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  1. Keep checking Amazon & Ebay, I was able to buy this for $68 only 3 months back from Amazon Marketplace.
  2. Amazon is taking preorders for a Box Set of TDK DVDs from La Scala. All 3 are available seperately already. La Bayadere - Zakharova/Bolle Giselle - Zakharova/Bolle A Midsummer Night's Dream - Ferri/Bolle/Murru Great Ballets of the Teatro alla Scala - Release date - 9-29-09 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002JP9HZ...13059730_snp_dp
  3. For me Marianela Nunez as the Lilac Fairy puts the Cojocaru/Bonelli ahead of Durante/Solymosi, but then again I am a huge fan of both Nunez & Cojocaru so I am a little biased.
  4. I guess I will participate, but I haven't seen a lot of the ones mentioned. Gotta start with Giselle - the main reason I now have 7 versions on dvd Also Black Swan Rubies I guess I am alone on these Mayerling (I wish they would put Kobborg/Cojocaru on dvd) La Fille Mal Gardee
  5. Alina Cojocaru is Clara in the Royal Ballet Nutcracker which was filmed during the 2000/2001 Christmas season. I believe she wasn't promoted to principal until April 2001. I just noticed that Marianela Nuñez is also on this DVD - as one of the leading flowers! She didn't become a principal until 2002. Cool Thanks I never noticed Marianela in that.
  6. I couldn't find this mentioned anywhere and thought I would share it. Its videos of Svetlana Zakharova performing Revelation. Its the full version. If anyone knows if its available on DVD please tell me. also a 2nd full version
  7. Are there any DVDs of either Marianela Nunez or Alina Cojocaru from before becoming principals other than Nunez in Coppelia? Thanks
  8. FYE shows the 8-25-09 release date for the Blu-ray and a date of 9-29-09 for DVD. Amazon still hasn't updated with a release date but hopefully this means decca decided to delay a month on the dvd.
  9. Personal Favorite 5 Giselle La Fille mal Gardee Swan Lake Sleeping Beauty La Bayadere Most would probably substitue La Fille mal Gardee for Nutcracker or Coppelia.
  10. What is even stranger, now that the release date is gone they release the artwork for the dvd.
  11. Does anyone know what happened with this title, I had placed it in my wish list to purchase later and now Amazon is showing the DVD release date as December 31, 2020
  12. The downside is how few videos there really are... You know you've watched too many videos when your wish list includes $5000 more... I can agree with that. I could always use a couple dozen more Giselles.
  13. Has there been any further word on when we can expect this to be available?
  14. ...when you have only been into ballet for 6 months yet have already spent $1000 dollars on dvds.
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