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  1. Golden Idol

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    Although I don't know for which performance that seat map is representative, it is absolutely shocking. But honestly, would you pay top orchestra price of $165 for some of the programs they've scheduled? I wouldn't and I'm not.
  2. Golden Idol

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    Given the immense number of unsold tickets for ABT this week and next, I'm astonished by their paltry offering on TDF, and nothing is available on the site as of today. Their marketing people must be in severe denial.
  3. Golden Idol

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    Would that NYCB dance Bourree Fantasque again! Why the neglect?
  4. Golden Idol

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    May it happen, please!
  5. Golden Idol

    2018 Met Season

    If any of you can tolerate Seo in Bayadere, I would urge you to attend only to see Kimin Kim. His Solor in DC a few months ago was outstanding.
  6. Golden Idol

    2018 Met Season

    Thank you all for doing all that work for me and finding out the on-sale date. I feel like a lazybones, but I'm grateful.
  7. Golden Idol

    2018 Met Season

    Does anyone know when single tix go on sale? I'm not renewing my subscription, no matter how many times ABT robocalls me, and I'll be in London the first week of the season anyway. Sorry to miss Hallberg in Giselle but McRae in Manon much more exciting.
  8. Golden Idol

    2018 Met Season

    You're quite right, California--I misremembered. It is indeed Manon, not Giselle, and it's two perfs, not one.
  9. Golden Idol

    2018 Met Season

    I don't know whether anyone has already commented on this, but I noticed on the Royal's website that Hallberg is guesting with them for one perf of Giselle next spring, opposite Osipova. It would seem to have been an artists' swap, with Osipova's guest appearance with ABT next summer.
  10. Golden Idol

    Fall 2017 Season

    Follow the money.
  11. Golden Idol

    ABT 2017 Met season

    Hello, it's 2017. Acocella wrote about Vishneva's farewell, not Croce.
  12. Golden Idol

    ABT 2017 Met season

    The public has spoken. Well, ABT's loss is the Royal's gain.
  13. Golden Idol

    ABT 2017 Met season

    Okay, I'm greedy, but I would like to see her return, in whatever would suit her current abilities. I saw her do Marguerite and Armand in London in June with Bolle, and she sold it, absolutely, in ways that neither Natalia Osipova or Zenaida Yanowsky (her farewell performance), for all their merits, could. I guess when the level of artistry is Ferri's I tend to be forgiving to a senior ballerina, in ways I could never be to, say, Julie Kent.
  14. Golden Idol

    ABT 2017 Met season

    Given the list, I'd doubt it, but does anyone think that there's a possibility Ferri could return again next year? Maybe Nikita...maybe?
  15. Golden Idol

    Wish List/Predictions for the 2016 Season

    Was Whipped Cream so well attended this year that it had to return next spring? (I skipped it.) ABT might want to take a leaf from the Metropolitan Opera's book: when introducing a new production or an entirely new opera, they wait a season or two before returning it to the stage. They learned this lesson some years ago when The Ghosts of Versailles was repeated the season after it debuted, and attendance was poor--everyone who wanted to see it had already done so and it was too soon for a revisit. Just as there was no compelling reason to repeat Golden Cockerel this year, I suspect Whipped Cream may sell poorly unless ABT markets it aggressively as a summer children's ballet event. Good luck, because I don't see it happening. As far as the McGregor/Firebird double-bill, well, I hate to say it, but that Firebird should be destined for the ballet graveyard. Let ABT amortize the cost of it with a few more performances (and cast MC in it; her fans will buy tickets to see her in anything), and then quietly let it slip away. One final sigh from the depths: no Ashton next spring. How depressing.