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  1. Actually, Mel, in French (originally the word is French) a woman would be a repetitrice. (Edit : even better : répétiteur and répétitrice, complete with accents !)
  2. Azulynn

    Veronika Part

    Based on her performances in Paris, I have a hard time picturing her in Swan Lake. Can she really manage it technically at all ? She was so insecure in Symphonie Concertante and Bayadère that I wondered if she was still suffering from her injury. There was something constrained about her - you can tell she is Kirov-trained, but she doesn't seem to compare to her Russian colleagues right now (Lopatkina, Pavlenko, etc). Her expression (half-closed eyes, as if not entirely present to what she's doing) got annoying, since the dancing didn't quite match the diva look... So what makes her Odette/Odi
  3. Azulynn

    Natalia Osipova

    What's her rank right now ? It might be written in Russian, but I can't read it. Hopefully I'll be able to see her next time the Bolshoi comes to France, but who knows when that will be... By the way, could anyone give a link of a web page where the whole hierarchy of the Bolshoi is given, please, if there's any ? I never found any in English, and I'd be grateful !
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