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  1. I concur with both, where is Lane and Forster? As a fan of both, I feel that they have worked so hard all these years and deserve a bit more effort on the company's part vs to be "forgotten" for the sake of the up and comings, I am sure they will have their day in the sun. Back to NYCB admiration here!
  2. Thank you ksk04 for this in-depth review and wonderful to read about Shevchenko and Forster, IMHO I feel Forster is a long awaited principal and it would be a travesty if they move Bell up before him, then again sadly nothing surprises me about this company anymore 😟 I would love to see Shevchenko and Forster if there is every a chance of Onegin making a come back too!
  3. Like so many industries being well connected matters and in this case I am sure it didn't hurt. I did read that NY Times article when it came out and it sounded like her mother was the push behind ABT since she did mention her initial interest in Broadway vs ballet, and had disagreements with her mother but was steered towards ABT. True she has talent but based on that comment I do wonder about the publicity push possibly being bought due to connections. Between connections and financial assistance as Brandt does along with social media, I do feel sad for those without connection or financial factors and just have pure talent to get ahead of the game, many end up waiting till they're in their late 20s/30s to get lead roles or a promotion at ABT. Like in the case of Lane as well even as a principal 😟
  4. Oops good catch I missed that one of Blaine, I stand corrected 😊 and I completely agree about Roman as a wonderful actor as I have enjoyed his performances for so many years! However, it is still unfortunate that no other dancer is able to step in vs a teaching staff, then again, even the wonderful Georgina Parkinson has stepped in for so many years herself wonderfully. Well at least Hoven has something better than nothing.
  5. I noticed Keith Roberts in one of the shows as King of Babylon? Isn't he a ballet master for the company? So I do wonder why Blaine couldn't have done this or even an actual company member, since I can't imagine they are short on male dancers who can mime as well as Roman? I would think it is to the advantage to any company to give their dancers opportunities vs a teaching staff.
  6. Interesting article and maybe it is just me but this seems to expose McKenzie and his dealings with his company. There is no mention of who is paying for the coaching but if it is her private funding than lucky for her, yet does this mean those who don't have the AD backing and without good funding will be left behind? Sad really that it has to happen like this, feels as if she is saying dancers are housed until they are needed, unless one is a flavor/favor of the season. Must be frustrating for her and others who might feel likewise. Plus I notice she mentioned 3 days to learn a lead last minute plus the lack of coaches? Is this a world class ballet company of local one, and that is not to put any local companies down. Just wondering.
  7. Have been out of commission for a bit and just trying to catch up reading the thread, saw the Waterbury IG someone posted up-thread, there's a short video of her protest and she seems laughing as if this was a joke? I might be wrong about her laughter but IMHO this shouldn't be a laughing matter, this is a somber issue for all involved. This should never have happened to begin with, I might seem conservative sounding but this world of social media with young people is crazy, just think of pre-cell phones?! There is a saying even among college administrators, if you don't want anyone to see bad images of you never have them taken! Even college admissions have ways to find them. "Sharing" seems so prevalent in this new age, and sometimes not in a good way. Then, there is the part if any person wish to show their privates to their partners, that should be between them, since now that her images are out and she is suing I would think it is more mature to let the powers that be, the court system, to address her issues. Her own vendetta should be addressed with her lawyer(s) and to the court. It would be different if all involved have been proven guilty. This action of protest to destroy a person's career while the case seems to be still pending won't do well to help her case, this might even work against her case as it seems borderline harassment towards a possible innocent secondary party. And, if she is focusing on Mr. Ramasar due to his location then even more so, especially since Finley is the direct connection. Anyway, back to the crazy world of the Senate and our country 😱
  8. Any news why? Still sad how Lane has repeatedly been given less and less suited roles 😔
  9. It seems this isn't a mix up as Trenary just put up on her social media that says she will be with Cornejo on May 23 matinee! I maybe in the minority but what a slap in the face for Lane 🙁 After all these years of wonderful pairing with Cornejo she is now paired with IMO a less than sufficient partner and one show to say the least! I am sorry but I cannot see Trenary in the role, she is wonderful don't get me wrong but she is good at what I call the cute, flirtatious roles as she has been cast with, but Lane is Juliet especially after her Manon with Cornejo. It is so clear that the powers that be have their eyes to put Trenary on fast track and have Lane one foot out the door 😤 Yet another great dancer kick to the curb after all these years. Neither of these pairings are desirable as IMHO sadly the golden days of the company are gone. Plus why the Middle East when we know what is going on over there?
  10. Saw this on Miss Waski's social media and thrilled she is noticed for her debut as Myrtha, just wish she had performed this while at ABT 😔 , we had bought tickets then but sadly she was injured, a loss for us but will plan a trip north one of these days. Hope to hear more of her progress from those watching her and maybe a trip for Nutcracker if casting looks interesting. I am not sure how to show the post but here is her Twitter link with the same Facebook post she had put up, if interested I think you can cut and paste this link to view: <https://twitter.com/PaulinaWaski/status/1189534406001790977>
  11. Just saw this and if I recall there was a lot of chatter here and possibly other fans in other blogs that might have helped Lane, and who knows, maybe they got calls too, just saying and I might be all wrong, but I do recall there were quite a few posts calling for her promotion back then.
  12. You say it much better 😊 "reminiscent" indeed. I wonder likewise with others being "housed".
  13. I guess I should have been clearer and thanks for adding to this. I didn't mean that she quit, I recall of her feeling about her leaving, however, I recall how she was treated similarly at the time. With so much unknown about how 'bias" and "vendettas" work within, I do wonder how many others left for similar reasons (not sure principals or soloists). We will never know.
  14. My thoughts exactly! I saw that performance and left with such emotions, something I will never forget, at that moment Lane WAS Manon! Only thing I can add to this is recalling what happened to Part, she was quite forthcoming, if my memory serves me well, about her displeasure of why she was departing. Seems like KM or the powers that be can make someone they feel bad enough so that they quit, and if this is the case it would be most unfortunate, as in the case of Part.
  15. Well I hope all these decisions serves him (KM) well, but the season is looking like I can yet again save some $$$ in 2020.
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