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  1. She will make her debut as Countess Larisch in Mayerling and in Sphinx when the new season starts at ROH. Also she will perform in November Aurora in the Sleeping Beauty. I hope very very much that she will perform the Lilac Fairy again as well - in my opinion, Marianela is simply the best Lilac Fairy around! Not only does she perform technically the variation to perfection but she has great mime and a wonderful warmth when performing this role. I would advise that, if Marianela will perform Lilac Fairy, she will most likely dance it on Rojo's performances. I don't think she'll dance it on C
  2. Marianela's website came online a few weeks ago - not a lot "new" there yet (I think she basically took her ROH bio and changed all the "she"s to "I"s ) but some nice new performance photos. www.marianelanunez.com In Spain she got a very good reception for her performance of Odette-Odile in the Festival of Music and Dance in Granada; also her and Soares' performance of the R&J pdd got a great reception in Havana, although unfortunately her participation in that tour was cut short to that point (she had been scheduled to dance Le Corsaire pdd with Acosta and Polunin in the following g
  3. For myself I usually try to see ballets where both principals are of a certain standard, but surely only Yanovsky in the RB is unusually tall and until he retired last year Mason imported Kenneth Greve to dance with her. The idea of male dancers gaining the status of principal on the basis of height rather than achievement quite appals me. Yanowsky is the only "unusually tall" Principal, but several of the other girls are quite tall: Nunez herself is on the tall side (probably 5'6 1/2 or 5'7, and when en pointe, that's quite tall) and Galeazzi and Cuthbertson are also quite tall. Ansanell
  4. Wow! Anyway, I didn’t say that Nunez is unmusical: I said that for me she doesn’t “use” the music as great artists do. As I said, I consider her a top dancer, but nothing more and that’s not enough for me. In my opinion, she seems to do everything (steps, acting) she could be taught to do and that’s just not enough. You like her “facial expressions” and those are the things I like the less of her, so probably our tastes are just antithetic: I’m sure we will survive perfectly to that. If you think that her acting in Gamzatti was excellent (I’m not saying it was “wrong” or really “bad”)
  5. Annamicro, I understand some of your points about Nunez but I don't completely agree. For example, I do agree that for a conductor, she could musically make a problem - she does have a tendency to stretch the music to hold the perfect arabesque or fit in a few more rotations in her pirouette! But I wouldn't agree that she'd an unmusical dancer - she seems to feel and express the music beautifully. Not just in classical works, but also in the contemporary/abstract as well (for example, Serenade, Voluntaries, the Infra pdd) It's true that dramatically she is far from subtle, but I don't find he
  6. Mashinka, did you see the actual performance of Nunez and Soares which was filmed? Unfortunately I was not able to see it, but I did see a performance of Nunez and Soares earlier in the season (in fact, where they replaced an unwell Roberta Marquez and Johan Kobborg at very late notice) and I thought he did well with the role. Ok, he is not the best male principal RB have ever had, but this role is a better one for him than some others, and I heard that in the filmed performances, he was pretty clean. If you're judging by his performance in the "Black Swan" pdd at the recent Diaghilev Tribut
  7. I just noticed there has been very little discussion here about Marianela Nuñez , Royal Ballet principal since 2002, always popular for her 'sunny character', strong technique, and excellence in the 'strong roles' since her early years as principal. She was always appreciated slightly less than some other of the RB's dancers (mainly Cojocaru and Rojo!) despite the fact she is such a pleasure to watch and has such a strong technique in every area - they call her here in London 'the ballerina with no weakness'. Maybe Nuñez's only weakness was her lack of weakness - that while she danced amazin
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