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  1. I was looking forward to my one show I attend this year being the 1 time only Feb 8th date. Why can't I buy a single ticket? Is it for subscribers only?
  2. In the comments she says that "life circumstances" helped her lose weight so quickly. She looks incredible. I sincerely hope she is doing well, physically, emotionally, and mentally, despite "life circumstances". It would be pretty exciting if she started performing again.
  3. I enjoyed her book. It's nothing like other ballet bio's you'll read.
  4. Thank you, that explanation does help me understand a bit better.
  5. Forgive my ignorance, but I'm really confused by him...he uses male pronouns...but goes under the knife to make his face more "feminine"... is he on hormones to grow breasts? "Gender fluid" just confuses the heck out of me. Genuinely curious!
  6. As a mother of 5 it sounds like pure torture at the thought of bringing one of my younger ones to a ballet. Why do that to yourself? Why do that to others? All of the behavior you describe is normal. The child was bored to shreds. Shouldn't have been there.
  7. You can click on Ashley Hods Instagram story to see a pic of her foot and message.
  8. I've always assumed these dancers have unknown personal accounts that they share with family/friends. Public accounts like these are supposed to be for advertising, no? It's to promote themselves/their ballet company. If they can sell products too...good for them!
  9. Well just as an example, I know for a fact that a teacher about an hour from where I live charges $175 for private lessons. And parents pay it. I believe Wendy Whelan has the star power to travel and book privates/master classes and make a killing; if she needed the money. Maybe she doesn't. Edit: I actually have no idea how much ballet teachers get paid! (for regular classes) In my area however, there's a large well run studio, and the lifestyle of those teachers suggests they're doing quite well for themselves. But that may be because they supplement their income with private lessons.
  10. I'm really confused by this comment. Who are you responding to? Whelan would never have a problem getting high paying teaching gigs if she wanted them.
  11. Well, it's easy to be in good spirits when you're already a principal dancer ;). How can you not be nervous as an apprentice or corp member?
  12. Thank you. She's been wanting to see it for 2 years. She watched some of it online and tells me it's her favorite ballet and that she could listen to the music all day. Her words!
  13. Ok good! Thanks. Sounds like it will be ok.
  14. Ummm help a ballet newbie out, I was going to take my 11 year old (will be 12) to Agon next season. Will it not be appropriate? I haven't seen it.
  15. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!
  16. If principal dancers aren't able to execute principal roles why are they pricipal dancers? At what age is a dancers peak, physically? Are these dancers too old? I'm really asking- I'm a new ballet fan.
  17. They should always try to replicate the original as closely as possible out of respect for the artist; in my opinion.
  18. https://www.google.com/amp/www.dancemagazine.com/ashley-bouder-2556477610.amp.html
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