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  1. Any news why? Still sad how Lane has repeatedly been given less and less suited roles 😔
  2. It seems this isn't a mix up as Trenary just put up on her social media that says she will be with Cornejo on May 23 matinee! I maybe in the minority but what a slap in the face for Lane 🙁 After all these years of wonderful pairing with Cornejo she is now paired with IMO a less than sufficient partner and one show to say the least! I am sorry but I cannot see Trenary in the role, she is wonderful don't get me wrong but she is good at what I call the cute, flirtatious roles as she has been cast with, but Lane is Juliet especially after her Manon with Cornejo. It is so clear that the powers that be have their eyes to put Trenary on fast track and have Lane one foot out the door 😤 Yet another great dancer kick to the curb after all these years. Neither of these pairings are desirable as IMHO sadly the golden days of the company are gone. Plus why the Middle East when we know what is going on over there?
  3. Saw this on Miss Waski's social media and thrilled she is noticed for her debut as Myrtha, just wish she had performed this while at ABT 😔 , we had bought tickets then but sadly she was injured, a loss for us but will plan a trip north one of these days. Hope to hear more of her progress from those watching her and maybe a trip for Nutcracker if casting looks interesting. I am not sure how to show the post but here is her Twitter link with the same Facebook post she had put up, if interested I think you can cut and paste this link to view: <https://twitter.com/PaulinaWaski/status/1189534406001790977>
  4. Just saw this and if I recall there was a lot of chatter here and possibly other fans in other blogs that might have helped Lane, and who knows, maybe they got calls too, just saying and I might be all wrong, but I do recall there were quite a few posts calling for her promotion back then.
  5. You say it much better 😊 "reminiscent" indeed. I wonder likewise with others being "housed".
  6. I guess I should have been clearer and thanks for adding to this. I didn't mean that she quit, I recall of her feeling about her leaving, however, I recall how she was treated similarly at the time. With so much unknown about how 'bias" and "vendettas" work within, I do wonder how many others left for similar reasons (not sure principals or soloists). We will never know.
  7. My thoughts exactly! I saw that performance and left with such emotions, something I will never forget, at that moment Lane WAS Manon! Only thing I can add to this is recalling what happened to Part, she was quite forthcoming, if my memory serves me well, about her displeasure of why she was departing. Seems like KM or the powers that be can make someone they feel bad enough so that they quit, and if this is the case it would be most unfortunate, as in the case of Part.
  8. Well I hope all these decisions serves him (KM) well, but the season is looking like I can yet again save some $$$ in 2020.
  9. I am with you on this about Trenary vs Lane here, after all these years watching Lane and the last in Manon, I say this is a travesty to not give her the well deserved Juliette ☚ī¸ (Trenary is a wonderful dancer) I am sorry but I guess I am reminiscing the days of Kent, Herrara and Reyes, and I just can't see Trenary there yet, however, Lane has it all for me to successfully execute these dramatic roles. This is likewise for my feeling of Forster vs Bell, and hope Forster will get his moment this season.
  10. Completely agree with the disappointments: Lane 😔 and IMHO Hurlin is technically good but both her and Bell are quite young and needs time to grow yet into their roles, I know I will be the minority here, I know most audiences love technique and tricks but it should not sacrifice emotional connection. It is unfortunate for those seasoned dancers not given the chance like Hoven and where is Paris? Seems there is the ticket sales factor and as Hamrick says in her interview, it is "politics". So happy for Forster to get his break finally!!!
  11. Our wishes might come true, let's hope, since it seems KM is keeping this all in the family, as he is one of the founders as listed on site: Founders: Gregory Cary â€ĸ Kevin McKenzie â€ĸ Bentley Roton â€ĸ Martine van Hamel.
  12. I see both points, indeed first rate employers would groom their hires, I guess I should have added - .....I would think an insecure boss would never want to feel threatened.....
  13. My thoughts exactly! In any job I would think a boss would never want to feel threatened by their employees to surpass their successes. Sadly though in this case of performing arts the artists suffer for this type of power grab. Question about the coaching outside though, would the company pay for such help or does the individual dancer have to use their own salaries? Assuming that costs quite a bit especially for well known coaches like Max, if so this has to be tough on the small salaries that dancers make.
  14. Isn't Raffa and Jones ballet mistresses? I am not sure of the differences since they do coach as said here but mostly corps and soloists? Even the male "coaches" I do believe are listed in the programs as ballet masters. If so, there really isn't anyone other than Irina, who I think may be 82? I recall a birthday wish and postings about her recent birthday.
  15. My thoughts exactly since choreographers like Ratmansky can't be at every single performance once of every single company, I would think it is up to each company's artist leadership and staff to follow through ?! In this case, seems like there is a lack-there-of, and for what it is worth who is really left to coach these days? Jaffe, Irina & Max, Reyes, Kent, Gomes (if he had stayed) would all have been wonderful coaches, sadly there is a lack of leadership to employ such talent!
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