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  1. amiaow


    There is plenty of video evidence of Skorik doing plenty of successful fouettes.
  2. Also Gamzatti on Feb 19th- is this also a debut?
  3. amiaow


    The Raymonda variations- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fBXIKaAFbw Adagio- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Lbhyh1A74o
  4. amiaow


    The issue of Harper's Bazaar is actually the current one- November 2013. Not sure why they date magazines that way!
  5. amiaow


    They are through to the second round, which I think begins tomorrow. They danced together so I assume they are competing as a duo? Speaking of Obraztsova, there is a little section on her trip to Moscow competition with some footage and her reflections on her recent monologue about herself on Youtube. It now has English subtitles for those of us who have very poor Russian! Edit: Definitely competing as duo- http://moscowballetcompetition.com/en/node/28 has updated standings and categories.
  6. amiaow


    Performance from Moscow Ballet competition- great to see this variation, it seems to be omitted from most of the Youtube videos that appear of SL. IMO they did really well. I know people whinge about Timur but I love to watch him- he's always so precise, even if his partnering is sometimes a little wobbly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3wI44DVOU8
  7. amiaow


    And Somova? She certainly attracted her share of controversy!
  8. amiaow


    She had very nice audience reviews for her Swan Lake in Baden-Baden and also for Rubies that she performed at the Mariinsky earlier in December. I am yet to find anything about her Nutcracker but it was only a day ago so will wait and see.
  9. amiaow


    Yana Selina is one but not sure about the other.
  10. amiaow


    Congratulations Ms Skorik! When she is on she is just glowing. Wishing her all the best!
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