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All streaming Nutcrackers in one place!


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NYCB is streaming their Nutcracker for $25 on Marquee TV.



RDB is streaming theirs (also Mr. B's Nutcracker):



PNB is streaming their version (ALSO Mr B's Nut):



And finally PABallet is streaming their Nut (ALSO Mr. B's Nut):


Ballet AZ is streaming theirs today for 24 hours and on Dec 19. It's a socially distanced shortened version.


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Some legit Nutcrackers on YouTube:

The Mariinsky Ballet, choreography by Vasily Vainonen, courtesy of EuroArts

The Dutch National Ballet, choreography by Toer van Schayk and Wayne Eagling, courtesy of Deutsche Welle

Rome Opera Ballet, choreography by Giuliano Peparini


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More Nutcrackers

Colorado Ballet: https://www.coloradoballet.org/presents

Marquee (no extra charge): Royal Ballet (2016 & 2018)

Medici (no extra charge):

  • Mariinsky with Somova and Shklyarov
  • NYCB with Fairchild and de Luz
  • Staatsopera Berlin

Amazon Prime (no extra charge):

  • Baryshnikov's Nutcracker
  • NYCB with Macauley Caulkin (and with ads)

YouTube (complete Nutcrackers):

  • Russian State Opera Ballet
  • NYCB 1993
  • Dutch National Ballet
  • St. Louis Ballet
  • Bolshoi
  • National Ballet of China
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On 12/12/2020 at 8:29 PM, canbelto said:


...RDB is streaming theirs (also Mr. B's Nutcracker):



It's fun to see the various versions - RDB Balanchine again  with the Danish modern take on sets with the cookie jar building's lid/roof tilted as the centerpiece in act 2.  Instead I discovered a great totally new to me:   



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32 minutes ago, canbelto said:

It's really interesting that the Royal Danish version of the Balanchine Nutcracker restores the Cavalier's solo and puts the SPF solo back in the grand pas de deux after the Cavalier solo.

Well, given that they are--or ought to be--the Balanchine standard-bearer, NYCB does right to stay true to Balanchine, but I can't help but admit that both of these decisions seem like excellent ones to me.

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National Ballet of Japan will be live-streaming their Nutcracker and the Mouse King. (Wayne Eagling) on December 20th 18;00 Japan time and also that will be available on demand in January.


Live broadcast will be available in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States of America  (3,400JPY)  and on demand details will be announced later but is supposed to be available worldwide at a cheaper price. 



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Boston Ballet seems to have been able to film their entire company during lock down with this Gift for the holidays. Looks like fun - The Gift as "a jazzy twist" with the one and only Duke Ellington's music, the insert image from URL isn't working for me but here is the link: <https://www.bostonballet.org/Home/Tickets-Performances/Performances/The-Gift.aspx> Good to see so many companies doing what they can to entertain audiences everywhere. 😃

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Starting tomorrow Goh Ballet will stream a film titled The Nutcracker, Beyond the Stage: Fallen Prince. Advance registration is required.


In the classic fairy-tale of Clara and the Nutcracker Prince, she rescues him from the sword of the evil Mouse King. But, in 2020, evil is all the uncertainties that torment a fallen prince in pursuit of a career in the world of ballet. Separated from his family during the lockdown, Alex, a 20-year-old struggling dancer, spends the cold, pandemic ridden winter in isolation and is forced to re-examine everything that was once familiar and is no longer, until he meets his Clara. Will he find the resolve to continue on his journey?

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