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  1. Oh, if anything, he is certainly very STRAIGHT. And you're right...it is definitely a particularity of the Cuban male dancers... That's SO comforting to know! Isn't it...? Ha, double entendres aside, I like the 'upright' nature of the Cuban trained men when it comes to their pirouettes. Jose Manuel Carreno has that incredibly 'pulled up' feeling to him too (I won't say 'straight' - lol). For me the Cuban training doesn't look as good for some reason on some of the women, esp Viengsay Valdes, or maybe it's just a body type preference.
  2. Jonathan Cope, Edward Watson (I like the Brits:)) and I recently noticed that Jiri and Otto Bubenicek are handsome as well!
  3. I feel that Marianela is a world class ballerina who was somewhat overlooked at the Royal Ballet for some years (seen as a sort of 'second string' principal), but they are finally recognizing, it seems, what they have - a true star. Just compare her 'Sylvia' on youtube with, say, Darcey Bussell's (in my opinion quite overrated). She also shines in neoclassical ballets (see her pdd with Edward Watson in 'Infra', Wayne McGregor's ballet, also on youtube). Marianela seems to have grown artistically over the past couple of years especially and is no longer simply the 'sunny technician.'
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