for Shevchenko. I knew she would be good, but she just blew me away today! I have seen at least a dozen ABT performances this season, but I haven't felt excited enough about any of them to bother writing on the forum--at least not until today. Some moments that I thought were noteworthy that haven't already been mentioned: 1) I loved her swan arms as she was exiting the lake scene at the end of Act II were gorgeously done 2) The little rond-de-jambs into the extensions to the side in the Act II white swan variation were so secure, with
  9. I'm shocked, but I actually enjoyed tonight's (Tuesday's) performance way more than I was expecting to! First, Her Notes -- I know I saw this last year, but it made no impression whatsoever, so I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed it tonight. Maybe it was because it gave me a chance to admire Tom Forster's gorgeous feet and his excellent partnering skills. Also, I thought the two female duos--Cassie Trenary/Skylar Brandt and Stephanie Williams/Devon Teuscher--were exceptionally well-matched, which was fun to see. Symphonic Variations --- I'm also not sure wha
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