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  1. Dating myself here - Two more SFB women: Sabina Alleman - gorgeous (still) in the manner of Rita Hayworth and Evelyn Cisneros - lovely to look at onstage, but always took my breathe away more when I encountered offstage at high end parties and fundraisers.
  2. After 36 years as the Artistic Director at Hamburg Ballet, I can't imagine there is a whole lot any of us good "tell" Mr. Neumeier. The man has a huge repertoire of choreography and a devoted following in Hamburg.
  3. Thank you. Amazon UK has it as well.
  4. Wow Cristian, sounds like a project you should undertake! Has the Volkova biography been printed in English yet? If not, will it be?
  5. Brioche

    Locating dancers

    Hello! I danced with Krista too, in Walnut Creek. Many of us here in the Bay Area have had a heck of a time getting any concrete info. Best, David
  6. Paul love, that was Clara Blanco in Norweigan Moods. Blanca Como left the company a while back -perhaps now a 'civilian.' I recall her being interviewed a while back and not having pleasant things to say about life in the dance world. At SFB Michelle Wilson and Jennifer Blake were two of my "corps" favorites. B
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