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  1. Ballet Lover

    BW - National Choreographic Festival

    https://frontrowreviewersutah.com/?p=7671 http://lovedancemore.org/reviews/ 2 blog reviews of weekend one. with Washington Ballet and Richmond Ballet.
  2. The Fedorova version of The Nutcracker from the Ballet Russes de Monte Carlo was also the version Robert Joffrey used as a framework for his original 1987 version. George Verdak taught it to the company.
  3. Agreed about the East Coast vs. West Coast - as someone who lived and worked in NY for nearly 20 years. And you are correct that Nutcracker took off as a National holiday tradition after Balanchine's - indeed if I am not mistaken it was really in the 1960's when it took off throughout the country. Watt's was one of my all time favorite dancers and she is certainly articulate and a wonderful speaker and advocate but a TED talk is big forum and should be more carefully researched. All Christensen disciples and Utahns bristle at this often made mistake about Mr. B's Nutcracker.
  4. Heather Watt's is wonderful and a good speaker but her whole thesis about The Nutcracker is so off the mark. the first American Nutcracker was created by Willam Christensen for San Francisco in 1944 (10 years before Balanchine created his). Christensen was tutored by Balanchine and Danilova before creating his version but all the things Ms. Watt's says Balanchine created had already been done, not just by Christensen but there were other full length American Nutcrackers as well between 1944-1954. I'm surprised she would make such a big mistake in such a platform.
  5. https://www.sltrib.com/artsliving/2018/04/08/ballet-west-spotlights-unexpected-gems-for-the-shakespeare-suite-program/ A Preview of the ballet West 2018 Spring triple Bill - A Shakespeare Suite.
  6. Ballet Lover

    Ballet West's new Nutcracker

    Here is a recent television special on the 2 year creation of new sets and costumes for Ballet West's historic Nutcracker. https://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=46211733
  7. The Full Program will be: Dances for Lou choreography - Val Caniporoli music - Lou Harrison (created for the 100the anniversary of Lou Harrison's birth) Ruth, Ricordi per Due choreography - Gerald Arpino music - Tomasso Albinoni (final work created by Arpino. Never before been formally performed in New York) World Premiere Work in Progress choreography - Africa Guzman music - Enzo Bossa (complete work to e premiered at Bw's National Choreographic Festival in May 2018) Chaconne (pas de deux and variations) choreography - George Balanchine music - Christoph Willibald Gluck (excerpt from the complete ballet that was performed by BW last Spring of 2017) Fox on the Doorstep choreography - Nicolo Fonte music - various composers (created for the National Choreographic Festival 2017, dedicated to the memory of his father)
  8. Ballet Lover

    New Executive Director

    https://balletwest.org/news/michael-scolamiero-joins-ballet-west-as-executive-director Ballet West has hired a new Executive Director - Michael Scolamiero - former ED of Pennsylvania Ballet & Miami City Ballet
  9. http://www.dancemagazine.com/livestream-alert-watch-ballet-west-the-sarasota-ballet-and-pennsylvani-2413057646. Dance Magazine will be live streaming on Facebook today's joint companies' class for Ballet West, Sarasota Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet as part of the first weekend of BW's National Choreographic Festival. May 20th at 11:45 MST (2:45 EST)
  10. Ballet West II has grown so strong in their own right that they are presenting their own 3 performance run for the first time in Downtown SLC at the Jeanne Wagner Theater, October 14 & 15. The program includes: "Bournonville Divertissment" (the pas de six and variations from Napoli, Flower Festival pas de deux, the Napoli Tarnatella) "Are we There Yet?" - new work by Associate Director and former BW soloist Peggy Dolkas "Minkus pas de Trois" "Piece of My Heart" - new work by BW Resident Choreographer Nicolo Fonte to the music of Janis Joplin https://balletwest.org/news/ballet-west-ii-presents-first-solo-program-in-salt-lake-city-featuring-piece-of-my-heart-to-the-music-of-janis-joplin
  11. Ballet Lover

    Ballet West promotions for 16/17

    Promotions/ Departures for Ballet West's 2016/17 Season: - Chase O'Connell jumps to Principal Dancer from Soloist - Katlyn Addison - Katie Critchlow - Tyler Gum - Jenna Rae Herrera - Alexander MacFarlan All move up from Demi-Soloist to the Rank of Soloist - Trevor Naumann - Jordan Veit - Joshua Whitehead Have been promoted to the rank of Demi - Soloists from Corps Artists Joining the Company: Amber Miller - former supplemental dancer Joining Ballet West II Stephanie Beusser Levi Durie from the JKO School David Huffmire from the Ballet West Academy Trainees Emily Neale from the Ballet West Academy Trainees Jake Preece from the PNB Trainee program Hannah Sterling from the Ballet West Academy/University of Utah Joint trainee program Alexandra Terry Departing Ballet West at the end of the 2015/16 Season: - Corps Artist Jamie Lynn Schultz BWII members: - Flora Balz - Silas Campos - Jazmine Hurley - Zeek Wright & First Soloist Jacqueline Straughan will become part time as she joins Oregon Ballet Theater as a part time Principal Artist.
  12. Ballet Lover

    BW 16/17 Season

    Ballet West's 2016-2017 season: November 4-19, 2016: Madame Butterfly (revival from 2009) Choreography: Stanton Welch Music - Giacomo Puccini as a arranged by John Lanchbery December 1-26, 2016: The Nutcracker Choreography: Willam Christensen Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky - final season of old production - newly designed sets and costumes to be inaugurated in Dec. 2017 February 10-22, 2017: The Sleeping Beauty (revival from 2013) Choreography: conceived and produced by Adam Sklute after Petipa - with additional choreography by Pamela Robinson-Harris and Mark Goldweber Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky March 18-19, 2017: Works from Within (New Program in Park City) 4 different world premieres by Ballet West Artists) April 10-21, 2017: Journeys and Reflections: Chaconne (revival from 2011) Choreography: George Balanchine Music Christoph Willibald Gluck Facades (reworking from 2015) Choreography: Garrett Smith Music: Philip Glass and Various Baroque The Green Table (Ballet West Premiere) Choreography: Kurt Jooss Music: Frederick Cohen May 18-20 & May 25-27, 2017: Ballet West New Choreography Festival ** New Program** Including 2 new creations for Ballet West by Nicolo Fonte and Val Caniporoli & 4 visiting ballet companies (TBA) from around the nation all bringing new works to the Utah stage.
  13. Ballet Lover

    Cranko's Romeo & Juliet

    Here is the link to the casting page for Ballet West's upcoming production of Cranko's Romeo & Juliet: https://balletwest.org/events/romeo-and-juliet
  14. Ballet Lover

    Houston Nutcracker

    Artistic Director Stanton Welch will be creating their new version. http://www.chron.com/entertainment/article/What-s-Next-for-The-Nutcracker-6717928.php#photo-9154786