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  1. Sorry, dblpost, so deleted since mostly same memories.
  2. Yes, that (Tours en L'air) is the organization I remember as well. I think there is also one in Australia, but unfortunately, I don't remember the name of that one, and will have to check my rather disorganized archives (unless an online--Google?-- search might do?)
  3. Macmillan: I have DVDs of Fonteyn/Nureyev, Ferri/Eagling, and Ferri/Corella. I also have the DVDs mentioned above of Wiseman's "Ballet" doc--with the Ferri/Bocca balcony, bedroom, and tomb scenes, and the "ABT...Now" PBS b'cast, which as mentioned above, also has a Ferri/Bocca balcony pdd (which I don't think is danced as well as other times they have performed it--very rushed, misplaced/sloppy partnering missteps, but of course dramatically not a problem.) And finally I have a video of McKenzie/Makarova, and maybe a very old SFB (Smuin?) pdd. I agree with most comments... Fonteyn/Nureyev
  4. 4mrdncr

    Alicia Alonso

    Do any of you--CM, cubanmiamiboy, bart etc.(?)--know how/who I could contact at the above spanish-language media companies about my documentary film? I think they might be interested in showing it, if I can ever finish it. (Funding still a major issue.) BTW: Please remember, I may have learned (fast) to understand spoken/written Spanish at a very fundamental level, but am hardly fluent enough to do a major distribution negotiation. Is there anyone there who would understand English? Or does anyone know anyone who could translate effectively?
  5. Just a BTW: I'm right-handed and used to turn better on the right, but I remember prepping differently for each when I had to do turns in a specific direction. On the right I was more concerned with technique and placement (a 'left-brain' approach), whereas on the left I used to try NOT to think about the "how" and just kind of instinctively do it (ie. a more 'right-brain approach). I remember being very happy as a young dancer when I could nail doubles on the left without thinking, but never thought my triples were as good as those on the right. BTW: I also had better control on the right,
  6. Angel Corella is right-handed, but turns left. (The rest of us usually turn better on the same side as our stronger hand.)
  7. YES! YES! YES! Producers pull together a project and push it to completion, but the director actually makes it. I was very sad when Mr. Ardolino passed away.
  8. 4mrdncr

    David Hallberg

    Thank you, this was lovely! Yes, thank you for posting this. I was at the performance of the company at Jacob's Pillow, and managed to speak with Ms. Ananiashvili and some of the Pillow admins afterwards. It was a very very nice evening, and I was very very happy I could attend and see her perform once again, and with her company.
  9. Not sure if I ever got to see him dance live, if so, it was in mid-80's or '90's. But besides various videos and clips available, which definately demonstrate everyone's opinion of his abilities, I also remember a slim book of photographs (were they by him?) and the pics of him (and Wayne Eagling) rehearsing with Kenneth MacMillan. It was rather rare, but worth the views. I am very sorry he is retiring, hope he recovers soon from his injury, and wish him all success in his future endeavors.
  10. I totally agree with both your quibbles, and final statement.
  11. Jennifer Homans was interviewed by Terry Gross on her NPR (or is it PRI?) radio program "Fresh Air". It was broadcast Dec.13th. 7pm EST. I'm sure there is probably a link now to the broadcast at their website. Ms. Gross' first question was a little surprising to me, but also what I expected a general audience with little interest in ballet, beyond the lurid imaginings of "Black Swan", would want to know. So maybe she was right to ask.
  12. OMG! Yes, thank you for posting Cynthia Gregory's "Rose Adagio". I've seen a lot of RAs but this was perfection to me: technique, phrasing, grace, strength, and the ability to convey both the exuberance of youth with an awareness of the 'royalty' (shy dignity, politeness, knowledge of protocol?) of a princess'. I'm sorry I never saw her do it live, but luckily I have many memories of Ms. Gregory in other performances. I don't think I ever found fault with any of them. She was a beautiful dancer, with such strong technique; but she never allowed it to overshadow her artistry. Thanks again fo
  13. I remember watching this performance live on PBS when it was first broadcast. THAT was when I first became interested in Balanchine's choreography beyond just dancing it. THAT was when I truly appreciated the beauty, exquisite control, and precise phrasing, of both principals (ie. a showcase for virtuosity instead of the bravura of previous PBS broadcasts) THAT was the music and costumes I remembered despite many subsequent incarnations at ABT and elsewhere. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this. So short a view, but it's restored my memories and soul from a time when
  14. How odd. I've heard AC say many times, "don't jump" to his ballerinas before doing lifts, "just plie, and I'll lift you up." So they do, and he does.
  15. THE '60's My first Swan Lake, I was two years old (my mother said it was ABT, but not certain) it was probably in Tokyo. I remember a very dark theater, and a very small greenish square with very small white dots/people dancing in it. (We were in a very high balcony, last row). I sat throught it all, and didn't cry. Then Nureyev/Fonteyn Vienna film. (Don't remember much now, but I used to play the soundtrack over and over and dance to it.) My next "SL" was the Ice Capades (probably 4-5yrs old), I had a tantrum and cried/shrieked because they spoofed my favorite music/ballet.(I remember a
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