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Photos of London's 1921 "Sleeping Princess"

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Particularly Aurora's dress in the wedding act. Young Aurora's tutu was very pretty though...

(didn't want to take up bandwidth repeating the photo)

I actually like them both (1921 and 2015) -- I'm really wishing I could see this new production!

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The 2015 dresses are so lame compared to 1921....pret-a-porter instead of haute couture.

Thank you, Cristian, for posting these 1921 pics. In 1921, Aurora got REAL tutus with 'stick out' skirts, crafted in truly rich fabrics. Just look at those first two photos of Egorova! In 2015 we get the Curtain Call Costumes Catalog edition.

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cristian thanks for the photo of Spessivtseva. She definitely doesn't have a typical Aurora look. Her sad, downcast eyes make her seem like a natural Giselle or O/O but not really an Aurora. What I do find interesting is how her leggy, tapered musculature was already very, very different from the first Aurora, Carlotta Brianza:


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The costumes do make everyone's legs so much stumpier though! :-)

Based on the amount of hyper fast petite allegro that dancers performed in that era - I think it makes sense that they had thicker lower legs. The quick and constant changes would have developed the muscles in the legs in a different way than we see today with some of the string beans who are wonderful at stretched out adagio choreography.

Think of it as the physiological difference between a 200m sprinter and a 10,000m distance racer.

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