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  1. Thank you Sandik and Helene for the update. Mr. Porretta is one intelligent man/artist to broaden his range.
  2. Thank you Helene. PNB certainly produces beautiful marketing material. Very happy to see Porretta's name. Has he been injured? I feel as if I have not seen his name so much in the last year.
  3. It's good to see this topic being revived. Back in 2006, Herman Stevens raised a question: A ridiculous statment. Read or watch the current interviews. She has done anything but extract revenge.
  4. In my neck of the woods every rehearsal and performance is a "service." A performance fee does not include rehearsals. Sorry having a bad day being clear. Essentially every time they are rehearsing or performing they are being paid by the hour. Hence the myriad of stories of tempos played fast or curtains coming down to avoid over time pay. ;-)
  5. Heaven! A remarkable women (duh!) Thanks for posting this Hermine. One of my early teachers and Dame Monica were roommates. Oh the wonderful stories she shares of being in the company in the early 60's.
  6. It "kills" me that I find this show more honest and appealing then the "real" show featuring Ballet West.
  7. In the first episode Sklute makes the comment that ".......dancers are expendable." Well dear take a look at Miami Ballet and if you are so inclined and a fan of figure skating the drama taking place in Canton, Michigan, and you too will realize so are artistic directors. A stupid comment to make publicly.
  8. A beautiful tribute from a former student. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rev-amy-ziettlow/moscelyne-larkin-remembrance_b_1474377.html
  9. Morris, IMVHO, has turned in to a colossal bore. I love his work. I USED to enjoy his musings. However he's a broken record in regards to many topics and the shock value diminished years ago.
  10. Shocked that this has not been posted yet. Apologies for not creating the proper link. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/30/arts/dance/moscelyne-larkin-a-founder-of-tulsa-ballet-dies-at-87.html
  11. There is nothing "cheap" about arts programming and/or touring. Clearly you aren't an arts administrator.
  12. From Wikiepedia: "The ballet, in one act, is set in a fashionable Viennese finishing school for girls during the 1840s. The headmistress has invited the cadets of the city's military academy to attend a ball celebrating the graduation of the senior class. The senior and junior girls have planned a series of divertissements as the evening's entertainment and are greatly excited by the event. Flirtations, exuberant dances, and a secret romance ensue.' I had the pleasure of performing it in two company's and staging it for a ballet school. A wonderful experience on all levels!
  13. I don't agree about the review and that is my prerogative. He calls her out on a number of "details" AND what he shares is from his research and his association with those who knew her. Not invented fictional thoughts told in the fictional first person.
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