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POB Headed to NYC in 2012

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It's marvelous to finally get the official announcement, I'm quite excited about it. Seems especially wonderful to have two such rare visitors--RDB and POB--in successive summers, along with the usual ABT stars.

Thanks for the remarks on the Pina Bausch, I think I will definitely want to see it now. I kept hoping they'd schedule 'Wuthering Heights', but it looks like they won't. The 'Caligula' I recently enjoyed many parts of, but wouldn't most likely feel the need to see it live if they did it, nor the 'Siddhartha', after Nanarina's impressions of it. I'm also intrigued by the prospect of their 'Giselle', as I imagine it will be very crisp and slightly cooler than most versions. Have you seen it?

I'm really not going to pay much attention to what anybody does with 'Bolero' (I can't even believe Ravel is the one who wrote it sometimes), but maybe it will be at the end of a mixed bill, and I can split.

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I'm also intrigued by the prospect of their 'Giselle', as I imagine it will be very crisp and slightly cooler than most versions. Have you seen it?

There's actually a DVD of their Giselle with Nicolas Le Riche and Laetitia Pujol -- from 2006, I think. The production, which is also done by La Scala, is very nice, with a marvelous peasant pas de deux from Thibault and Ould-Braham, but personally I find Le Riche and Pujol an odd paring, with Pujol very weak in the 2nd act. Gillot is fantastic as Myrtha though.

I'm kind of disappointed POB is bringing Giselle to Washington, since we just had the Mariinsky's this year.

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With regard to Giselle, Laetica Pujol had literally just returned from maternity leave, and I believe that the DVD was filmed over more than one performance as she was not yet back tio full fitness. Maybe that is why she appeared weak in the second act. You need to see her in Nureyev's Cendrillon as one of the ugly sisters, to find her on better form.

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....I'm kind of disappointed POB is bringing Giselle to Washington, since we just had the Mariinsky's this year.

Me too. Giselle is a 'cheap way out' - two acts, relatively short = no chance of overtime pay to unions.

So many possibilities in the POB's repertoire and this is what they bring? The triple bill that they'll be presenting elsewhere on the US tour (which includes Suite en Blanc) would have been more exciting.

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From NYT:

After stops in Chicago (at the Harris Theater) and Washington (at the Kennedy Center), it will take up residence in New York from July 11 to 22 next year, performing “Suite en Blanc,” “L’Arlésienne,” “Bolero,” “Giselle” and Pina Bausch’s version of “Orpheus and Eurydice.”

How long is Orpheus & Eurydice? Is it a full length? The run will be almost 2 weeks long, that means they need at least 3, or possibly 4 programs, to fill the run. Also the engagement includes July 22 which is a Sunday, does that mean POB will be performing at the State instead of the Met?

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Does anybody know when the NYC, 2012, tickets will go on sale. After miliosr's post on Chicago, I guess it might be soon, and that's the furthest in advance I've ever heard of ticksts being sold--a year and 3 months or so, earlier than the Kirov when we had them here in 2008.

As it is part of Lincoln Center Summer Festival, I imagine the tix will go on sale with the rest of the program - probably in the Spring of 2012. I wonder if they will also be sold by the Met box office a la the Kirov this year.

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Did anyone see the Air France Le Parc TV commerical? I wonder if it's part of the upcoming POB US tour tie in. Absolutely beautiful. The most beautiful airline TV spot I've ever seen.

Agreed! For those who haven't seen it, it's now on YouTube:

The Mozart is particularly beautiful. Nice to see such class in a TV commercial.

Air France has posted a fascinating 3 minute documentary about how the commercial was made:


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POB schedules at the State Theater Lincoln Center Festival announced: http://www.lincolnce...is-opera-ballet

Suite en Blanc by Serge Lifar

L’Arlésienne by Roland Petit

Boléro by Maurice Béjart

Wed, July 11 at 8:00

Thu, July 12 at 8:00

Sun, July 15 at 8:00


Fri, July 13 at 8:00

Sat, July 14 at 2:00

Sat, July 14 at 8:00

Tue, July 17 at 8:00

Wed, July 18 at 8:00

Thu, July 19 at 8:00

Orpheus and Eurydice

Fri, July 20 at 8:00

Sat, July 21 at 8:00

Sun, July 22 at 3:00

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According to the email I received today, presales for "Friends" (password-enabled) for the Lincoln Center Festival 2012 are open, and general sales will open 2 April.

Paris Opera Ballet will perform the Coralli/Perrot "Giselle", the Bausch "Orpheus and Eurydice, which exists on DVD (Belair, 2008) with Gillot and Bridard, and a triple bill of Lifar's "Suite Blanc", Petit's "L'Arlesienne", and Bejart's "Bolero":


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I don't think anyone thinks that tours or presenting ballet is cheap, but as far as touring a full-length, I think these things are relative in terms of costs. "Giselle" has, at most, two costumes per dancer, and is a relatively short ballet as full-lengths go. (Sometimes "Giselle" is paired with a short ballet.) I would guess that Romantic tutus are less fussy to ship than pancake tutus.

Unlike the Bolshoi "Le Corsaire", which they cut down to three hours to avoid overtime, with its hordes of costumes, "Giselle" is relatively cheap, although with one intermission, the in-house bar loses potential sales.

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Me too. Giselle is a 'cheap way out' - two acts, relatively short = no chance of overtime pay to unions.

There is nothing "cheap" about arts programming and/or touring. Clearly you aren't an arts administrator. blushing.gif

I'm with Brioche. We may not be arts administrators but we are Ticket Buyers. Sorta important. And I choose to NOT BUY for anything Cheap. Better to save my money and take one or two trips to Europe to see 'grand ballet' as it is intended to be performed, a-la 'Raymonda' at La Scala...or a Defile in Paris..or most Bolshoi classical productions. Not cheap scaffolding passing for a 'set' at yet another Ratmansky production (the 'centerpiece' of the Kennedy Center's upcoming season).

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The POB pre-sale seemed to be pretty brisk. I was at the box office today, there're 5 people in front of me, 4 of them were buying POB tickets, by the time I reached the front of line, there're 7 people behind me but didn't know if they were trying to buy POB tickets. Some of the tickets are slightly cheaper for week nights, for example the $65 seats cost $55 for week nights. I've got very good seats for my price bracket. If you're a NYCB subscriber, you should have received a letter from NYCB containing a code which enables you to buy tickets during the pre-sale period.

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