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  1. Eric Tamm has certainly turned his back on the ballet world and moved on. He's now a real estate agent in Jersey City. He seems to have found his second act and I hope he's flourishing.
  2. Only just now reading your replies and thank you for them. Sandik, that was my thought, also--with all those clips it may have been just too much work (not to mention money) to get clearances for all those clips in a short amount of time, and I have the impression the program for the evening was assembled rather late in the season.
  3. Very pleasantly surprised by Blaine's first-rate Bluebird. I always prefer a smaller danseur in this part, and he's a very big guy. Never you mind--birdlike arms, soft landings, excellent partnering. Bravo, Blaine.
  4. A surreal moment when Christine Shevchenko appeared on stage. Lovely dancing in every way but in that blond wig with the hair pulled back tightly, I blanched: She looked just like Ivanka! Absolutely NOT the image I wanted to intrude on a lovely ballet.
  5. Writing here from the States. Was the gala recorded for HD transmission or other distribution? Even with the various caveats expressed by those above, it had to have been an enviable program to see.
  6. If we won't be seeing Paquita at ABT (conspicuously missing from their repertoire for decades now), at least we'll be seeing the Mariinsky's reconstruction at the Kennedy Center in October.
  7. This is slightly off-topic, though apropos the matter of casting. I read the following in the Times' article on Taylor Stanley: "Craig Hall performed the role [Apollo] in 2011 as part of a Dancers’ Choice evening in which casting was not assigned by the artistic staff but by peers." (Emphasis mine.) Can you even imagine such a thing happening at ABT? I can't, but it sure would be interesting.
  8. What can one say? It's their loss. I once overheard a young standee at the Met in New York drawl, "I really don't like Maria Callas." Folie de jeunesse.
  9. Although I don't know for which performance that seat map is representative, it is absolutely shocking. But honestly, would you pay top orchestra price of $165 for some of the programs they've scheduled? I wouldn't and I'm not.
  10. Given the immense number of unsold tickets for ABT this week and next, I'm astonished by their paltry offering on TDF, and nothing is available on the site as of today. Their marketing people must be in severe denial.
  11. Would that NYCB dance Bourree Fantasque again! Why the neglect?
  12. If any of you can tolerate Seo in Bayadere, I would urge you to attend only to see Kimin Kim. His Solor in DC a few months ago was outstanding.
  13. Thank you all for doing all that work for me and finding out the on-sale date. I feel like a lazybones, but I'm grateful.
  14. Does anyone know when single tix go on sale? I'm not renewing my subscription, no matter how many times ABT robocalls me, and I'll be in London the first week of the season anyway. Sorry to miss Hallberg in Giselle but McRae in Manon much more exciting.
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