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  1. I've just managed to get hold of a ticket for Obraztsova's Giselle at the Teatro dell'Opera in Rome and am very excited. I know the standard duration is 2 hours including an interval (both the Royal Ballet and the Paris Opera versions), but Carla Fracci introduced an "unabridged" version a couple of years ago and I have no idea how much longer it is. The Opera's website has no information, I'm hoping somebody here has seen it/has an idea? It's not an idle question, train schedules are involved...I'd be very grateful for any help. Thank you!
  2. There's a La Scala version with Zakharova and a rather wooden Bolle, and the POB one with Laetitia Pujol and Nicolas Le Riche which has an outstanding Myrtha. Personally I can't stand the ABT version, the camera cuts away during the peasant pas de deux to show close-ups of onlookers eating...need I say more? I didn't know there was a Fracci-Nureyev performance available, now that should be worth having.
  3. I saw Delphine Moussin and Benjamin Pech in the lead roles, particularly good in Act II rather than Act I. Emilie Cozzet was a competent Myrtha, in the DVD it is Marie-Agnes Gillot who is simply outstanding. I'm a fan of Aurelie Dupont whom I have only seen onscreen, I would have loved to be able to see her live. Did anyone else notice the beautiful sets and costumes? The trees in Act II were exquisite.
  4. I saw it on display at the gift shop of the Opera Garnier in Paris but it isn't listed on the website. Perhaps if you telephoned and asked them? HTH.
  5. There is a Coppelia with Nunez? Any idea where it might be available? Google has let me down Thank you! (Just realised maybe you mean the Leanne Benjamin Coppelia in which Nunez has a bit part. I was hoping for Nunez as Swanilda)
  6. It's available from hmv.com for 15.99 GBP plus shipping. The interview with the four Swan Queens is especially interesting, and Nunez's performance is spectacular. IMO Soares' Siegfried is a little OTT, with a fixed besotted expression, but overall this is a must-have.
  7. I hope it's alright for me to revive this old thread, not sure if I should start a new one. I have two tickets for La Fille Mal Gardee in July, but a serious health thing has come up and we may not be able to travel. Is there any way I can return the tickets short of going to the box office? The Opera website says no refunds or exchanges, but it also advises people looking for tickets to keep checking because they may become available. I find this very confusing. Hope someone can help!
  8. afds


    I have just discovered this site, while searching for information about the Paris Opera Ballet (which I will read up on in the other forums), and am so glad to find another group of ballet lovers. I studied ballet as a child, but stopped when my teacher became ill and closed down her school. But my passion for ballet has never gone away, and I try to see as many great dancers as I can. This year's schedule includes Giselle at the Royal Opera House, La Fille mal gardee at the Opera Garnier, Giselle again in Paris and at La Scala...yes, it's my favourite ballet
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