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  1. Will definitely miss Craig but hopefully he will be a guest or return as one of the ballet masters or teacher? Loved him in Fancy Free 😍
  2. stuben

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    Christine did a great job last year as I recall as well, she commanded the stage then so the reports this year are interesting to read. I always try to give dancers like her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she was under the weather or just over rehearsed or used? I wasn't at her shows so I can't speak to that but hope she will have a better rest of the season. As for Waski, I am gathering that her injury must have happened right before the season, as seen here right before the season started in April😳 I agree Inge that this must have been heartbreaking especially it seems she was so looking forward to her debut on this post from April 😥 <https://www.instagram.com/p/BhIJHiHFHpa/?hl=en&taken-by=powi295> I can see on another thread that she is returning but wonder which shows she will be back in, guess I will just have to take my chances to see her perform this year. Skipping this week though since one Firebird was one too many IMO and not quite sure how I feel about Afterite.
  3. stuben

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    Ah the Golden years of Carreno, Corella, Ananiashvilli and Ferri, and might I add Reyes, Herrera, Kent, sure miss them around. I may be the minority here but I had hoped Waski was going to make her debut, I see a lot of potential based on the few times I have seen her dancing. She seems to have an elegant ethereal type of quality that translates well on stage. Wonder what had happened, one day she was listed and the next gone? I think someone from above thread mentioned injury? If so, I do wish her well and have another chance for us to catch her.
  4. Interesting and hopefully this won't be an extended version of the Land of Sweets from the Nutcracker. A new ballet is always refreshing and glad to see something like this is being considered in the repertoire, I am sure this would be a good thing for young audiences. I do have to add that I like Mark Ryden and his artwork so the art will be quite fun to see in itself!
  5. Don't want to sound selfish here and I do love Vishneva, but hope this will help Sarah open a principal door?
  6. I wouldn't worry about creating any international incident Ashton Fan as I feel likewise if I mention anyone that may offend other members, we should all understand that fans are fans and we all have our opinion As for the Auroras, it was unfortunate you didn't get to see two of the best IMO, Stella and Sarah, but that would mean sitting through two more shows for you. I am not sure if you have seen Sarah in anything in the past but IMO she has been and still is the best of all. I am no ballet aficionado and may noy be using the right wording, but I am a ballet fan and have watched her all these years, she dances with fluidity and grace. The fact that she has yet to be promoted to principal is a sin! Again, IMO the fact that neither Stella or Sarah were given opening night was a slap in the face or worse And, I read somewhere that Sarah's show (it may be due to a matinee) was the only sold out one? Well, like yourself I don't want to cause any incident, with any BA members, either by this suggestion
  7. Sarah has been the true Aurora IMO, the clip of her rehearsing looks absolutely elegant and fluid, nothing looks forced IMO, something is definitely wrong if she isn't promoted soon. I was shocked and saddened to see that she was only given one show and a new coming having and opening and closing night, seems like there are favoritism but then again, the choreographers have their muses. I pray that Sarah will have her day in the sun as she has always been a beautiful dancer in technique and artistry, just need the powers that be realize it!
  8. stuben

    Sleeping Beauty in Paris

    So glad to hear this and so disappointed about her and Stella, IMO Sarah is Aurora and Stella a close second, both dance with such grace and emotion, unfortunately this is not felt in the higher ups
  9. I guess to each their own since I actually thought it is a lovely composition, clean and simple. What is most beautiful to me is how both dancers are in unison, it may look easy but I am sure it is not, also it shows off the lovely phyisque of the dancers. I think the dullness comes from the quality of the printing instead of Fabrizio's wonderful photography! Again, to each their won
  10. Have to say I do like the announcement photo by Fabrizio Ferri with Teuscher & Waski, two of my favorites on one cover! A keeper for sure! Hope this will mean a few performances with them for my grandchild to see!
  11. No social media update from the Company though?! Wonder if this is something they will announce?
  12. Looks like Hallberg won't be back either
  13. stuben

    Macaulay on ABT Spring Season

    This is why I love the NYCB website, each dancer corps or otherwise, have a voice! They have managed to get in a short video of the dancers for anyone not in the area or know enough of these talents and what they have done to get into the company! This may also be why many of the dancers at ABT have to do their own social media to basically help the audience know who they are?!... Good point and forgot about the overlap, which should be an even more important note for ABT to take about promoting what they do during this time! So marketing is not doing their job as the NYCB
  14. stuben

    Macaulay on ABT Spring Season

    I agree with several of the comments on this thread, especially about the scheduling of the season, I too, felt sad to see the low ticket sales for the start of the season, but then again I thought (and again my own take) Sylvia was a poor choice. I may be wrong but having seen the draw of the later half of the season, perhaps they should have started with either a classic like SL or SB? Then into the rest, just to get the attention of those "visitors" to the ballet, in general I feel that everyone knows Swan Lake and like any form of advertising.... get their attention first? I also feel that the low attendance of performances like Cockerel could be the lack of knowledge about this ballet for many new comers? I am thinking there should be more "education" in the ballet schools or studios about the history of ballets, I know in any given local studio, everyone knows of The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, but I doubt many know of Cockerel or similar ballets, so I would start in the education level long term. As for short time to get people interested, I thought they should have combined Cockerel with Firebird? Two birds in one day? Cockerel can easily be a one act ballet (as I have read many comments), this might help to be a Ratmansky night too! I mostly like his work, but I do feel that some that are a bit dark may not fare well with some of the audience, I actually heard someone snore during a part of "Serenade After Plato’s Symposium", I don't think it was his choreography but the lighting along with the music?! Since the rest of the show I saw was lively and lighting was bright, that does help especially if you are in the evening shows. I also do believe in nurturing from within vs imports, since after all this is called the American Ballet Theatre, with emphasis of the "American", otherwise, it would be called the "Russian Ballet Theatre" or "International Ballet Theatre"?! My take on this would be ... why hire US/homegrown talents and let them sit in the corps to be supporting roles for imports or heavily PR dancers!?
  15. Should be another interesting show tonight! Cornejo and Cirio both in one show! Hope you are wrong about Cornejo though since I think he still has a lot to offer! Glad to see Lane paired with Cornejo tonight... finally a show for her!